• 19th Century Chippewa or Ojibwe Great Lakes bandolier bag. Beautiful example in great condition with some rows of missing pearls here and ... read more
    price:  2000 Euros obo

  • Outstanding 19th century Hamadan Malayer mother-and-child boteh rug (195x116 cm). Great colors including aubergine, and complete all around. Just wash and use ... read more
    price:  2000 Euros

  • Very rare and possibly unique, small (170 x 80 cm), preconfedeartion khamseh with a lot of camel hair in the pile, woven ... read more
    price:  4000 USD OBO

  • Absolutely fantastic small khamseh rug with unusual iconography and perfect in execution. This is a small rug (103x150 cm) with outstanding colors ... read more
    price:  3500 USD