Kilims and Flatweaves

Antique muhteşem Anatolian Kelim south east Turkey Rehanli region ... read more
price:  P.O.R
19th century verneh from the caucasus very unusual design. size 2.11x6 ft.
Anatolian OnePart Kilim
price:  por
Fragment of a c1900 mosque dhurrie . all cotton , 221 cm130cm
price:  £300
Substantial half fragment of a mosque dhurrie . Early C20th All cotton , fabulous colors . i think its from Kutch , India. 528 ... read more
price:  POR
Dagestan Flatwoven kilim with beautiful colors and very fine weave,nice desigen and good condition.without any repair or work done.Size 5'*2'10".E.mail for more ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
Antique Bulgarian kilim 300 x 200 cm natural colors
price:  on request
Antique Bulgarian Sharkoy kilim fragment 120 x 90 cm
price:  pls. ask
Old beautiful Senneh kilim
price:  Onn request
malatya sinan kilem
price:  p.o.r.
Sout East Anatolian Halleppo kilim size.370x90cm
price:  por
East Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  por
Veramin kilim, Early 20th century, Great condition, Nice colors, Not restored, Size: 200 x 100 cm. 79" x 39" inch.
price:  On request
Kafkas Kilim.White is cotton.85x182cm
price:  p.o.r
Antique Anatolian Shivrihisar Shaf Kilim size:300x173
price:  ASK
Zili Cicim, West Anatolia, end of 19th cent., 116 x 80 cm Wool on wool, very fine weaving, rare bordure type with nice ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian Fragment Kilim
price:  por
konya hotamış (enik) sıze:355x37
West Anatolian Fragment kilim size.210x105cm
price:  por
XIXth c. Gold Syrian / Lebanese Ottoman Kilim weave
price:  Sold
antique jajim. as found, rescued from an old new england home. Evidently abandoned and left for dead. Beautiful all natural colors and ... read more
price:  $250 or bo
Antique Jajim circa early 1900s. In excellent original condition with all natural dyes. Consists of 9 stripes sewn together. Probably from Azerbaijan ... read more
price:  SOLD
rug-picker find as found: an early 20th century russian soumak in very good condition. the size is 9'5"x6'10". no ... read more
price:  POR
Kurdish(?) Jajim, ne Persia, 19th Century, 5’ 5” x 6’ 8”
Anatolian Kilim, sw Anatolia (Fetiye or Antalya?), circa 1800, 4’ 1” x 11’ Featuring a design that is seldom if ever seen, ... read more
Rare fragmentary 18th. century Western Anatolian kelim, 86" x 60"[218 x 154cm]
price:  ON REQUEST
Central Anatolian kilim, 54x88 inches, 137x224cm; first half 19c. Another example of this design group, possibly a generation older, was sold at ... read more
price:  on request
Anatolian Kilim Fragment, mid(?) 19th c (or before?), 2'2" x 5'2"
Rare Luri kilim (the lost cousin of a Tartari weaving), very good range of colours and abrashes. Strong kilm in perfect condition ... read more
price:  975€ INCL POSTAGE
Manastir kilim. Good colors, a few small crude repairs, hole at end. 3'9" x 2'2". Dirty.
price:  $390 + shipping
Starry Night. The best Caucasian verneh of this type i have seen. Remarkable natural colors, pristine with no restorations. 6'4" x
price:  Astronomical- ask if you dare!
kilim,bijar,all wool,19 century,8.3ft by has a message!!! do you think as well?
price:  Thanks SOLD
kapadokya cicim size is 254cmx121cm it has very good condition
Malatya kilim in Eastern Anotolian Ask about thiis Price:on request
Rare diminutive Central Anatolian kelim with beautiful natural dyes including a deep aubergine, and green on a camel field, circa 1800, 52" x ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
For some reason i love this kelim. Corrosion , rips and all. Needs to be backed onto fabric, hung on a wall ... read more
price:  sold
Early Shirvan Kelim
price:  ON REQUEST
Very neat Afshar kilim. Tightly woven with original side cords and plaited fringes in one end. Two stains and one small repair. ... read more
price:  450€ INCL POSTAGE
Anatolian Kilim Fragment size.145x87cm
price:  por
Large moj, all good colours, quite thick and heavy for a moj (feels more like a kilim). No repairs, stains or signs ... read more
price:  SOLD
a nice vintage Qashghai Kilim, size is 5'8"x13'3", in great condition.
price:  SOLD
West Anatolian Kilim half.290x82cm
price:  p.o.r
kilim gashghai south of iran 9.6 by 5.1 ft 19 century. it's made by wool and cotton (white color)
Finely woven Qashqai moj. Nice and colourful stitching in the middle. 223x171 cms
price:  425€ INCL POSTAGE
Large Qashqai moj, original plaited fringes on one side and original looped ends. No wear, repairs or stains. 248x165 cms
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Ivory ground Kilim with very nice desigen and colors,fine weave,good colors,nice condition.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold Thanks.
İt is from Malatya in Eastern Turkey... Ask about this Price:on request
Shahsavan kilim 19.yy
price:  por
Old senah kilim nice colors and its in a mint condition
price:  P.O.R
Antique Anatolian kilim half 33" x 11' 6"
price:  900 US plus ship
19th Century Anatolian kilim half which has been cut in half by a previous owner, for easier display, and cleaned by Rbt. ... read more
price:  900 US plus ship
19th Century Anatolian kilim half with rare apricot background. 31" x 9' 10"
price:  900 US plus ship
Anatolian Obruk kilim fragment (170cm x 65cm).
price:  SOLD
kilim bowlan, damavand, in north of Iran. around 19th century. it's colorful and perfect condition.
price:  on rquest
Basarabiyan kilim size 280x180
Caucasian Kasak Kilim Very nice stripe kilim with beautiful purple color and size 3,00x 1,60 cm it is need There are only ... read more
price:  On Request
Yuncu cicim, 58" x 74" (147 x 188 cm) Obviously not for the conditionally challenged, but professionally conserved on linen ready for ... read more
price:  2000 usd
Taurus mountain [Mut]Kilim.326x135cm
price:  p.o.r
East anatolian Malatya kilim (115cm x 84cm).
price:  SOLD
South east anatolian kilim band (340cm x 80cm ).
price:  SOLD
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