'Wangden Style' An exhibition of early Tibetan Wangden Single-level Knotted rugs* Some of the most beautiful and significant items are still available. *Single-level ... read more
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an antique tibetan khaden in superb condition. multicolored lotus flower on a fantastic red background color, beautiful red green border, superb wool ... read more
'Wangden Style' an exhibition of a group of early Tibetan so called Wangden rugs* will run from - June 6th (Opening 3pm ... read more
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No.A0046 * Tibetan Wangden Mat-Rugs.Size: 93x94cm(37"x37").wool/wool Origin: Tibet Shape: Square .
Tibetan, early 20th c. 145x78 cm. (lined).
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This is a striking example of an orange Tibetan ‘khaden’ rug depicting two dragons playing with the wish-fulfilling pearl. a khaden is ... read more
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Tibetan woma's waist, 19thcentury
price:  220 Euro
Tibetan saddle cover, cm 81x52. Perfect condition great green!
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tibet cm 72x56 mint condition.
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Wangden, Tibet, cm 88x76. 1900.All Wool. as you can see in the pictures. Please don't ask more photos.
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Tibetan Rug Size: 89x176cm (3.0x5.9ft) made in circa 1910/20, full pile.
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Old silver Tibet beautiful armlet. Size: 6 x 3,5 cm. Original.
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Tibetan saddle cover, 1870 ca. very good condition. Just slightly worn in a little part of the round medallion and to stop ... read more
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Antique Tibetan citipati mask, " Lord of the Funeral Pyre" , wood and pigments, good patina, ancient echoes.1ft x 9ins.
a Pair of Mongolian Etuis for the Plaits (sirbegel) Mongolia, 19/20th century 11x113cm Cloth, metal, buttons b+ee Please have a look at my website link for more ... read more
Antique Tibetan rug 2 ft 11 inches x 4 ft 9 inches worldwide shipping $45
price:  $490
Tibet . 1920 Price por
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Here's a small, honest Tibetan khaden: nice tobacco color with good abrash, circa 119 x 67 cm, no repairs. An asymmetric benevolent ... read more
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Wood mask, Nepal/Tibet. 8” high by 6.5” wide (20 by 16 cm) plus base. Late 19th century
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tibetan black brown abrashed saddle top. thick knot, super soft pile with yack hair warps. nice patinated back. complete with original selvedge ... read more
Antique Tibetan meditation rug wool on wool size : 2 ft x 2 ft Approx. worldwide shipping
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Woman Tibet felt frock. Women lama wear, good condition. size( 180x67cm), (70x26'')
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Early 19th C.Gamdrum Tibetan bedsize carpet or more accurately 3rd quarter of the 19thC.Tibetans attribute these large knotted rugs to Kampa Dzong ... read more
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beautiful tibetan rug with intense natural colors , well patinated like an old oil painting. complete all around but with an old ... read more
Tibetan Saddle Blanket, c.1920-30. Perfect condition. Nick Wright, East of the Bosphorus
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"Khaden", Tibet, late 19th C./circa 1900
beautiful khaden with dragon and phoenix. early 20th century. 3ft by 6ft.
price:  SOLD
Door Cover, Tibet, 19th c., 5'5" x 5'6"
Natural Yak Hair Animal Band, Tibet
Tibetan double dragon carpet. Early 20th century. size 158cm * 86cm(62 inch* 34 inch)
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early 20th century Tibetan carpet. size 82.5cm * 55cm.(SOLD)
price:  ask(SOLD)
late 19th -early 20th century. Tibetan khadan (sold)
price:  por(SOLD)
tibetan knot: early colors from the plateau..
Tibetan skirt, tigma, 85 x 85 cm
price:  300 € + shipping
b--- Tibet rug, simple yellow and red lattice pattern.good age, size 115x63cm( 45x25'')
price:  sale
9693# Tibetan rug, camel background with bright and beautiful flower pattern, good age. size 136x77cm (53x30'')
price:  sale
6482# Tibet Lama pillow cushion. Green background with pair of fishes and colorful cloud ,very nice patter, good age. size 66x40cm( 26x16'')
price:  sale
Two Tibetan yak wool tie & dye shawls from Southern Tibet and/or Zanskar. Yak wool, natural colors, approx age is early 20th ... read more
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9740# Tibet rug, camel background with Chinese " wide goose flying south" pattern. good age. Size 155x83cm(60x32'')
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4730# Tibet rug, Camel background with three group flower pattern, Chinese eight treasure selvage. good age. size 140x74cm(55x29'')
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118# Tibet rug, Blue background with single group flower pattern, good age. size 110x70cm(43x27'')
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Small old graphic Tibetan
price:  Om request
tibetan knot! News from the plateau: 1000 years of Aesthetic still available... still..
Tibetan Lower Saddle Rug; 51”x24” Chinese silk brocade medallion design. Overall condition good with wear on felt border.
price:  Sold
18th Century Tibet Door size: 68" x 48"
Tibetan Under Saddle Rug 49"x26.5". More desirable oval shape with some signs of use. 1930s with cotton warps and wefts. ... read more
price:  Sold
High ranking Tibetan young Childs dress boots. Made of silk appliqué and embroidered fabric, they measure just 5" long in the sole ... read more
price:  SOLD
9720# Tibet rug, Lama red background with five group Chinese "shou" pattern, very tightly row knitting, wool warp and weft. Big square ... read more
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Tibet, circa cm 80 x 65
price:  please ask
old Tibet saddle rug, cm 1,10 x 0.060
9228# Tibet rug,very nice color flower pattern,rare cloud branch selvage. good quanlity and age. size163x84cm(64x33'')
price:  sale
9708# Tibet rug, lively dragon pattern with Chinese eight treasures selvage.good condition.size 65x58cm(25x23'')
price:  $145 including shipping
9715# Tibet rug, camel color group flower pattern with "万" selvage. good condition, size 65x54cm(25x21'')
price:  $145 including shipping
9709# Tibet square rug, rare green background with one group flower pattern, good quality and age. size 63x50cm(25x20'')
price:  $145 including shipping
antique tibetan rug cm 160 x 086 circa 1900
antique Tibetan saddle rug cm 110 x 062 circa 1900
Tibetan saddle rug 1.12 x 0.58 circa 1900
link This second half 19th century Gansu measures 4’4” x 6’0”. It has a mocha field and major border which is very ... read more
price:  $4500.00
Indigo Khaden. Tibetan copy of Chinese Baotoa carpet. Circa 1900. Beautifully drawn with mosquito/bats in the corners. Brilliant use of indigo dye. 32x59
price:  POR
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