Anatolian / Turkish

Ottoman metal thread embroidered Saddle Cover with silk Ikat on the reverse, 19th century, 77 x 183 cm
price:  P.O.R.
Early and Rare Dazkiri Rug Fragment,18th century,150x160cm,cut&shut&worn but still beautiful and sophisticated ,mounted.
price:  sold
Chankale, Bergama, Beginning 88 x 131 cm
price:  P.O.R.
konya karacadag 18 by 33 inches
price:  reasonable
Antique yastik of some type. Worn. Summer cleanout. 20" x 29"
price:  $95 or best offer
Turkish Anatolian village rug, Konya? with great colors except some aniline red in the flat weave on the bottom end and part ... read more
price:  Sold
Bocha - Square velvet, areas of wear. Size: 78x74cm.
Die Stadt Kula liegt 100 km östlich von Izmir an der Straße nach Usak und hat ca. 25.000 Einwohner. Heute ist es ... read more
price:  on demand
Early Bergama fragment, 18th c. w/ intense color.
sold Lovely antique Ottoman prayer rug, beautiful colours,original sidecords,reamains of kelim top and bottom, 5ft4ins x 4ft. See it in London ... read more
anatolian melas carpet period around 1850 perfect condition
Early and unusual e. Anatolian rug fragment w/ intense colors, including an amazing emerald green. See link for more photos.
19th c. Yastik with great natural dye colors. Corners frayed and missing several rows on ends. Medium to low pile. Size 2'8" ... read more
price:  SOLD
Early, Central Anatolian, Tulip design karapinar, ...rare !!!!!! size: 215 x 115 cm
price:  p.o.r
East Anatolian Kurdish fragment. Nice colors and good pile.
price:  sold
a good and very unusual east Anatolian Kurdish rug of excelent quality, with very clear dyes and strong graphics, filthy, worn and ... read more
price:  SOLD thanks
Anatolian Handmade has naturel brown colours(camel?)and very beautiful embroidery.some are with has a beautifull mihrab and and oil lamb,tree of ... read more
price:  p.o.r
Antique Turkish yastik. All good natural colors. Rough condition but good age, 1880 or earlier.
price:  SOLD
Turkish Milas Prayer Rug. Size: 46x65 inches 117x165 Cm. Has two hand size patches and the worn areas have backing glued to them ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian Turkish Village Rug. Size: 54x81 inches or 137x206 cm. Good pile, great colors and some old repair. Please ask for detail
price:  SOLD
Antique Kurdish East Anatolian rug. Good original untouched condition. Thick pile. Typical creases. All good natural colors. This weaver decided the rug ... read more
price:  SOLD
Early Anatolian Rug.Canakkale,Bergama?it is a lovely piece with early colours.great wool.worn out mainly in the middle of the rug and also some ... read more
price:  p.o.r
Wonderful Mucur Rug.great piece.i guess it is an early piece..great colours, is worn but still very beautifull and great piece.prayer design with ... read more
price:  p.o.r
Ghiordes prayer rug, about 1700, higly collectible. Info & similar examples on link
price:  SOLD
An antique Canacale rug, Bergama. 19th century. Low in places, but quite a lot of pile, fat kilim one end, origanol side ... read more
price:  SOLD thanks
yuruk turkish kurd over 80years wool on wool
price:  1700$
An antique Konya rug, woven in 2 halves, with some patches, losses to ends and a big hole. But mainly in good ... read more
price:  sold
Anatolian Yastik, Sivas area, 19th century.
price:  SOLD
konya prayer rug - 158 x 95 cm
Turkish prayer possibly 18th century. $1100 cheap. Large areas of old restoration.From the May estate ( the May Company ). Friends of ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian mujur fragment size 120x115
price:  SOLD
Eastern Anatolian Kurdish rug; circa 1920; excellent conditions; 3'1" x 6'2"; shaggy pile; vibrant colors - all natural dyes: id jf4279
price:  $600
2nd half 17th century ' Transylvanian ' rug. 114 x 160cm
price:  SOLD
ladik prayer rug - 180 x 120
price:  SOLD
Gaziantep Kurt Carpet 2,70*1,12 cm
price:  ask please
Anatolian Prayer rug,W/W,210X145 cm. Two unusually large fragments sewn together before the selvages were fixed. Former turkish owner attributed it to Gördes, ... read more
price:  SOLD
a rare rug with Ottoman motifs. Turkish knot. Second half 19th Century. 220 x 108 cm.
price:  please ask
Master Village Oushak from 1850 perhaps earlier with yellow field border. Unusual composition with tribal figures. Size: 235x183 cm (7.8 x 6 ft.) More pictures ... read more
price:  Sold thank you
central anatolian prayer rug size:155x115
price:  POR
Antique Central Anatlian Muchur bag face
price:  200 USD
Black and white tribal baby carrier lovingly woven by a central Anatolian nomad for her child. In mint condition and ready ... read more
karapinar prayer rug FRaGment 105 x 98 cm
price:  SOLD
Stolen! 17th century Transylvanian rug (apx. 3'6"x5'6") Feb. 10, 2010. If you see this rug please report its whereabouts to Peter Pap. 1(917)545-2318
Anatolian Kurdish Rug fragment Circa.1830 mounted very well on linen.size is 140x140cm
price:  450$ including shipment
Ushak / Selendi 165x230 very old frg. rug nerly 200 years old
price:  P.O.R
Turkish Melas 4.1 by 5.1. wonderful color, nice pile 19th cent. Bendas Rugs St. Louis,Mo
price:  SOLD
Enver oriantel kilim fragmen Anadolu
price:  100 €
Anatolian Turkish Yastik. Konya? Size: 23x36 Inches 59x92 cm
price:  Sold
Late 19th Century Turkish Yoruk Full Pile Rug that truly reflects it’s wonderful colors. Not completely perpendicular and a great example of ... read more
price:  Best Offer
Antique Sivas Zareh Penyamin nice velvety wool that must be touched. It looks a lot like a French court scene similar to ... read more
price:  por
anatolian usak fragment 115x030
price:  150 USD
anatolian usak fragment size 115x070
price:  250 USD
Anatolian Prayer Rug , Probably Ghiordes , Copious and charming use of white cotton makes for a subtle but sophisticated graphic quality. (size ... read more
price:  SOLD
antique mudjur rug, red mihrab 170x125 cm
price:  sold
antique mudjur prayer rug, green mihrab very low pile 160x116
price:  sold
East Anatolian Kurdish Rug with a Holbein derived design. All natural colors with both insect and madder reds. a pleasing palette. Brown ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kız Milas circa 1860. Rare Antique Carpet in original condition. Size 168 cm x 118 cm.
price:  On Request
19th century turkish Yastik.
price:  sold
Smashed but Fantastic Anatolian Prayer Rug. Mudjur / Kirshehir type with super-saturated colors including vibrant red and blue, true aubergine, two greens ... read more
price:  SOLD
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