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Magnificent,Exceptional part silk Kashan rug fine quality ,perfect condition. P.O.R
Late 19th Century Persian Karajah Rug It has happy colors and in good condition Size 106 x 135 cm
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The cloud flag used in the Sutra Hall of the royal temple in the late Ming Dynasty is made of song style ... read more
Central Anatolian Kirsehir Rug circa 1870 size 97 x 167 cm
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Baluch rug, measuring 6 x 4 ft.
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antique pure silk Tabriz Haji Jalili rug Size: 168x120cm p,o,r
Circa 1840 Saujbulagh rug fragment. Full pile!
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Lezgi Caucasian knotted circa in 1912 antique, 308 x 168 (cm) 10' 1" x 5' 6" carpet id: W-3 The black ... read more
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Ziegler-Mahal Persian knotted circa in 1905 antique, 577 x 330 (cm) 18' 11" x 10' 10" carpet id: P-413 The black knots ... read more
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Mahal Persian knotted circa in 1922 antique, 475 x 368 (cm) 15' 7" x 12' 1" carpet id: P-1071 The knots are ... read more
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jaf kurd khorjin. Complete, except that side seams have been removed so that it is now one long strip. Overall length, ... read more
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Talismanic Afghan pair of silver cuff bracelets Arm band (Desbend). Great condition ! Circa 1900 - 30 Size - İnnir circumference : ... read more
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Central Anatolian (Sivas)kilim bağface size:107x74cm/2'5"x3'6"
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Afghan Metallic and Silk Embroidered Hat. Fine silk and strong metallic running and couching stitch embroidery. Size: 4.7" - 12 cm high and 6.7" ... read more
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Figurative Kalamkari, Hand-Drawn, Mordant- And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From masulipatnam South India. India. c.1870-1900. Its size is 115cmX218cm (20210103_130838).
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shahsevan saddlebags
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Rare Tekke prayer carpet size 125x95cm
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Magnificent emberoidery of Rasht,North Persian Qajar period, 19th century Very good condition, top quality Size:350×250cm P.O.R
Hand knotted blanket.size 2.6×4.6 feet.For more info contact on my
price:  P.O.R
Belutsh, Timuri, fabulous condition, very nice piece, 203 x 108 cm, so you can hang it or üut on the floor, about ... read more
Qashqai chanteh with natural colors and great wool. Size: 28 cm x 27 cm (11" x 10.5").
price:  P.O.R.
Shahsewan bagface Size:58x67cm/1'11"x2'2
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Central-Asian Turkmen - ersary pair of traditional silver bracelets Arm band (Desbend) Good condition ! Circa - 1900 Size - İnnir circumference ... read more
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Antique rug, 219 x101cm, good condition, no repairs,, saturated colours, gently washed is looking for a new home.
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Pichwai For the Daan Lila (Extracting The Toll). From Nathdawara Rajasthan, India. India. Early 20th Century. Painted On the Cotton, Pigments Painted ... read more
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Central-Asian a beautifull Uzbek silver necklace with gemstone and silver beads. Circa - 1900 Fine condition ! Size - Height : 30 ... read more
price:  O.R
Sultanabad carpet, (apx. 10'x12') I am proud to announce the grand opening of my new rug shop just north of Berkeley, California on ... read more
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Vintage Mucahua pottery bowl for Chi Cha drink, Quichua Indians, ( Kichwa Indians ), Ecuador, Amazon Rainforest, fine line hand painting, lacquered ... read more
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Shekarlu type Qashqai rug I am proud to announce the grand opening of my new rug shop just north of Berkeley, California on ... read more
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Teke Kapunuk, unique, very fine weave, silk, great condition, mid 19th
American hooked rug. Charming little rug. As found, needs a good cleaning. Pretty good condition with a few tiny edge pulls or ... read more
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Large Torba, 200 x 175 Cm's. Ersari Tekke. damage in the left top corner