About 1850 Tibetan carpets, s, size 133 cmx65cm, all wool, price concessions
price:  $280
Around 1940, the Tibet carpet s size 142 cmx76cm, all wool, there is little repair, price concessions
Tibet carpet gyantse region, called "feet don't quit", workmanship and other Tibetan carpets, s 1930 years or so, size 137 cmx80cm, warp ... read more
About 1900 Tibetan lama temple dedicated carpet, s, size 155 cmx68cm, warp knitting Mao Quan wool
Around 1930, Tibetan carpets, s size 165 cmx85cm, warp weft wool, price concessions
Around 1930, Tibetan carpets, s size 155 cmx80cm, warp weft wool, price concessions
Around 1900, Tibetan carpets, s size 175 cmx90cm
Around 1940, Tibetan carpets, s size 156 cmx82cm, warp weft wool, price concessions
Around 1900, Tibetan carpets, s size 155 cmx80, all warp weft wool
Around 1900, Tibetan carpets, s size 155 cmx85cm, price concessions
Tibetan carpets, size 145 cmx85cm, s 1940, price concessions
Tibetan carpets, size 152 cmx90cm, s 1920, warp weft wool, price concessions
Around 1900, Tibetan carpets, s size of about 147cmx77cm, including warp weft wool
Around 1940, Tibetan carpets, s size 175 cmx92cm, there are two of a couple
This unique carpet was specially spun during the Footok Festival, which revolves around the 450 year old Tibetan monastery of Olangchung Gola ... read more
price:  900
Another kind of carpets, Tibetan origin xigaze gyantse areas in Tibet Called "' don't quit" u word buckle, s around 1850, 156 ... read more
Around 1945, Tibetan carpets, s size of about 155 cmx70cm
Old Tibet fleece yue "Tibet wool" s of the 20th century About 170 cmx150cm size
No.X0024 * Tibetan Antique Khaden Rug. Origin: Tibet. Size:98x190cm(3'3"x6'3"). Shape: Rectangle. Background Color:Yellows.wool/wool.
No.X0008 * Tibetan Antique Khaden Rug "p'ulo-thigma Design".Size:83x163cm(33"x64").Origin: Tibet Shape: Rectangle.Background Color: Many Colors.wool/wool.
Lovely Tibetan mat, rare pattern with indigo flowers cut in high relief (Tib.: buma rimo, i.e. "cut like a mountain"), good condition, ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Old Tibetan double mat size cm.130*77
price:  SOLD
early square, early colors, tibet
No.X0025 * Tibetan Antique Khaden Rug.Age: Early-20th Century. Size:80x150cm(31"x59").wool/wool. Origin: Tibet Shape: Rectangle.Background Color:Greens.
Old Tibetan panel size : cm.125*70
price:  por
it is not only that it has a fantastic green center field but for many reasons this is a very special tibetan ... read more
No.X0015 * Tibetan Antique " Medallion and Eight Treasure Pattern " Rug , Age:19th Century. Size: 77x138cm(30"x54").Origin: Tibetan.Shape: Rectangle. Background Color: Blues. cotton/wool.
Khaden. Open field green/indigo sleeping carpet. Field and border repairs. Some low pile 31 x 59 inches 19th Century Tibet
price:  Reasonable
Lovely antique Tibetan saddle rug 3 rd qtr 19c very old for a Tibetan piece All good colours fluffy clouds !
price:  Reasonable
No.CL002 * Tibetan Antique "Eight Treasure Pattern" Rug/Mat. Size:57x72cm(22x28"). Origin: Tibet. Shape: Rectangle.Background Color: Blues. wool/wool.
only around 1900 but a very attratv -with 2meters and faded background- big khaden. charismatic decorative collectable unique piece..
No.A0050 * Tibetan Antique “Chrysanthemum Design” Rug,Age:19th Century. Size:81x148cm(32"x58"),Origin:Tibet. Shape: Rectangle,Background Color: Greens.wool/wool
old Tibetan rug in mint condition size: 5 x 5.5 ft.
price:  P.O.R
No.A0049 * Tibetan Antique “Chrysanthemum Design” Rug,Age:19th Century. Size:70x128cm(28"x51"),Origin:Tibet. Shape: Rectangle,Background Color: Blues.wool/wool
E19thC Resist dyed felt kang cover found in Lhasa Made in Gansu or Mongolia
price:  $1400us
Tibetan mat .Size:75x55 cm
price:  Por
Tibetian Yastık.Size:80x55 cm
price:  Por
Tibet. Size:126 x 63 cm Condition: Good Condition
price:  Please Ask
Tibetan Carpet (tc 23) 33 1/2” x 23 3/4” - early ~ mid 20th c. Rectangular carpet with yellow & orange ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan Rug, late 19th/early 20th c., 2' 6" x 8' 3" Good condition, no repairs, natural dyes - indigo and walnut(?)
price:  $1450
Tibetan Rug, late 19th c., 2' 4" x 5' 1" All natural dyes, good condition
price:  $2000
Tibetan Carpet (tc 22) 29” x 26” - Early 20th C. Seat with floral / Pema design. Nice colors in ... read more
price:  POR
#1890 Tibet rug fragment, blue bakcground with group flower and coiling tube pattern, good age, size77*59cm(30*23'')
price:  sale
#1889 Tibet rug, blue background with colorful flower pattern, rhombic Hui veins selvage. goos age, size 86*58cm(34*23'')
price:  sale
#1900 Tibet rug, green backgrond with goup flower veins, Hui veins selvage, good age, size 64*53cm(25*21'')
price:  sale
Tibetan checkerboard rug, collected in Tibet in the early 20th c. interesting provenance, small damage to two corners otherwise good condition,5ft3in x
#1882 Tibet runner rug, amaranth background with group flower and coiling tube veins, The "丁" shape Hui vein selvage, symbolize longevity, rich ... read more
price:  sale
Tibetan: Wangden "Telegraph" style temple runner, pre-1900, about 3 by 8'
price:  POR
#1880 Tibet saddle rug,rare square horse saddle, red background with group flower patten, colorful Hui veins selvage, symbolize longevity, rich and good ... read more
price:  sale
#1779 Tibet rug, black backround with group crane and lucky cloud, eight treasures of Buddha selvage. good age and quality. size 90*90cm(35*35'')
price:  sale
Tibetan: Two dragon khaden on blue ground, slightly reduced, c.1930, about 3 by 6 ft
price:  POR
Tibetan: Khaden with two groups of clustered Fu dogs and dramatic geometric designs, c.1930 About 2 1/2 by 5 ft.
price:  POR
Tibetan khaden, geometric design in browns, with red border. About 3 by 5 ft. c.1930
price:  POR
fantastic extremly rare early tibetan nomadic blanket. this is the only piece i know enterely made of silk. i say early because ... read more
#1777 Tibet rug, three joined rug, blue back ground with flower pattern, "万'' and white point selvage. good age . size 185*63cm(72*25'')
price:  sale
#1775 Tibet rug, five joined rug, blue background with red Kui flowers pattern,good quality.size 240*63cm(94*25'')
price:  sale
Conch shell trumpets, Himalayas. 19th century. Sold separately. Left: 7" (17.2 cm) long Center: 6" (15.2 cm) long ... read more
price:  On request
tibetan saddle top with fanstastic abrashed frambroise..
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