David Alexander

My original non business interest in unique carpets, rugs and textiles came from my grandfather who was a private collector. Since inheriting his original collection a few years ago, i have purchased some of my own, and from time to time sell items to fund others that i discover on my travels between the Middle East and Europe. I hope that you enjoy those that i decide to post and look forward to hearing from you if interested. As i do travel frequently, please feel free to ask me to look out for something in particular that you're interested in and i'd be happy to get in touch if i find it for you.

  • Very rare square size (1.37 x 1.40) 19th Century Turkmen Tekke Rug with very fine weave, marvelous colors and original condition with ... read more
    price:  Best Offer

  • Circa 1880 Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug with nice dimensions 1.20 x 1.65 and great colors. Some edges (about 2% of the rug) ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Late 19th Century Turkish Yoruk Full Pile Rug that truly reflects it’s wonderful colors. Not completely perpendicular and a great example of ... read more
    price:  Best Offer