Have you ever seen a Tibetan Art Déco rug? Here's one! Absolutely Tibetan, truly Art Déco. Incredible, isn't it? Khagangma size (circa ... read more
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According to the expert Drs. Koos De Jong, tsuk-druk saddle rugs are extremely rare Tibetan carpets to get. Here's a good old ... read more
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Tibetan mat, organized to copy Chinese silk design. Gelupga order colors. Expert two row repair at top, some fraying of lower selvedge. ... read more
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Tibetan, small mat, 18 by 35 inches, possibly for table top use.Sewn on border covers about 1 inch of outer edge. After
price:  SOLD
Tibetan sitting mat with eccentric double dorjee, 30 by 30 inches.Village weaving, probably before 1900.
price:  SOLD
all about clouds. an early 20th century tibetan popart rug with an abrashed green sky background. damage but a funny unique piece; ... read more
an interesting tibetan rag rug made of recycled tibetan wool weave pieces. if the maroccan boucherouite rugs are now quite famous , ... read more
Mid 19th century Tibetan rug, 48" by 27", all vegetal colours, in clean original condition
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by many points is this old tibetan stripe-weaving textile a rarity: it is around 400x180cm (it was possibly a tent divider) it has fantastic ... read more
September Sale : Beautiful old Tibetan long pile rug ! With big knots ! Lovely Wool and natural Abrash makes it Abstract . The ... read more
price:  300 euro+shipping.
this is a very beautiful early tibetan monastic bench cover warp-faced-back rug with uncommon single row of large squares. it is in ... read more
Tibetan,"Sapden"84×63 Inches
price:  por
Small sitting carpet with great colour. The slightly crowded field is nicely complimented by the a light indigo Barley grain inner border. ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan khaden, fresh to market. Good, chunky pile. Abrashed yellow ground with multicolored frog's feet. Some repair. Most likely before 1900.
price:  POR
Tibetan mat, village improvisation before 1900, or earlier. Strong abrash.
price:  SOLD
Tibetan mat with primitive tiger stripes. Before 1900. Some repairs. por
price:  SOLD
Tibet, very fine early 20th century, size 30×21 inches.
price:  por
Very Elegant and Rare Tibetan pile rug with cloud-bands. Circa : 19th or before !
price:  SOLD.
September sale : very nice and old Tibetan rug ! with good colors as old orange.
price:  370 euros.
Rare antique Tibetan throne back cover, early 20th century, in pristine condition with original brocade back. Approximately 15 colors. Definitely ... read more
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Very rare and important fragmentary ancient early Gansu animal trapping!
price:  SOLD
Tibetan, khagangma 28.5×29 inches. Perfect condition, no repair !
price:  por
Ceremonial saddle , Tibet, brocade Size = 29×46 inches.
price:  por
#9066 Tibet butterfly saddle. Peony flower with dragon selvage , good age and quality. size 105*64cm(41*25'')
price:  sale
Early piece, no restore ! Tibet 33×23 inches.
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Wangden,Tibet, complete Token 13 ft by 2.3 very good condition!
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Khaden, Tibet 1920s
price:  por
tibetan saddle cover cm 128x55. very good condition.
price:  p.o.r
Early Tibetan polychrome monastery strip fragment. Probably 17th.Century
price:  £3600
Early Wangden meditation square 108 x 119 cm. This is a wild and funky square with a deep shaggy edge probably 18th ... read more
price:  £3,500
a Tent Band from Bhutan. Red dyed wool twill weave, tie dyed with black to form red circles with cross patterns. Alternating ... read more
price:  SOLD
Tibet Wangden Square - Late 18th to Early 19th Century. Very good condition with great colors. Heavy and dense. Priced to ... read more
price:  SOLD - Thank You
Tibetan cm. 144x67.
price:  please ask
Tibet,158x77. good condition.
price:  please ask
Chinese or Tibetan, cm 143x67. low pile with a big portion resotred. Anyway lovely piece.
price:  P.O.R
a powerful tibetan saddle rug.
an early 20th century tibetan khaden with a rare and beautiful 17th century clouds design. the orange abrash background is a sythetic ... read more
Very beautiful Tibetan lotus design fragmented Khaden. 170 x 86 cm.
Tibetan rug/mat Size cm.57*60 p.cat
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Old tibetan rug Size cm. 125*70 P.cat
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fragment of a rare tibetan saddle rug. it is late 19th century but all colors are natural. the main color is a ... read more
early 20th century tibetan meditation mats with an uncommon sky blue allover flamming pearl field.
Old tibetan rug Size cm. 130*70 P.cat
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Tibetan tsuk truk sleeping rug made on trikja loom just as the pangden apron in image 2 and the storage bag in image 3. Natural ... read more
price:  1500us
small tibetan mat with a dynamic design made of four edentate dragons. it has been apparently used as saddle top , as ... read more
beautiful early tibetan monastic bench cover fragment with floating guls on an empty brown space. lovely patinated old colors, the black color ... read more
Tibetan notched saddle with wangden construction. No repairs. Glossy patina. Clearly pre-1900, and possibly much earlier. There ... read more
price:  POR
antique tibetan split ply textile (not woven on a loom, so it is weftless). these textiles are not really uncommon but it ... read more
This evocative Tibetan khaden, or sleeping rug, draws large stylized peonies inspired by Chinese textile design of the Ming and Ching dynasties ... read more
price:  $8500
'Wangden Style' An Exhibition of Early Tibetan Wangden Single-Level Knotted Rugs* Sam Coad's exhibit consists of 13 early monastic khagangma meditation squares ... read more
'Wangden Style' An exhibition of early Tibetan Wangden Single-level Knotted rugs* Some of the most beautiful and significant items are still available. *Single-level ... read more
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an antique tibetan khaden in superb condition. multicolored lotus flower on a fantastic red background color, beautiful red green border, superb wool ... read more
'Wangden Style' an exhibition of a group of early Tibetan so called Wangden rugs* will run from - June 6th (Opening 3pm ... read more
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No.A0046 * Tibetan Wangden Mat-Rugs.Size: 93x94cm(37"x37").wool/wool Origin: Tibet Shape: Square .
This is a striking example of an orange Tibetan ‘khaden’ rug depicting two dragons playing with the wish-fulfilling pearl. a khaden is ... read more
price:  On request
Tibetan woma's waist, 19thcentury
price:  220 Euro
Tibetan saddle cover, cm 81x52. Perfect condition great green!
price:  SOLD!;)
tibet cm 72x56 mint condition.
price:  please ask
Wangden, Tibet, cm 88x76. 1900.All Wool. as you can see in the pictures. Please don't ask more photos.
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Tibetan Rug Size: 89x176cm (3.0x5.9ft) made in circa 1910/20, full pile.
price:  SOLD
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