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Siirt Rug/Blanket, Early 20th Century. Good pile. Wonderful central 8-pointed star surrounded by arrows along the sides. Woven in ... read more
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Rare room size Two Grey Hills antique Navajo rug, circa 1925-1935. 9' 10" by 6' 7". Please ask for additional ... read more
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Richly coloured albeit dark shades, superb wool on this South Persian bagface. 2'0" x 2'2" in full pile. Organic dyes.
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Nahavend (Hamadan) von 1930 - 190 cm x 131 cm - Natur Pflanzenfarben - Teppich ist gewaschen und geklopft - mit ... read more
price:  300€
Anatolian Kelim bag 100x193 cm
price:  sold
a charming Persian Shiraz bag face. 29 in (73.5 cm) x 32.5 in (82.5 cm) Excellent condition, all natural dyes, rich color, ... read more
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'Bessarabian' Kilim, Poltava Region Ukraine, circa 1880.
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Antique Caucasian Chaili 19th.c. 265 x 106 cm. The carpet needs restoring, several small damages including two holes.
Antique Timuri Baluch Rug . link
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." Albert Einstein ... read more
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Paiting old Tibet size:26x19-cm please ask
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Sikh Period Jamawar Long Shawl From Kashmir, India.C.1830-1860.Its Size is 145cmx345cm. Its condition is good(20200113_133318).
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Nice vintage jadeite bangle circa 40 to 70 years old. Some tiny scratches on the surface but no cracks. Unusually small size ... read more
price:  $200.USD
1880s Yomut Ensi. 4'8'' x 5'3''. Good condition. Natural colors. Ebay auction item: https:// link
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1870s Caucasian Shirvan. 4'2'' x 8'4''. Well drawn example. Some wear and repair. Natural colors. Ebay Item # https:// link
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This is a vintage Berber rug from the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Such carpets were never intended to appear on the ... read more
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West Anatolian Emty kilim Size=207*150 cm
price:  350€
East Anatolian Kağızman rug Size =215*130
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Great kilim fragment from mid 19th century. Cm 69x69 ca. Very, very fine weave and with fantastic colors. Should be either Shirwan ... read more
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Antique Quchan bag 53x38cm. In very good condition. The soft wool and natural dyes make the colours stand out beautifully. It has ... read more
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Size : 35 x 35 (cm), West anatolian flatwoven bag ,
price:  225 $
Antique Caucasian Shirvan rug with 'Lesghi star' design. link Size: 5ft 0in x 3ft 6in (152 x 107cm). Circa 1890. a superb Caucasian rug ... read more
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Teke Turkoman fragment, 19th century, 10" x 18" (.25 x .46), rug was washed, great colors, good condition, plus shipping.
price:  $100.00
Central Anatolian (Kula) Rug 19th Century Size :290x210cm / 9'4"c6'11"
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Detail from a wonderful Bokhara Suzani, 2.41m x 1.65m (7'11" x 5'4") which i will be exhibiting at larta, 21st - 26th ... read more
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Tribal vintage woman dress from Kohistan Valley in northern Pakistan. The embroidery is very fine and pure handmade. The dress is in its ... read more
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Karatchop-Kazak Caucasian double prayer, knotted circa in 1890 antique, collector's item, 255 x 120 (cm) 8' 4" x 3' 11" carpet ... read more
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4674-Lankkoren carpet size 153x90
price:  p.o.r
Beshir rug 1,67*3,85
price:  por
Old three paneled wedding bed cover from the Zhuang ethnic group Southern China- silk floss weft embroidered pattern on hand woven cotton ... read more
price:  $150.USD
Antique Central Anatolian Obruk jijim yastik, very good condition, 56 x 97 cm.
price:  extremely reasonable
Antique Baloch balisht, very fine weave, great colors, silk highlights, 22 x 36 inches. Probably 19th century
price:  most reasonable
Unique Antique Central Anatolian vagireh yastik with Crivelli medallion. Probably first quarter 20th century
price:  reasonable
Antique Central Anatolian yastik with saturated colors and good pile. Probably Konya region, late 19th/early 20th century
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