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Longtime San Francisco Bay Area Turkmen & Baluch lunatic with interest in other areas of collecting like Pre-Columbian, Persian, and Caucasian and a good inventory of Pre-Columbian weavings for multiple levels of collecting
Former Jazz Cellist with John Handy

“A judge at common law may be an ordinary man; a good judge of a carpet must be a genius.” - Edgar Allan Poe from the Philosophy of Furniture

"O you painters who ask for a technique for color, study carpets - there you will find everything that is knowledge" - Paul Gauguin

Note that all reasonable offers will be considered.

All rugs offered are in good condition - unless otherwise stated.

Note that all rugs and textiles have been cleaned and generally secured on ends and edges.

  • a large, 19th century Bakhtiari salt or tobacco bag with in tact and interesting back, saturated color and shiny wool.
    price:  Sale $300

  • An early, Kizil Ayak main carpet fragment about 6'4" x 4'4" with asymmetric open right knotting, good color, early and stylized Dyrnak ... read more
    price:  SALE $400

  • kazak kelli 5'1" x 8'10" 19th century, rectangular, lies flat, generally good condition, richly saturated color with original selvedges.
    price:  $1100

  • Early Tekke Main Turkmen Carpet 6'1.5" x 7'6.5" with rich glossy wool, classic design with pre-waterbug stars in the border, and layout, ... read more
    price:  POR

  • a Yomut half Khordjin bag face, probably from donkey bags, from 19th Century with nice wool, Memling Gul design, and colors in ... read more
    price:  Sale $300

  • tekke small rug (wedding?). 41" x 53" from the 4th quarter of the 19th Century. Missing a bit on both sides. ... read more
    price:  $500

  • Early Tekke Torba 19th century with good color, spacious gul layout, interesting minor guls, however, moth damage, wear, and some paint on ... read more
    price:  $1000

  • from the nazca culture of peru ca. 600-700 a.d. depicting The Proliferous Being, who in Andean cosmology emanates the Life Force through ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Various Pre-Columbian artifacts. Here's an opportunity to begin collecting an area of weaving that is very old and very sophisticated. There is ... read more
    price:  POR