#2015 Tibet rug. Tibet lama cushion, the back is Wangden knitting, and the front is won web with old wool cloth. Very ... read more
price:  Sale
Antique Tibetan sitting rug, circa 1880-1900. Rare green ground, original red edging and blue cotton backing. In very good condition ... read more
price:  Please inquire
#2013 Tibet rug, dark blue background with colorful lucky cloud pattern. Good age and quality. Size 72*45cm (28*18")
price:  Sale
#2021 Tibet rug, green background with full of lotus flowers pattern. Good age and quality. Size 80*62cm (32*24")
price:  Sale
#2020 Tibet rug, yellow background with colorful lotus flowers. Size 76*63cm ( 30*25")
price:  Sale
#2019 Tibet rug, blue background with group flower veins. Size 74*54cm(29*21")
price:  Sale
#2017 Tibet rug, dark blue- black background with colorful flower pattern. Size 76*68 cm (30*27")
price:  Sale
Lovely Tibetan two dragon and phoenix khaden. Beautiful colours. Wear consistent with age. Circa 1900. 153x70 cm.
price:  please ask
#2009 Tibet Wangden rug. Red square checker with blue wool selvage. Very good age and quality. Size 76*76cm (30*30")
price:  Sale
#2008 Tibet rug, it was produced about late Qing Dynasty. The brown background with eight Buddha lucky things. Which are eight kinds ... read more
price:  Sale
#2004 Tibet Wangden rug, red yellow and blue quare checker pattern. good age and quality. Size 68*68cm (27*27")
price:  Sale
charming tibetan khaden, central tibet, late 19th century, 160 x 74 cm, 5´3"x 2´5", wool on wool, all natural colors, full pile, ... read more
price:  por
#2003 Tibet rug, camel background with full of flowers, "丁” shape Hui veins selvage symbolize longevity ,rich and good fortune. Good age and ... read more
price:  Sale
Tibetan Rug-Circa 1900 Size:72 x 160 cm 2'4"x 5'4"
price:  on request
The small carpet in the Tibetan jiangzi area is about 1850, the size 93cmx60cm, the price is affordable and welcome consultation
Tibetan khaden with multicolored frog's feet on unusual abrashed yellow ground; pre-1900, 28 by 56 inches;exhibited at 1998 acor in Denver
price:  POR
#1903 Tibet rug, red background wiht single group flower and around full of flower pattern. good age and quality. wool warp and weft. ... read more
price:  sale
19thC Tibetan looped pile tsuk truk as published in Dr.Buddebergs recent book.On display at Taragoan exhibition centre Boudha Kathmandu 9-17th december a ... read more
price:  $1500
#1901 Tibet rug, blue background with red lively dragon pattern, lucky culorful cloud selvage. good age and quality. size 155*80cm(60*32'')
price:  sale
#1809 Tibet rug, camel background with lively dragons pattern, lucky culorful cloud selvage. good age and quality. size 177*87cm(69*34'')
price:  sale
Out of the trunk of a monastery comes this perfect Tibetan square mat, a high rank lama individual seat in extraordinary mint ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Colorful Tibetan good condition size:57 x 51 cm
price:  650€
1804# Tibet Man Lama clothes, handicraft wool, good age and quality.
price:  sale
1803# Tibet Lama clothes, handicraft wool, good age and quality.
price:  sale
1802# Tibet Lama clothes, handicraft wool .good age and quality.
price:  sale
antique Tibetan Khaden from the Labrang monastery Region (Gansu) Khampa Tibetans sleepingrug size 162 cm x 87 cm
price:  Sold
#1801 Tibet handicraft. It is the daily utensils of Tibetan nomads .good age. about long 65cm
price:  sale
#1800 Tibet handicraft.Tibetan daily household goods. about long 150cm.
price:  sale
#1629 Tibet handicraft, It is the daily utensils of Tibetan nomads .about long 150cm.
