#2065 Tibet rug, brown background with single group pattern, Hui veins selvage. Wool warp and weft. Good age and quality quality. Size ... read more
price:  Sale
#2063 Tibet rug, orange background with double dragon and phoenix pattern, around beautiful peony and lucky clouds veins. Good age and quality. ... read more
price:  Sale
#2061 Tibet Wangden rug, rare green background with different group flower veins, 万 shape and colorful strip selvage. 165*90cm(64*35")
price:  Sale
#2060 Tibet Wangden rug, blue , green and red checker veins, good age and quality, size 56*56cm(22*22")
price:  Sale
charming and decorative pair of tibetan rugs, slightly different sizes, central tibet, ca. 1920, very good condition, no repairs, 138 x 75 ... read more
price:  por
#2059 Tibet rug, simple red color , 丁 hui veins selvage, complete one, tightly row knitting, wool warp and weft. Very good ... read more
price:  Sale
late 19th c tibetan khaden with terrific abrash in turkis blues and greens... top wool good condition with ab area of low ... read more
#2056 Tibet rug, blue background with colorful flower group pattern, around full of Buddha fingers , lucky cloud and flowers veins. Very ... read more
price:  Sale
#2055 Xinjiang Khotan rug, full of rhombic checker with colorful small flowers pattern, stereo veins very beautiful, it with very ... read more
price:  Sale
An old woven blanket for Woman from Tibet. Made in Stripes (10 pieces) needled together. Some repair, you can see on the fotos. ... read more
price:  200 Euro
#2052 Tibet saddle rug, orange background with a peony flower with lucky clouds around. The water beads spurted out from the sea ... read more
price:  Sale
#2049 Tibet horse saddle, moon blue background with group flowers pattern, around eight treasures of Buddha selvage. Good age and quality. Wool ... read more
price:  Sale
Here is a whimsical Tibetan Dragon sitting mat. Probably dating to the early 1900's or possibly earlier. The mat ... read more
price:  SOLD - Thanks
#2042 Tibet rug, white / brown and camel color checker veins with red selvage, good age and quality. Size 153*73cm(60*28")
price:  Sale
#2034 Tibet rug, dark blue background with peony flower and lucky cloud veins, colorful flowers selvage very beautiful. Good age and quality. ... read more
price:  $90 include shipping
zhz-888f, Tibet felt frock. Women lama wear,red and blue color with ball flower pattern. Tibetan Buddhist monks costumes to the red system,The ... read more
price:  Sale
extremly rare and early wool warps wide monastic bench cover fragment possibly 16th century gansu area thick weave heavy rug very nice ... read more
# 1805, Tibet felt frock. Women lama wear, good condition. size( 180x67cm), (70x26'')
price:  Sale
very beautiful early tibetan khaden , wonderfull natural palette, heavy weave , big knot, some foundation visible in the field (more visble ... read more
Stunning antique Tibetan Khaden depicting two dragons playing with the pearl of wisdom and two phoenixes. Late 19th century. Circa 156cm x
price:  please ask
Rare, Gansu Kilim 258 x 122 cm
price:  por
#2032 Tibet rug, camel background with single group flower veins, flower and plants selvage. Good age and quality. Size 63*62cm(25*24")
price:  Sale
#2031 Tibet rug, it is a lama pillow mat, orange background with one of Buddha eight lucky treasures pattern, double fishes veins. ... read more
price:  Sale
Very old silk textile from Tibet. Two Dragons, in the middle may be the holy mountain Kailash. It is extrem fine.
price:  on request
#2025 Tibet rug, red background with colorful ball pattern. Wool warp and weft,good age and quality. Size 88*55cm(34*21")
price:  Sale
Tibet Tibet wool fleece, s about 1850 years or so about 180 x160cm size, welcome advice, price concessions
Very old Buddhist silk fragment of a altar cover from Himalaya destination The figure Dorje/Vajra one of the most famous culture items ... read more
price:  Euro 150.-
Antique Tibetan Horce Cover Carpet Size.114x62cm
price:  Por
Tibet ali area carpet, size 140x85cm, about 1900 years, welcome to consult.
