Indonesia / Southeast Asia

Fine Silk Lawon . Sumatra C.1900 Original gold thread fringes on both ends
price:  SOLD
Skirt cloth (kain panjang). Indonesia, Java, Solo/Surakarta. Intricately drawn -batik tulis, worn as a skirt cloth on formal occasions. Produced in Solo, ... read more
Kain Kaligrafi – Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. 20th century batik cloth with stylized calligraphy. The cloth is in the size of a panjang ... read more
Skirt cloth (kain panjang). Indonesia, Java, Pekalongan and Yogyakarta (dua negri). Hand drawn, batik tulis worn draped around the waist. This ... read more
Borneo, Sarawak baby carrier. Wood with deeo relief carving. Eyes inlayed with rd heart trade beads. circa 1920
price:  US$2200
Borneo, Dayak, Mandau head hunter sword. Deer horn handle with wood carved scabbarb and animal horn fob. Very good condition ... read more
price:  uS$1750
Borneo - Dayak, Ibani Ratton sleeping mat. Upper Rajang River, Sarawak island.
price:  US$500
Child's Tiger Hat China, Miao People 20th Century
price:  POR
Shaman's Head Cover, Java, wax resist batik, 19th c
price:  SOLD
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