Kilims and Flatweaves

4'2" x 12'6" East Anatolian kelim, possibly somewhere between Erzurum and Kagizman. Great color, decent condition, recently cleaned.
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"Djandjä Setareh" - Dagestan kelim , 190 x 117 cm, link
Antique central or western Anatolian prayer or altar kilim, in beautiful condition. 19th Century. All natural dyes. Complete ends ... read more
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Anatolain One Part Kilim size.380x85cm
price:  por
Sarköy Kilim size=200x140
price:  a.s.k
Konya prayer kilim fragment. Size: 130cm x 95cm.
price:  P.O.R
Anatolian Kilim, 3' 4" x 10' 2", Late 19th Century. Calm, harmonious color tones. link
price:  $200
Konya Kilim Fragment, Central Anatolia, Early 19th Century, 2' 7" x 4' 3". Sharp design, rich colors. link
price:  $200
Spectacular Cotten Indian Dhurrie, 2.54m x 2.47m circa 1890. Design drawn from Hispano-Moresque art. Great colours and square format. Some staining and ... read more
price:  Please ask
Anatolian Kilim, one complete side, 385 x 78 cm, great colors
Kırgız Kilim fragment.133x120cm
price:  p.o.r
Shirvan kilim 19 the great colors. 142/262 cm
Early Anatolian kilim fragment > 18th c.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Two Anatolian kilim fragments, great colors, both have equal seize of 205 x 78cm
Sarkoy Serbijan kilim, measuring about 2x1,4m, over 100 years old, in very good condition.
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Sarkoy Kosovos kilim, measuring about 1,3x1m, Antique, in good condition.
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Antique Anatolian kilim fragment with "Elibelinde" pattern, deep saturated colors, 305 x 76 cm
South Eastern Turkey - Elbistan - Kurdish kilim. Size of each panel : 26" x 134" (84cm x 340cm)
price:  O.R.
South Persian Kilim
price:  On Request
İt is from Konya ( Karapınar ) in Central Anotolia This Price :on request Ask about this
Antique Persian Kilim Bakhtiar, Central Iran. 182x298cm. As can be seen in the pictures it has some condition issues, but ... read more
price:  on request/offer
Central Anatolia, Konya Obruk prayer kilim. All wool with natural colors.It is used and kept in pretty good condition. Two very small ... read more
price:  O.R.
Very Fine Senneh Kilim ,beautiful natural colours and desigen,with birds in the white medallion,nice black ground.Good condition.Size 6' 6"*4'.E.mail for more info.
price:  US$ 650.
Fine antique Afshar sumac kilim very good condition, with provenance Size:190x140cm P.O.R
Magnificent Afshar sumac kilim excellent condition , Circa 1900 with provenance Size:190x130 cm P.O.R
Western Anatolia kilim fragment. Aydin area. Size is cm 77x77. Second half 19th century. Great colors. See more pics on fb: https:// link
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Anatolian kilim, Kurdish region, with nice saturated colors, not in perfect condition with some wear and tear. Both cotton and wool white, ... read more
price:  $550
Syrian Kilim, not in the best condition but a fine older example with cotton white and all natural colors. 2'10"x8'10" Inv# 16359 See ... read more
price:  $450
Balkan Kilim; 133x144 cm
price:  sold thanks
Antique Persian Kilim 59” x 42” Excellent condition Oriental flat weave rug Wool wefts with cotton warps West Persia “Senna” Possibly Kurdish made? Purchase in the early ... read more
price:  850.00
Cal Cecim Size: 84x58 cm
price:  P.O.R
Cal Cecim Size: 80x60 cm
price:  P.O.R
Luri/Bakhtiyari Sofreh Kilim - 33" x 39" - 85 x 99 cm.
price:  Sold
Antique Afshari kilim , fine quality Size:300x160cm P.O.R
moroccan middle atlas flat weave/kilim from Berbers in the Marmoucher region. This is an old example with a soft, supple, feel and ... read more
price:  Euros 850.
Rug Curator's find as found: a 1930's to 1940's Navajo rug measuring 51"x 90" in very good condition. Thanks for looking.
price:  PORsold thanks
Rug Curator's find as found: a 1930's to 1940's Navajo measuring 45"x 84" in very good condition. Thanks for looking.
price:  POR sold thanks
Large 4 metre long 19th century Aksaray dowry kilim, perhaps from the Taspinar area, with su yolu running water border. Striking asymmetry ... read more
price:  On Hold
Antique Anatolian Sivas Runner Cicim very nice and very old piece. size:345x55
price:  ASK
Antique Anatolian Sivas Runner Cicim very nice and very old piece. size:400x60
price:  ASK
a pair of Antique Qashqaee long kilim,SOFREH excellent condition wool&cotton Size:815x135cm P.O.R
dagıstan sumach size 340 by 240
price:  Sold
Anatolian kilim Prayer size:166x120-cm ask
price:  ask
Antique Anatolian Konya region Hotamis dowry kilim with a complex border design also found in Aydin Cine kilims. The kilim shows interesting ... read more
price:  On Hold
Qashqai little kilim, early 20th century, Rare size, Original condition, Great colors, Not restored, Size: 100 x 95 cm. 39.5" x 37.5"
price:  SOLD
Antique Anatolian Malatya area kilim with an exceptionally well balanced palette, juxtaposition of colours and fine drawing of motifs. In very good ... read more
price:  SOLD thank you
Erzerum kilim. 9 ft. 2 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. Wool. Beautiful design and natural color palette. Fine condition. ... read more
price:  {OR
Very fine antique Baluch kilim 9 ft. 9 in. x 5 ft. 2 in. Wool. Circa 1880. All natural dyes. Small restorations ... read more
price:  $4000
Caucasian Shirvan Kilim, 4-10 x 8-11 (1.47 x 2.72), late 19th century, original ends, good colors, slit tapestry weave, browns oxidized a ... read more
price:  SOLD
Uzbek jajim, 5'6" x 6'3", perfect condition.
price:  Sold
Shahsavan kilim. 10 ft. 5 in. x 7 ft. (313 x 208). 19th c. Wool. Near perfect condition. See Pl. 38 in ... read more
price:  POR
Not a scottisch kilt :-) Antique Caucasian Verneh kilim. Size: 300x170cm / 9'9``ft x 5'6''ft link
Konya Kilim Fragment circa 1800 size 178x196 cm
price:  POR
Bergama jijim is very good colours and condition
price:  Please ask
Fabulous central anatolian kilim, lovely colours including nice aubergine, good condition in general but one 'indigenous' repaired hole, with this type one ... read more
price:  950 £
Old tribal kilim sofreh with Balouchi style soumac embroidered border and Afshar tribe style zig-zag field, cowrie shell in one corner and ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Malatya Kilim 2 part over 120 years old very good condition size 178 cm x 395 cm price 3500 ... read more
price:  3500 usd
Anatolian kilim, 19th c.
price:  Por
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