Antique Tibet box.
price:  sold - thank you
Antique Tibetan Rugs.
price:  PLS ASK
lovely tibetan sitting rug, central tibet, ca. 1920, 72 x 67 cm, framed with the traditional broadcloth, three little local restoration as ... read more
price:  por
Tapis dragon Mongol XIXème , 345cmX315cm.
price:  please ask about.
Late 19th c Tibetan tea bowl, called 'Jha-phor' or 'par-pa, with accompanying cloth and wicker carrying case. The wood ... read more
price:  SOLD THANK U
Antique Tibetan Leather Flint Case and Fire Striker. 18th - 19th c. Beautiful and primitive. The leather is ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Antique Tibetan Shaman's 'Melong'(ritual mirror); silver; 19th c. or older; a shamanic device for 'seeing' into the future; ... read more
price:  SOLD THANK U
Fabulous early Wangden fragment.
price:  SOLD Thanks.
Antique Tibetan document stamps; metal; 19th c; 2" to 1 1/2"h. Acquired in Dharamsala, n India some ... read more
price:  SOLD THANK U
Monguor 'of Mongolian Uyghur descent' Mongolian Chinese flatweave.
very early warp faced back lama seat with rare design and colors.. top tibetan collector piece..
Tibetan vintage a beautifull talismanic design silver box for good-luck Fine condition ! Size - Lenght : 12 cm - Circumference : ... read more
price:  O.R
Dung rake, Bhutan. 21" (53.4) high. Early to mid 20th century Instead of the usual three prongs, this rake is blessed with four.
price:  On request
Checkerboard Khaden Sleeping Carpet Cotton foundation. Tibet Circa 1930 32x67
price:  POR
Early Tibetan polychrome monastery strip fragment.
price:  Ask
Tibetan ?doorway/?decorative rug for High Lama's room, ?Potala Palace Reduced at bottom, about 4 by 6 ft, c.1930, moth tracks
price:  POR
Early Tibetan saddle rug, aubergine ground and amazing Tang style medallions.
Decorative sleeping carpet with Chinese brocade motif. early 20th century Tibet
price:  POR
Early and rare Wangden seating square with Yak dzeepa back 75 cm x 75 cm. it's the only known example with ... read more
Monguor 'of Mongolian Uyghur descent' Mongolian Chinese flatweave.
price:  £1250
Tibetan wangden monastic meditation seating square with a Five swastika design. This is a rare and early piece.
19th Century Mongolian Chinese or Korean flatweave.It Has Perfecet Colors And It Don't Have Any Condition Problem.Size 155 x 225 Cm.
price:  On Request
18th Century Thangka Depicting Shakyamuni Buddha, a stunning Tibetan thangka with Shakyamuni Buddha seated atop a lotus throne with hands in bhumisparsa ... read more
price:  POR
Tibet carpet, around 1850, the size of 123x62cm, all wool, welcome to consult!
Tibetan mat with four gaily colored bats and a central lotus on an unusual and attractive green ground c.1920-30
price:  POR
Tibetan sitting mat with phoenix in central rondel,fowers and wave border, about 2 by 2 ft, c.1930
price:  POR
Tibetan khaden, sleeping and sitting rug, about 3 by 5 ft, circa.1900-1920, excellent condition, $500
price:  $500
Tibetan Dragon Rug 88x150 cm / 2'9'' x 5'0''
price:  On Request
Antique Tibetan Chair Cover 2' x 2'
price:  POR
Tibetan Pangden Apron Very fine old wool pangden cloth- all hand spun wool and natural dyes. This piece is an exceptionally large piece ... read more
price:  $180.USD
This piece came from Tibet through Nepal. i believe it is some type of animal trapping. i would appreciate any ... read more
price:  n/a
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