Kilims and Flatweaves

Aydınlı Kelim
price:  SOLD
aydin fragment kilim detail
price:  POR
4'3" x 6'4" complete Sumak circa 1910
price:  $3200.00
Malatya Cicim
price:  por
central anatolian fragment kilim 118x105 cm
price:  $300
anatolian kurdish cicim detail
price:  POR
Reyhanli Kilim in two parts w/ cotton, 19th c
price:  sold
Shahsavan stripe Jajim, late 19th,C
price:  POR
Anatolian Aydın fragment kilim 90x67 cm
price:  $ 250
Anatolian fragment Bayburt kilim 180x160 cm
price:  POR
Reyhanlı fragment kilim 210x148
price:  POR
Verne 250x125
price:  POR
Konja Kilim 160 x 122 cm /5'3" x 4'0" ft, 19th century
price:  on request
Complete Pair of finely woven N.Persian Pile Bags with corrosive green,excellent pile, extraordinary flat woven decorated kelim backs. 19th. century
price:  Please inquire!
Sogukbulak kilim 395x175
price:  POR
Sogukbulak Kilim detail 395x175
price:  POR
Gashgai Jajim, 190 x 153 cm / 6'3" x 5'0" ft, 1900 - 1920
price:  on request
Shiraz kilim 174x120
price:  POR
Jajim of the Shahsavan Wool
price:  on request
Saltillo Serape, Red Center Medallion, Rio Grande 19th cen.
price:  sold
Sine Kilim 158x105
price:  Sold
Kilim Sivas 370x193
price:  Sold
Kilim sivas 335x200
price:  Sold
Sivas Kilim 390x160
price:  SOLD
Antique Hotamis Kilim, 12.8x4.6 ft, Good Condition
price:  Please Inquire
Gashgai Kilim 250 x 143 cm 19th century
price:  on request
Large Turkish Aleppo Kilim Age: 1900 10.6 by 4.2
Sumak zehur 406x166
price:  POR
Fragmant Aydin Çine kilim 210x80
price:  POR
Avar kilim 130x260
price:  650$
Şirvan kilim 150x285
price:  750
Talısh Kilim 235x155
price:  600
Konya kilim fragment 62 x 83 cm. 18th c.
malatya Kilim 8,1x5,6
price:  SOLD
konya strİpe Kilim 8,5x4,7
price:  SOLD
konya white Kilim 15,0x5,0
price:  price on request
torkoman kaftan camel wool kilim technic orginale circa 1910
price:  $250
Kirghiz kilim and werneh Central Asia late 19c size:2,46x0,11cm
price:  350$
Souht Azarbajan (shahsawan) silk kilim late 19 century size:1,40x0,91cm
price:  500$
Souht Azarbajan (shahsawan) silk kilim late 19 century size:1,35x0,98cm
price:  350$
Souht Azarbajan (shahsawan) silk kilim late 19 century size:0,73x0,52cm
price:  200$
Souht Azarbajan (shahsawan) silk kilim late 19 century size:1,31x0,85cm
price:  325$
Baluch Sumac Sofra Northeast Pers;a Mid 19th Century 2-8 x 3-0 ft. #1091
price:  $1,400.00
westanatolian kilim ''mid'' 19th c. publ. in yayla 1993, pl.18 356 x 166 cm perfect condition
price:  EUR 4.900,-
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