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The Armenian Rugs Society, a non-profit organization founded in Washington D.C. in 1980, is dedicated to the identification, preservation and dissemination of knowledge of Armenian rugs.

In pursuit of this mission, the Armenian Rugs Society has held symposiums and exhibitions in numerous venues including New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond, Memphis, Ft. Worth, Fresno, San Francisco, Boston, Worcester, Montreal, London and Geneva.

To support these efforts, we maintain a data bank of hand knotted oriental rugs, carpets, kilims, bags and trappings bearing inscriptions woven in the Armenian alphabet.

All who share an interest in these endeavors are warmly invited to join our membership. We would also encourage those among you who own hand woven rugs with Armenian inscriptions to contribute their photos to our data bank.



President John Megerian Vice President Joseph Bezdjian Secretary Karleen Hall Treasurer Lorraine Amirian Parker

Executive Board: Kevork Ghazarian, Garbis Bagdasarian, Joan Quinn, Loretta Boxdorfer, Stepan Isberian, Haig Klujian, Levon DerBedrossian, Hratch Kozibeyokian, Jonathan Varjabedian, Ara Simonian, Oscar Tateosian.

Advisory Board: Murray L.Eiland, Jr., John Sommer Harold Bedoukian, Bob Bruner, Lucy Der Manuelian,

Other Officers: Leon Alexander, Legal Adviser Nancy Kushigian, Historian Thea Sand, Membership