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  • Antique Persian Sarouk rug c.1920. Size: 2'1 x 3'11. Lovely colors with a beautiful blue jeans background, fine weave, perfect condition. Please ... read more
    price:  $975

  • Antique Turkish Sivas prayer rug c1910-20. Very elegant and fine. Excellent condition with very low pile. Perfectly restored ends and selvedges. Size: ... read more
    price:  $1800

  • Gorgeous camel wool Afshar rug c1900. Superb natural dyes with sparkling greens. Excellent overall original condition with low to very low pile. ... read more
    price:  $1450

  • Beautiful Persian Heriz c.1920 with superb dyes and a sparkling composition. Size: 7'0 x 10'8. Excellent condition and ready to enjoy! Please ... read more
    price:  SOLD thank you

  • Antique east Anatolian Yörük rug circa 3rd quarter of 19th century. Old and beautiful with a lively composition and exceptional dyes. Size ... read more
    price:  $1850

  • Exceptional large South Caucasian Karabagh rug. Size: 7'5x12'6 (228x381cm). Dated 1298 (1880-1881). Excellent condition with very minor restoration. Top notch example. Please ... read more

  • Antique Yomud Turkmen ensi rug. Late 19th century. Nice all natural dyes. Size: 3'8"x5'0" Good condition with low pile and small areas ... read more
    price:  $800 + shipping

  • Antique Northwest Persian rug. Size: 4'3"x6'2". Good condition and all original. Natural and aniline dyes. Unwashed in photos, but will be washed ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Caucasian rug. Size 5'4"x6'10". Distressed, but very attractive. Please ask for more photos or information.
    price:  $1400 + shipping

  • Pictorial Kashan with a beautiful view of the magnificent Mount Davamand in Iran. Size: 3'4"x2'6". Perfect condition. Very fine weave and good ... read more
    price:  $450 + shipping

  • Rare antique Agra rug. Distressed condition. Background is a beautiful dusty rose. Detail colors include gold, deep maroon, butter yellow, and cream. Size: ... read more
    price:  $3600

  • Antique Persian Bidjar Halwai quality with a unique design, top dyes and wool, and excellent condition. Size: 4'8" x 6'10". Age: 1900-1910. ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Bakhtiari rug with exceptional colors. Size: 4'5" x 6'0". Excellent condition with medium to low fleecy pile. Clean and ready to ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Spectacular antique Senneh. Size: 4'5" x 6'6". Perfect original mint condition. Superb all natural dyes. The use of subtle color variation is ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Kerman Kirman fine pictorial panel rug. 19th century. Size 2'1" x 2'9". Immaculate condition. Excellent dyes. More photos and information on ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Persian Bidjar rug. Wool foundation with soft glossy Kurdish wool pile. All the colors are from natural dyes and the yellow, ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Fine antique Persian Afshar rug c.1900 Rare open field cane design. All natural dyes. Size: 4'2" x 6'3". Complete condition with low ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Senneh rug with a crisp classic design and the most saturated dyes you could ask for. Size: 4'6" x 6'5". Good ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Fine antique Bidjar. Size:4'6" x 7'0". Superb dyes, fine glossy wool, excellent full pile condition with one small area slightly low. Please ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Indo-Persian Kerman rug. Size 10'6" x 14'6". Exceptional design and beautiful colors. Ready to use condition with nice soft pile over ... read more
    price:  SOLD Thanks!

  • Antique Tabriz c.1910 of the Haji Jalili milieu. Size: 9'7" x 12'3". Transcendent elegance. Good condition and floor ready. Does have some ... read more
    price:  SOLD thanks!

