Anatolian / Turkish

Ghiordes Prayer Rug Late 19th. century Size: 3'10 x 6'0 (117 x 180)
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Anatolian Prayer Rug Early 20th c
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very large East Anatolian Kurdish corridor carpet. Natural colors and thick shagy wool. Nice localized / tribalized rendition of the classical 'star ... read more
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Antique Bergama Rug.110x 170 Cm. Very Good condition
price:  SOLD
Ottoman Bohca Gold and tread work on velvet and 4 side Soltan crown in side silk satin size:0,83 x 0,83cm ... read more
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Megri Rug, sw Anatolia, c1900, 200x130 cm 79x51 inches). Good condition.
price:  pls ask
Ghiordes Prayer Rug circa: 1800 size: 4'2 x 5'5 (127 x 165)
price:  por sold
Kurdish Anatolian Rug fragment Circa.1860 possible to send larger images
price:  500$
Ottoman Bohche gold and treads on velvet excellent condition Circa 1890
price:  on request
Megri Rug, sw Anatolia, c1900, 201x130 cm. good condition.
price:  por
unusual kurdish yastik. This curious little yastik is from the region of Malatya in eastern Anatolia. The wefts are of hand ... read more
price:  €90.
Ottoman metal thread embroiderd panel, excellent condition, 11ins x 11ins sold
antique tribal rug, possibly a turkish village weaving. charming and archaic design. complete but with some overall wear and low ... read more
price:  SOLD
antique turkish kirshehir prayer rug. fresh estate find in new england and never offered before. good design and all vibrant ... read more
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a Kurdish Yastik, East Anatolia, 19th cen, 44x98 cm (18x39 inches)
price:  SOLD
West Anatolian rug, Karakecli / Bergama region. Great tribal geometric graphics, mid 19th century or earlier. Sides have been repaired some time ... read more
Anatolian Konya Fragment 3''5 x 3''5 foot wonderful colours circa 1820
price:  SOLD
17th century Lotto fragment. 94cmx18cm.
price:  SOLD
Antique Anatolian Milas, with fantastic drawing,in good condition, and beautiful colors, size: 161x119cm take a look on my other listed items
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Early West Anatolian fragment, Bergama?, great graphics and color, professionally mounted on linen.
Ottoman 19th century or earlier brass safertas or food container. Cm 17x23h. Heavily decorated. Rare & beautiful. Few similar examples found in ... read more
price:  pLs ask
Bergamo bag face,320 x 46 cms. fuscine colour detail.
price:  USD$100
Early 19th century Ladik Prayer rug,W/W,100x200 cm, mounted on linen. Saturated, vibrant colors, as powerful now as they were then. See ... read more
price:  sold
Central Anatolian carpet with lustrous wool, approximately 7'9" x 3'10", small reweaves, pile to knots in field and isolated ares of reknotting, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian Yastik, prob. Konya, 19th Century, Beautiful Colors and design, Nice Organic Dyes. Size: 95x50cm (3.1ftx1.6ft)
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red & black chequered karapinar area full pile yatak rug - 1920/1930 - cm 142x354 - good condition - nice, very ... read more
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Gördes ( Ghiordes ) Prayer rug.c.1900 Excellent condition for its age ,full pile, original headends and selvages. a few minor thin ... read more
price:  SOLD
Gördes ( Ghiordes ) , prayer rug, c.1800 a tear in the mihrab, restored with the rug's original material, a small hole ... read more
price:  Sold
West Anatolian Mat,first half 19th century,73x87cm.
price:  SOLD
East Anatolian Kurdish rug with a nice color range including both insect and vegetable reds.
price:  SOLD
Ottoman Turkish Embroidery. about 1800. Good condtion except for the stains. (Maybe you know someone who can clean it?) There is a ... read more
price:  $900
Embroidered Ottoman Turkish end. circa 1800. Damaged but beautiful. The embroiderd part measures 26 by 11 inches and there is also extra ... read more
price:  $500
1800s Ottoman Turkish embroidery with silk and some metal. It is complete and needs to be washed. It has a measurement of ... read more
price:  $1600
sold a beautiful 18thcent Anatolian prayer rug with superb colours including moss green abrashed field and purple. Essentially complete with original ... read more
ushak saf cm 140x420 or ft 4.6x13.7 mid 19th century or earlier - lovely natural dyes - good condition - minor repairs ... read more
price:  POR
a 19th century ottoman towel fragment, framed/mounted. One of several.Good for Christmas presents!
price:  £55 each
East Anatolian Rug Fragment,ca.1800
price:  sold
a Konya area long rug, 3rd quarter 19th Century, 4.2 x 10.3.
price:  SOLD
An Antique Central Anatolian Karapinar Rug, 185x126 cm (73x50 inches), late 19th Century, very good condition and full pile.
price:  por
Kaiseri “cemetery” rug, 120 x 200 late 19th century silk on cotton foundation ... read more
price:  3500 euro
An Antique East Anatolian Kurdish Rug with great design and colours, very good condition, 224x112 cm (88x44 inches).
price:  £1400
se Anatolian Herki rug, good pile, colored warps, strong colors, but none are faded or degraded.
Lovely old Central Anatolian Kurdish rug, good colours and pile. 5ft3ins x 3ft
price:  SOLD
Central Anatolian Kurdish Rug,130x200cm,early 19th century,excellent condition.
price:  sold
a Beautiful 19th century Anatolian chapan, beautifuly embroided, very nice colours, the condition is quite good, just little tied in some places.
price:  580 euros
Unique Anatolian village rug, mid 19c, popularly called Konya, but probably woven in the Cappadocia region. The zig zag pattern imitates a ... read more
price:  SOLD
old kara keceli cica 1880 -1890.super conditon good dye ask for more details and pictures
price:  P.R.O
a Fine Central Anatolian Bunyan Rug in mint condition, no repairs or issues, full pile. 4 x 6 ft. Early 20th Cen.
price:  $975
ushak carpet 19th cen. ask more detail and information
price:  sold
a good Ushak fragment about 36 inches x 18 inches. Sewn onto a piece nasty yellow silk. Needs mouting properly. The fat ... read more
price:  sold
Antique Anatolian rug, with fantastic natural colors and a very rare drawing, size: 328x209cm !!!! to compare: a similar piece is published ... read more
price:  Sold
Fantastic Fragment of an 18th century East Anatolian rug with superior colors including purple.
price:  SOLD
Antique Konya fragment, nicely mounted with velcro on frame. Good dyes and very glossy wool. Circa 1800.
price:  SOLD
Pillow Talk - Antique Woven Yastiks of Anatolia, Sept 1 - Oct 15, 2008. Stop by or visit link
Turkish Village Rug Fragment
price:  SOLD
Antique Anatolian Milas, with rare elements in the drawing and fantastic colors, size:124x109cm, take a look on my other items i have
price:  SOLD
a Central Anatolian Yastik, 19th century, no repairs, great colours. Please check out my other items as well; over 150 antique rugs ... read more
price:  £200
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