Gustave Tasch

  • Sempre i gialli! Sorry, having to bore you to death with another small piece with stupendous colours. Bijar,ca.1860 , using the pattern of ... read more
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  • per gli estimati collezionisti italiani: un sacco degli tribu Quashgai, trame in seta,eta ca.ottocentosessanta forse il meglio di questo tipo un sacco di este tipo ... read more
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  • Silk wefted, probably best of type ,Quashgai bagface,with preserved,now opened back, Velvety,ca 1860-70
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  • Shahsevan mafrash panel. colour palette (10), indicate it to come from an earlier period. 19th.cent. Very floppy and smooth to the touch.
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  • rare like a bird of Paradise,this is a truly golden yellow Silk wefted Quashgai weaving. 19th.cent.
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  • If you are bored to death by seeing another one of those legions of blue ground Quashgai bagfaces, maybe this 19th.cent.Silk weft ... read more
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  • Extremely fine,silkwefted,ca.500 kpsi Quashgai saddle cover. Mughal inspired floral centre, ca.mid 19th.cent.Definitely a non commercial weaving.
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