  • Antique Heriz Serapi with a very special ivory medallion. 1910 or earlier. Size 12ft x 16ft. Remarkable color and powerful drawing. Supple ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique nw Persian runner dated 1332 (1914). Size: 3'3" x 11'8". Long fleecy wool pile, rich natural dyes plus a bit of ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Top notch Enjilas or Tajabad village rug circa 1930. Size: 4'4" x 7'3". Vibrant all natural dyes and rich sparkling wool. Mint ... read more
    price:  $1600

  • Antique Kerman Kermanshah rug circa late 19th century. Size: 9'5" x 13'7". Beautiful colors typical of this type with cochineal, pale yellow, ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Small superb quality Heriz rug circa 1930. Size: 5'0" x 6'2". Clear jewel colors, soft glossy wool, fine weave, and a supple ... read more
    price:  $1800

  • Exceptional late 19th c. antique Serapi rug. Size: 9'7" x 13'7". Superb natural dyes, glossy wool, and fine weave. Good condition with ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Heriz Serapi circa late 19th century. Sublime light color palette and grand scale. Size: 10ft x 14ft9in. Excellent condition with even ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Karaman fragment mid 19th century. Size: 3'8" x 3'3". Thick pile, good colors. More photos and information on asking.
    price:  $550

  • Anatolian Kurd rug fragment. Size is 4'8" x 5'4". All natural dyes. Homemade stabilization of holes, tattered edges, and wear. Questions welcome.
    price:  please ask

  • Afshar Chanteh size: 18" x 14". Would make an attractive satchel with a nice leather strap sewn on.
    price:  $100

  • Playful one of a kind Northwest Persian Kurdish village runner c1930. Size: 3'4" x 18'4". Long soft fleecy wool and gorgeous natural ... read more
    price:  $3600

  • Antique Bakshaish or Heriz bag front or small mat. Size 19" x 20" (48 x 51cm). All natural dyes. Full pile with ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Sarouk or Kashan. Size: 2'6 x 4'9. Very fine weave with very soft supple handle. Silky pile over the whole surface ... read more
    price:  $925

  • Very fine top quality antique Persian Kashan circa 1920s. Size is 10'2 x 13'6. Superb colors. Excellent condition with minimal traces of ... read more
    price:  $6500

  • Gorgeous Antique Bakshaish runner. Top quality in excellent full lustrous pile condition. Size: 3'0 x 13'5. Rare olive green ground. All dyes ... read more
    price:  $3950

  • All wool Bidjar runner circa 1900-1910. Size: 3'8 x 18'5. Beautiful natural dyes. Good pile over 90% of the rug. Use as ... read more
    price:  $2800

  • Genuine Woven Legends® Caucasian Dragon Rug "fragment". Pre-owned, but in excellent original condition. Size: 4'2 x 5'4. Wool on wool with natural ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Gold ground Kurdish rug with great graphics. Size is 4'1 x 6'7. Glossy wool, plush pile, natural dyes except one pink accenting ... read more
    price:  SOLD thanks!

  • Antique turreted gul Tekke rug. Vibrant all natural dyes. Excellent pile. Size is 4'2 x 6'6. Fine weave, face like velvet, leathery ... read more
    price:  SOLD thanks!

  • Lesghi star soumak. 4'11" x 9'10". First third 20th century. Some old repair and a few lower areas, but very attractive and ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Superb 1930s Jozan Sarouk in lush full pile. Sublime colors throughout. Size is 4’5” x 6’10”. Soft, dense wool pile with original ... read more
    price:  SOLD thank you!

  • Wild and woolly south east Anatolian Kurdish rug from around 1890. Gaziantep or Malatya origin. Bright all natural dyes. Long (1.5cm+) ultra ... read more
    price:  $2700

  • Antique Gendje or Karabagh rug with a rare design. Beautiful balance of border, field, and color. Size is 3’3” x 8’8”. Great ... read more
    price:  $2800

  • Antique Aleppo Gaziantep kilim circa 1850-1870. Amazing old colors (all natural) with that light and bright clear palette that later pieces lack. ... read more
    price:  $2100

  • Harshang or blossom design Malayer circa 1920-1930. Excellent original antique condition. Size: 4'3" x 6'8". More photos and information on asking.
    price:  $899

  • Antique Caucasian Kuba carnation rug with sky blue ground. 100% natural dyes. Very good condition with even low pile. Scattered dabs of ... read more
    price:  SOLD thanks!

  • Bergama large pattern Holbein rug fragment. 19th century. Excellent natural dyes. Wear, holes, missing borders, etc... 4ft10 x 6ft2 (148 x 188cm) ... read more
    price:  $875