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Kashan Persian Carpet Over 100+ years old More info:
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Shahsavan mafrash side. Rare type, silk wefted, great colors
Central anatolia, Cappadocia.
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An old Shahsavan saddle bag about 100 years,in a good condition,very good Naturall colors.size:94x40 cm
price:  460€
Shahsavan Kurdish panel size 1’6” 3’6” ft
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a nice mini Shahsavan Soumac bagface about 100 years,size:30x27 cm
price:  480€
a beshir germech? with the Beshir version of the mina kani design drawn in large scale. 54“ x 16” (137 cm ... read more
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Bargain. Wild, primitive sumack mafrash end panel. Could be Shahsavan. Cm 46x53. Fuchsine dates it to end 19th, early 20th century. Condition ... read more
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Ottoman Saddle cover – silver embroidery on velvet and leather. It must belong to a Governor or dignitary. Ottoman star and crescent ... read more
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Lovley little chest, rare size, 77 cm's long ( 2.5 feet) High 1 fth 10 inch. Dutch early 18th century. Oak. later ... read more
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India - Pulkari fragment, good condition, missing skirts. Size: 72" x 39" -- 183 cm x 99 cm
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Xinjiang Khotan rug, it was produced in the qing dynasty. Size 70*105cm ( 27*41”)
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Antique East Anatolian Rug, 2.80m x 1.16m (9'2" x 3'10"), wonderful wool and dyes. Great design, lots of archaic ornaments. Very good ... read more
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Kantha Bujki(Pouche) Quilted Embroidery with cotton thread Kantha Probably From Faridpur District,East Bengal(Bangladesh)region.India.C.1900.(DSL04040).
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Shiraz Qashquli Rug 230 x 115 cm
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moroccan middle atlas double saddle bag from the region of Zemmour. published in "oriental rugs: an illustrated lexicon of motifs, materials and ... read more
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baluch/belouch tent bag, called a "Ballisht" and woven by Taimani people in north west Afghanistan. This group and their weavings is well ... read more
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Abha (Abho) Of  Fine Embroidery from the Syed Community of Banni District Kutch Gujarat. India. India.Silk Embroidered with Silk Threads, Tiny Mirror-Glass ... read more
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superb south persian weaving
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a highly decorative antique Persian Mahal carpet, size: ca. 445x305cm / 14'6''ft by 10ft This carpet has recently been cleaned and is ... read more
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a pair of Persian Kurdish sacks. Wool and goat hair mix. Circa late 19th century. Size when they are: 115 cm 118 ... read more
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Tibetan: Wangden for temple use, warp-face back construction, 28 by 76 inches, before 1900 por
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Tibetan: Long runner, 35 by 88 inches, three "coin" design, with floral elements. c 1930, red corduroy surround.
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Tibetan: Small khaden, 27 by 52 inches, field of "frogs feet" with central medallion on deep blue ground. Some re-weaves c.1900
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Avery cute old pipe holder(Ja Chpogh),over 100 years,size:20x17 wide shipment.
price:  380€
c. 1880's tekke ENSI.....approx. 4 x 5......nice old colors.....a few old repairs.....checks drawn on u. s. Banks preferred..... Thanks to r.r. for providing ... read more
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Rare Qhasgai woman bag very cute, Size 20x20cm
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Detail from a Pre-Columbian tapestry panel depicting a herd of Andean Brocket Deer. These animals were revered in the andes and ... read more
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a very nice Kord Ghouchan(Nord east Persian)Kelim Bag face,about 1900,size:25x25 cm,in a very good condition,%100 Naturall Dyes.
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a very nice Shahsavan Kelim bagface about 100 years,size:65x28 cm,in perfect condition,%100 Naturall Dyes.
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Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug #7966 This late 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 8’1” x 9’10”. It is quite a beautiful ... read more
Turkmen chuval silk wool and cotton. Size 2’9’’- 5’4’’ ft.
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Antique huge Jaff Kurd bag size is 118 x 77 cm
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a very Rare Antique Kurdish rug, size is 176 x 100 cm
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Antique Sivas area divān cover , c. Anatolia. 97 x 238 cm. (3'3" x 7'11"). Missing overcast and stabilized sides, high pile ... read more
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Early 19th Central Anatolian Aksaray Kilim fragment Size.265x60 Cm
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