Lloyd Rowcroft

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. Whether buying rugs from the Afghans in Central Asia in the 1980`s and 90`s or today from the Berbers in the mountains of Morocco the fresh bread and tea which accompanies all long negotiations is still the same -- Wonderful. I specialize in Moroccan rugs and textiles and as I live in the southern tip of Spain and Morocco is only a 35 minute ferry ride away, share my time between the two countries. Please see www.oldorientalcarpet.com for full information. Also facebook as "Moroccan Carpets"

  • yamout turkoman saddle rug. a finely woven and very intricate piece which originates from the small Yamout sub groups of Jaffarbi or ... read more
    price:  euros 260.

  • yamout turkoman animal trappings. a rare pair of trappings which are thought to be decorations for the knees of a camel on ... read more
    price:  euros 365 pair

  • moroccan berber kilim/flat weave. a small and finely woven piece which may have been for a dowry and subsequently put to use ... read more
    price:  euros 120.

  • yamout turkoman tent bag face. This type of bag is the work of the Jaffarbi or Goklen Yamout groups who inhabit southern ... read more
    price:  euros 340.

  • moroccan berber high atlas horse cover. The Berbers of this harsh, high region weave rugs and other textiles for wear, furnishing, storage ... read more
    price:  euros 240.

  • moroccan berber rug from boujad. Even the Berbers of the rest of Morocco regard the weavers from Boujad in the Middle Atlas ... read more
    price:  euros 1150.

  • gabbeh tribal bag probably woven by Lurs. Although the design is more Kurdish in appearance examination of the weave on the reverse, ... read more
    price:  euros 265.

  • moroccan berber high atlas tent bag. Known as "aalau" which is a squarish, partly piled bag usually woven by Berber women of ... read more
    price:  euros 170.

  • moroccan berber pillow/bag. It is difficult to say which is the more beautiful side of this bag, the front or the back. ... read more
    price:  euros 110.

  • collection of old and antique hand made rug weaving tools from persia, anatolia, afghanistan and uzbekistan. All used but still in workable ... read more
    price:  euros 240.

  • This exceptional piece was found in Tazenacht and is from the nearby Ait Ouaouzguite Berbers. The individual floral designs seem to float ... read more
    price:  euros 875.

  • a collection of hand woven ceremonial berber tribal belts from the Middle and High Atlas mountains. Decorative belts are woven with fine ... read more
    price:  euros 545 for all 7.

  • moroccan berber tribal rug. This is an old piece from the Beni Sadden Berbers, a small group who live in the eastern ... read more
    price:  euros 840.

  • moroccan high atlas carpet which is exceptionally large and originates from the Ait Tamassine Berbers of the High Atlas between Marrakech and ... read more
    price:  euros 5450.

  • moroccan berber high atlas carpet. The high knot density and lustrous shades of the many colors used makes this old example special. ... read more
    price:  euros 3250.

  • moroccan berber high atlas carpet from the Ait Zenaga Berber tribe. Although the deep field color is typical of Ait Zenaga weaving ... read more
    price:  euros 3250.

  • moroccan high alas berber carpet. This is a superb and rare example from the Ait Zenaga Berbers and is among the oldest ... read more
    price:  euros 3260.

  • It takes some minutes for the eyes to adjust from the searing mid-day sun to the cool, dark interiors of this centuries ... read more
    price:  euros 1750.

  • Long camel train depicted in this rare High Atlas rug from the Ait Douchen Berbers. The village uses an abandoned riyad as ... read more
    price:  euros 1850.

  • moroccan high atlas berber carpet, an old and rare piece in excellent condition which is from the Ait Tamassine Berber group. The ... read more
    price:  euros 2850.

  • turkoman tent bag which is an old piece originating from the Saryk Turkomans in northern Afghanistan or Turkmenistan. The bag face is ... read more
    price:  euros 360.

  • yamout turkoman boksche. Of the five major Turkoman tribes it appears that only the Yamout weave this special shape of bag, and ... read more
    price:  euros 385.

