1870/80 Turkoman Coual Size: 143x95cm (4.8x3.2ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
Rare finely woven Saryk Jollar fragment of the 18th. century, pashmina wool, good pile, crimson and blue silk highlights, symmetric knotting, 40" x 13"[101 ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
yomud turkoman hatchli / engsi 1870 to 1890 turkestan 1.7m x 1.4m (5ft 7 inches x 4ft 7 inches) Fabulous wool. Gorgeous dyes. Contact us ... read more
price:  AU$4950
Beshir / Amu Darya complete bag with an ikat derived design. Great condition. 3'7" x 1'11".
price:  POR
Tekke wedding in square size 1920 Size : 140 x 140
price:  Sold thanks
Turkmen Sarik Chuval
price:  On Request
Late 19th century Yomud engsi, in great condition, full pile, good colours. 70" by 56"
price:  Please ask
Ersari main carpet size:171x115-cm Please ask
price:  ask
1880 Turkoman Penjerelik fragment Size: 113x40cm (3.8x1.3ft) Natural colors
price:  €135
a mid-19th century Ersari main carpet, rather worn in one half of the field. Good early colours and border design.
price:  inexpensive
a colorful Turkmen Aksu torba? Indeed so! This early eastern Turkmen torba fragment has great scale and precisely rendered drawing illustrated with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ersari Torba, 127 x 71 cm, late 19th
ersari juval/ 19c perfect tomato red, whitecotton, great spacing, good pile, chopped sides .
price:  $1900
central asian ensi @ 4 x5 19c goathair warps,kirgiz/uzbek? even low to worn
price:  $700
18th Century Super Tekke Fragment Size: 36x58cm (1.2x1.9ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
Yomud Asmalyk 19th century.
price:  Sold
Turkmen - Yomud Original size tent band for yurt securing. All wool, a few tiny worn out places on the edges. can ... read more
price:  O.R.
An Antique Saryk Fragment 19th century 122 x 98 cm
price:  Sold
Early Abdal Chuval, 19th. century, note the rare unusual border design, natural colors including an intense aubergine.
price:  ON REQUEST
antique yomud chuval with an unusually nice light blue. Overall pretty good condition. "as found", very very dirty with mostly decent pile, ... read more
price:  sold
Antique yomut turkmen spindle bag with plain weave back.size 51x23cm
price:  Please inquire
Turkmen,Tekke camel cover,size 175x155cm
price:  Please inquire
antique turkoman chuval. Older fragment, possibly kizil. "as found", very dirty with some low pile as shown. Has beautiful color under the ... read more
price:  sold
Early Tekke main carpet, c 1800, or before.
price:  sold
Ersari Prayer rug 19th century. 147 x 83 cm
price:  Sold, Thanks
early yomud main carpet with interesting secondaries and very beautiful colors. complete with very nice elems. there is damages and repiling in ... read more
Tekke Chuval with small guls,extra fine weave,good colors,As found,nice design and good age.Size 5'1"*3'2".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 350.
Rare large Beshir Jollar with Persian design, 19th. century, excellent condition
price:  ON REQUEST
Asmalyk 71x126cm
price:  On request
Rare and early Ersari chuval; first half 19c.
price:  SOLD
Tekke Turkmen Silk Embroidered Child's Bib. Late 19th c.
price:  On Request
a beautiful antique Youmud / Yomut tribe Turkoman / Turkmen piled spindle bag. Dating to the 19th century, this rare piece of ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beshir main carpet From 1880 - 1890 520 cm * 250 cm Generally good condition but 2 minor holes and approx. 30 cm * ... read more
price:  sold
Ersari / Kizil Ayak bag face From 19th century Size: 140 cm * 80 cm Low pile and some repaired spots Good blue colors
price:  offer 190 eur + shipping
Antique Türkmen Yomud Kepsegol Main Carpet All overs Perfect And Natural Colors. SİZE:295X213
price:  ASK
tekke bag size 34x90cm
price:  por
Antique embroidered Turkmen (Koran?) bag,size 47x38
price:  Please inquire
Ersari fragment, 180 x 51 cm, mid 19th
price:  120 € incl. shipping
Yomud main carpet From approx. 1880 Size approx. 200 cm * 300cm. Generally good condition but has two small easily repairable holes. ... read more
price:  sold
Turkmenian Tekke main carpet From: 1850-1880 Size: 220 cm * 320 cm Dark main color and round göls (it's a character that tells the ... read more
price:  POR
Beshir Trapping or Jalor with very nice design and great natural colors,fine weave,and good age.As found all original without any repair or ... read more
price:  US$ 150.
Antique turkmen saddle. Size 66 x 50 cm. Interesting piece. Sides damaged.
price:  please ask
Turkmen Yomud Asmalyk
price:  On Request
Large chodor hat. Excellent condition. Late 19th c.
price:  On Request
Very Fine Ersari or some other sort of Eastern Turkmen rug, lots of silk and a great vibrant madder red reminiscent of ... read more
price:  SOLD
ref: s268 /Boukhara Turkmen Antique Rug , perfect condition , size 1.25x1.05 cm , 4'1"x3'5"
price:  1750 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
ref: s2275 /boukhara Khatchlou Antique Prayer Turkmen ,perfgect condition , size 1.50x1.00 cm , 4'11"x3'3"
price:  1250 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
ref: s286 /Boukhara Yamout Turkmen ,perfect condition ,size 1.40x1.05 , 4'7"x3'5"
price:  2500 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
a 19th Century Beshir Torba Size 98.5 x 41 cm A naively drawn mid to late 19th century Beshir Torba in fair to ... read more
price:  no longer available
Detail of the elem from a Yomut Turkmen chuval, depicting a selement (upper "branches" of the tree) that appear to also include ... read more
turkoman yamut chuval size: 74 x 104 cm
price:  Sold Thank you
Turkmen Chodor Kap 64 x 37 cm
price:  On Request
Turkoman old ethnic purse Collectibles purse Size : 12 cm x 8 cm FAST worldwide shipping by fedex almost within 3 to 5 working ... read more
price:  Sold
Yomud Turkmen Torba, complete with plain kilim back - 32" x 15" - 81 x 38 cm. - not including tassels.
price:  on request
Antique Türkmen Yomut Okluk perfect and very nice. size:64x56
price:  ASK
lovely Tekke ensi size 146 x 120 cm. Many interesting and early features including amulets and a great elem. Very grubby will ... read more
Antique Beshir, 195 x 105 cm, several stepmarks and fissures. original condition
Turkmen torba, clean, worn, old, good color, (barely)remnant edge finishes and kilim. Very small hole, a few wefts and a warp or ... read more
price:  cheap (+ drayage)
Tekke Trapping with all good colors and fine weave,all original,Very nice wool.Size 2'9"*1'2".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
Pretty small Ersari Rug so called Ikat design ! it is just a Turkmen Tribal Art. Size : 104x83 Circa : End 19Th.
price:  SOLD .
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