price:  sale
#1628 Tibet handicraft . black background with "丁" veins,red selvage. It is the daily utensils of Tibetan nomads .good age .about long ... read more
price:  sale
#1627 Tibet handicraft . Green background with red flower veins, It is the daily utensils of Tibetan nomads .a pair of items. ... read more
price:  sale
#1726 Tibet felt cushion, green backgound with ball flower pattern, good age. It used by Tibet lama.size 60*60cm(23*23'')
price:  sale
1662-1722 Kangxi period brocade silk gold size 62 cm x 74 cm please contact via soulmatetextile@gmail.com
price:  $19000
These wonderful wood rakes from Bhutan see to have a life of their own. 18" (45.7 cm) to 21" (53.4) high, early ... read more
price:  On request
Snow lions and dragons. Tibetan saddle cover, early 20th century. Beautiful graphics. Priced to sell quickly.
price:  Sold Thank You
Tibetan rug early 20th century 0,60 m x 0,84 m
price:  950 €
Kangxi coral-ground satin silk,metal wrapped brocade size 80 cm x 80 cm soulmatetextile@gmail.com
price:  please ask
The Tibet carpet is around 1850, the size of 143x80cm, the warp and yarn weft all wool, welcome to consult
Beautiful Antique Tibetan Rug Woven Circa 1880 - Size: 2’3″ x 5′
price:  POR
Antique Tibetan rug 3 ft x 5 ft Approx.
price:  $275 inluding shipping
nambu textile with archaic tigma motif, monastic bench cover, different backings, central tibet, ca. 1900, 342 x 72 cm, 11'3" x 2'3", ... read more
price:  por
Early group of Chinese Mongolian flat weaves.
Beautiful leather and silver flint striker from Tibet or the Himalayas, late 19th or early 20th century. 3.5" (9 cm) inches by ... read more
price:  SOLD
Colorful Tibetan square, an older example with great abrash.
price:  $950
pretty much fragmented rug from the khotan oasis, early 19th century, 193 x 99cm, 6'4" x 3'3", came out of tibet, as ... read more
price:  please ask
Antique Travelling Set tibetan or Mongolian, eating set or trousse. one knife and two chopsticks materials brass,wood,leather,copper and steel
price:  $500 incl.shipping fast
wangden drumze, throne seat, wangden region, central tibet, 19th century, 100 x 100cm, 3'3" x 3'3" mint condition
price:  please ask
161 x 66 cm. This is an antique tibetan carpet from Lahsa. Wool on wool original colours and vegetable dyes. Ideogram ... read more
price:  SOLD in Italy
Tibetan Wangden type warp-faced back seating square. (apx. 3 feet square) a nice older example with excellent abrash!
price:  $3000 obo
Super Antique Tibetan saddle from the 3 rd qtr 19 c Fine weave lovely saturated natural dyes original leather fittings Washed and secured a ... read more
price:  Ask
Tibet Tibet wool blanket back, s about 1800 years or so, size 103 cm wide width 138cm, 96 cm high, all wool ... read more
Baotou Saddle Rug Good early 20th century Baotou saddle carpet. Bought this off someone’s floor in Lhasa near the Jokhang in 1991. l: ... read more
price:  $450.USD
131 x 60 cm is the size of this antique inner mongolian chinese carpet. The carpet is in very good condition. All original, ... read more
price:  e. 370+shipp
No.CL053 * Chinese Antique "Fo Dogs" Runner Rug from Tibet , Age:19/20th Century. Size:71x150cm(2'4"x4'11"). Origin:Ningxia. Shape:Rectangle. Background Color:Oranges.
102 x 54 cm. antique chinese carpet made in the province of gansu. In very good condition (all original). This Gansu has ... read more
price:  on request !
Tibet Tibet wool, s about 1800 years, 168 x73cm size, there are a lot of small holes, in the picture look clear, ... read more
No.CL052 * Tibetan Antique"Lotus Design" Rug, Age:19/20th Century.Size:90x166cm(2'11" x 5'5"). Origin:Tibet.Shape:Rectangle. Background Color:Blues. wool/wool. This Tibetan khaden (sleeping) rug is woven in a classic ... read more
fragment of a very rare tantric rug depicting the tibetan sky burial. baotou/zuoqi area for the tibetan market.
No.CL051 * Chinese Antique "Door Curtain" Rug .Origin: Baotou Shape: Rectangle Age: 19th Century.Size: 99x169cm (3'3"x4'7").Background Color: Blues. It was door curtain ... read more
Tibet wool thread, about 1900, the size of 182Cmx140Cm, relatively heavy and heavy, about 6kg, the damage is in the picture, the ... read more
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