  • yamout turkoman animal trappings. a rare pair of trappings which are thought to be decorations for the knees of a camel on ... read more
    price:  euros 365

  • moroccan berber inscribed prayer rug which is an extremely rare example from the Ait bou Ichaouen Berbers in the eastern High Atlas. ... read more
    price:  euros 2650

  • rare very fine pair of old keshan rugs dating from the mid 20th century. The condition of both is impeccable and original. ... read more
    price:  Euros 3600 the pair.

  • afshar tribal tent bag which is rare because of its inscription in the field. The field is dominated by a central tree ... read more
    price:  euros 320.

  • kilim / flat weave called "Kpoke" and woven by the Mende people in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The women of this ... read more
    price:  euros 125.

  • This large design is the letter yaz or aza in the Tifinagh language and is a symbol meaning "free man" or Amazigh, ... read more
    price:  euros 840.

  • moroccan berber high atlas rug a bright, colourful rug with a random scattering of Berber designs and motifs throughout the field. The ... read more
    price:  euros 780.

  • moroccan berber high atlas rug. The simplistic designs have been achieved by using only various shades of undyed local Berber wools. The ... read more
    price:  euros 890.

  • morrocan berber middle atlas carpet. a large carpet from the region of Boujad which, unusually for this origin, has a well balanced ... read more
    price:  euros 2550

  • moroccan berber wooden nutcracker. Rural Berbers use many of the natural resources to make items for their own use. These nutcrackers are ... read more
    price:  Euros 120.

  • moroccan berber high atlas carpet. An old and rare carpet from the Berbers of Ait bou Ichaouen in the eastern High Atlas ... read more
    price:  euros 2370.

  • moroccan zaine berber middle atlas rug. The Berber group of Zaine live in one of the higher parts of the Middle Atlas ... read more
    price:  euros 1475.

  • moroccan mixed technique flat weave/kilim or "hanbel". This rare, old hanbel or cover is from the region of Rehamna in the plains ... read more
    price:  euros 1880.

  • moroccan berber middle atlas rug which is old, supple and soft and has a knotted pile of many shades of madder ranging ... read more
    price:  euros 980.

  • moroccan berber high atlas shawl which is an old piece and originates from Zagora in the eastern corner of the High Atlas ... read more
    price:  euros 145

  • moroccan berber cape which is called a "Handira" and is an antique piece from the Beni Ourain Berber group in the Middle ... read more
    price:  Euros 425.

  • moroccan berber high atlas bag. This shape and size bag is called "Aalau" and is often woven by a Berber woman to ... read more
    price:  euros 225.

  • moroccan berber high atlas bag face, which is an extremely rare example of work from the Berber of Ait bou Ichaouen, probably ... read more
    price:  euros 675

  • moroccan berber high atlas storage bag face. This is a rare, old example from the little-known Ait Bou Ichaouen Berbers in the ... read more
    price:  euros 380.

  • belouch / balouch rug It is probably from the Mushwani group in western Afghanistan. It is an old piece and is dated ... read more
    price:  Euros 585

  • pair of moroccan berber fibulas / brooches These are used by Berber women either as a single pin to hold the front ... read more
    price:  Euros 40 the pair.

  • moroccan ceramic bowl This antique container was used to store finely ground powders which Berber women use as fragrances. Its impeccable condition ... read more
    price:  Euros 95

  • moroccan berber middle atlas pillow / cushion This is among the oldest, finest and most beautifully embroidered pillow i have encountered in ... read more
    price:  Euros 295

  • moroccan berber middle atlas saddle bag which is of exceptional fineness and was probably woven as a dowry piece. It has a ... read more
    price:  Euros 375

  • moroccan hand made shoes The degree of sophistication of hand made shoes in Morocco is extensive and ranges from very basic ones ... read more
    price:  Euros 110.

  • double sided moroccan berber middle atlas rug The technique of weaving double sided rugs almost always originates from the Beni M'guild Berber ... read more
    price:  Euros 720