Based on the Central Coast of NSW Australia, Specializing and Passionate about Restoration /Conservation on Antique/Old Rugs and Kilims. (repairing the hotels restaurant rugs) on the roof of my fav hotel in Sultanahmet Istanbul, at present I am sitting in the breakfast room looking at the carpets I repaired here 10 years ago, still looking good

  • Soumak double saddle bag, very good condition, lovely colours. Actually beautiful condition of the bagface itself, no holes, no repairs, no moth damage ... read more
    price:  450 AUD

  • Beautiful sweet Malatya prayer rug for the collector, Circ late 1800's Beautiful old piece made with love, and in excellent ... read more

  • Beautiful and in excellent condition, price in aud plus postage extra
    price:  400

  • small Chanteh bag for sale in aud plus postage.
    price:  80.00

  • Turkish Kurdish Tassels, used in Wedding ceremonies 100yrs old. Indigo and purple with amulets still attached. Collectable.
    price:  $400 aud

  • Turkish Tassels 118cm long. Beautiful and excellent condition Amulets still attached. colors still vibrant old. reduced today 12/12/17 (urn not for sale)
    price:  $300 AUD

  • Metal Amulet (Persian) with original coins, light enough to be worn around the neck, a striking old piece.
    price:  200 AUD

  • Turkman hats, 19th century excellent Condition. ALL sold now.
    price:  $50AUD each

  • chanteh bag 7" x 6" 'cute and tiny' nice warm colors. photos of front, back, Inside. a Sweet little piece.
    price:  200 aud

  • ottoman coat 'old' rich red with indigo velvet cuffs. old fabric detailed inner pocket. motive and edging embroidery detail all in tact. a few minor ... read more
    price:  100 AUD

  • Turkish Amulet with secret prayer holder, heavy Silver, beautifully fully etched with Turkish Ottoman writing both sides, found in Turkey. Length 2 inches ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Turkish Tulu, 100 years old. 2.8mt x 1.4mt. Excellent condition for its age. Beautiful Abrash greens. 3 old unnoticeable repairs, a stunner ready for hanging in ... read more
    price:  300

  • Incense Burner Turkey circa Late 19th cent...'Amazing piece' 1 small soldering repair on foot, beautifully detailed filigree work. been in the one ... read more
    price:  no longer for sale.

  • item (SOLD)....Oil on Canvas, of old Istanbul with the Bosphorus in the background. Shades of misty blues and olive greens. Rugs hanging over the ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Persian Kurdish,(Shadlu Kurdish Khorasan 1930-40) Excellent condition with still thick floppy pile, Beautiful colors, Natural dyes with rich madder field, wool on ... read more
    price:  sold