Anatolian / Turkish

Unusual Ladik with more strong yellows than one normally sees in these weavings. 19th century- probably 3rd quarter, although could as ... read more
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West Anatolian Bergama Fragment Rug size.200x185cm
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Baluch pile rug with Turkish knot. 5 ft. x 2 ft. 9 in. Wool. 19th c. Low even pile with brown corrosion. ... read more
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Antique Karapınar Fragment Rug size.150x100cm
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Southern Anatolia Kilim Fragment size.130x150cm
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Unique antique Central Anatolian vagireh yastik, 19 x 26 inches (48 x 64 cm). Red-wefted. Good pile. Early 20th century.
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Antique Anatolian yastik, double-ended mini-mihrab, ca. 20.5 x 30 inches. Glowing, angora-like wool in good pile. Possibly Sivas region. Late 19th-early 20th century.
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Bergama - Kozak small rug. All wool natural colors. No repairs. Size: 37" x 52" (94cm x 132cm)
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s.w. Anatolian( could be an Oversize Yastic), Ca. 1800, 48" x 29"[122 x 74cm]
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Classic early Mujur prayer rug, circa 1800. Collector-quality with open, spacious composition, two large ewers in the green spandrels, exquisite drawing and ... read more
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East Anatolian Kurdısh Rug size.273x105cm
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East Anatolian Kürdısh Rug size.225x105cm
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Antique Konya Ladik. Size: 89 x 186 cm. Very used. Both ends are cutted. Holes and low pile.
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anatolian prayer 127x232cm, probably armenian
An ottoman silver ewer With squat body rising from short splayed foot to waisted neck with pronounced collar, the double curving spout ... read more
price:  P.O.R
a most unusual finely woven central Anatolian Karapinar Yastic showing Holbein motif including zoomorphic details with beautiful natural colors and full pile, original ... read more
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Around 1850 Anatol Ladik thorp Rug,size;125x135 cm 4'1x4'5
Shasavan yastik, quite unique, 20" x 28", 19th century, slightly damaged
Rare Hereke silk Fragment, 58 x 37 cm, 19th
An antique Anatolian village rug. 156 x 98 cm. Good shape with no repairs, no cuts, all original sides with kilim endings.
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Central Anatolian Rug Fragment 214 x 117 cm ( Backed on linen)
price:  ON Request
Central Anatolian Yastik - Konya - Cappadocia area - thick soft yatak like pile, some fuchsine, no repairs - about 26" x ... read more
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antique melas prayer rug. Classic design. Lustrous wool. All natural colors with nice purples and greens. Found in New England. Washed but ... read more
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Early yellow ground Anatolian rug fragment. Remnant original selvage on both sides. Genuine art. Needs mounting. 18th c. 3'8" x 3'7"
Old anatol Yatak. Size: 111 x 178 cm. Very good condition. Decorativ piece.
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18th c. Cappadocia rug fragment
An antique Anatolian prayer rug fragment. All natural dyes. 143 x 93 cm.
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Anatolian Yastik with great colors, some small holes and floor damages, 84 x 47 cm
Anatolian yastik . Size 70x54 cm
West Anatolian Heybe/Saddle bag, complete with kilim back, notice the bird heads? great border, excellent wool & colors, all original - the ... read more
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Konya Rug, The Size is 3'9" by 4'6." Some Minor Old repairs. Recently hand washed and dusted. For More Pics ... read more
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East Anatolian Fragment Yastık
price:  por
ca.1800 Turkish Kula Rug,,size:195x160 cm 6.5x5.3 ft
price:  Sold
Nice 18c Turkish Ushak border fragment 54" x 22"
price:  $250 inc postage
Antep Kürt Devebasmasi Lenght 200 cm. Width 120 cm. Wool on wool. Great condition. No holes or any kind of defect. More tan ... read more
price:  POR
xvii or XVIIIth Century Ottoman Robe Sleeve Cuff embroidery. Silk and metallic thread on linen. Excellent condition and color preservation.
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anatolia fragment size 83x120cm
price:  por
Fragmented Prayer Rug, Bergama Area, Western Anatolia 18th c., 89 x 146 cm. I have just traded back this interesting and rare prayer ... read more
price:  p.o.r.
Silky and supple Yastik with Memling Guls, 35" x 20"[89 x 20cm]
price:  ON REQUEST
#6020 Megri (or Makri) Size 3'3" x 5'3" (100 x 161 cm) Age: Mid 19th Century - See more at: link
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East Anatolian Rug
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Ghiordes Oushak circa 1900 9'0" x 12'0" very attractive combination of cream and pale orange, with a pale green border. Mostly in ... read more
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#5988 Ladik This lovely Ladik measures 3’10” x 6’11”. It dates from the 18th century. It's all there… The tulips at the ... read more
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Anatolian Rug Fragment 94 x 73 cm
price:  On Request
anatolia pillow size 80x50cm
price:  por
Anatolia about 1880 Bergama 196 x 150 cm, few Areas Need repair, condition good.
price:  850 €
Stunning East Anatolian Kurdish rug > c. 1850
Bergama Kozak Child Yatak (Bed.) Size is 3" by 4'5." Env. 119204. For More Pics, link
price:  POR
Anatolian Yastik - 24" x 28"
price:  sold
Very cool, archaic, Turkish Yastik with great color and really superior drawing. Let's just call it circa 1800 or early 19th. Needs ... read more
price:  POR
Central Anatolian Prayer Rug, circa 1900, 3' 2'' x 4' 5'', natural and synthetic dye mix. Bold drawing, good pile condition.
price:  POR
Antique East Anatolian rug in good condition, some small repairs and minor mothing. 250x127 cm. Long shiny wool and nice colours.
price:  €1800
Anatolia saddle bag size 37x50cm 43x48cm
price:  por
Turkish Ghordes Rug. The Size is 3'9" by 5'7" The Sides are secured. Very Fine weave. Env. 119202. For More ... read more
price:  POR
auction tomorrow, saturday 4pm Vienna time Lot #109, Medallion Ushak, 25ft. 7in. x 12ft. 2in. (780 x 370 cm), Turkey circa 1600, Condition: good, some areas ... read more
Megri (or Makri) Size 4'3" x 7'0" (131 x 213 cm) Age: Circa 1850 - See more at: link
price:  on request
4303-Best Anatolian kurdish rug 230x110
price:  p.o.r
Anatolia fragment pillow size 84x53cm
price:  por
Antique east anatolian prayer rug. Strong design. Beautiful all natural colors and mostly thick high pile. Original fancy end finish. Small old ... read more
East Anatolian Yuruk with apricot ground border, very nice condition. 190 x 104 cm
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