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carpets and textiles Based in the UK i travel and exhibit internationally. You can always call me on UK 07836283388

  • Very nice mid 19 c Shasavan sumac bag in great condition size 51 x 58 cm All wool natural dyes hand washed original ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Great early 19 c Yomud chuval with extra terrestrial elim ! Even wear great colour
    price:  Sold

  • Wonderful Yomud Kap mid 19 c in very good original condition with all wool construction and natural dyes. Size is 63 x ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Old Moroccan Ben Ourian carpet size 350 x 175 cm. Very decorative and in excellent condition contact for more all original great ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Classical Kirman fragment 16/17 c size 25 x 24 cm Some glue to back
    price:  Inexpensive

  • Lovely little classical fragment Khorassan 16/17 c size 42 x 9 cm great colour As you would expect
    price:  Inexpensive

  • Very nice antique Bakshaish runner ca 1880 size 410 x 102 cm. Natural dyes wool pile cotton foundation generally good condition bit of ... read more
    price:  $1250

  • lovely pair of Luri bags!

  • Two nice Kuba clothes of the older finer variety just in
    price:  Ask

  • Pegasus Sogdian flying horses 7/8 c belt fragment In uv resistant plexi frame cleaned and mounted to museum standards Plexi cracked at ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Lovely and rare antique Arabatchi trapping mid 19 c fine weave with cotton in the weft
    price:  Ask

  • Great antique sumac bag mid 19 c the nicest rendition of this design i have had All wool good colours original back ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Nice genuine antique Tibetan chequerboard rug early 20 c. Cute small size remnants of synthetic red borders to all four sides. Needs backing properly ... read more
    price:  Reasonable

  • Nice large piece of gillet Persienne good colour and no damages size 69 x 53 cm. Previous owner has thoughtfully stuck ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Very nice Yomud / Imreli chuval early 19 c Unusual top and bottom borders bat side borders Even wear no repairs lots of offset
    price:  Sold

  • Antique Ottoman turban cover ca 1870 ex Roderick Taylor collection published in his book Ottoman embroideries page 96 Size is 94 x ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Antique composite Ottoman embroidery with Balkan Bulgarian and unusually Armenian marash fragments. Ex Roderick Taylor collection size 59 x 58 cm. ... read more
    price:  $350

  • Nice Bijar rug just in needs a clean size 225 x 133. All wool, colours all seem natural small amount old repair ... read more
    price:  Reasonable

  • Antique Khorassan Baluch bag face only with outstanding colour and silk highlights size 73 x 71 cm Velvety wool all natural dyes wool ... read more
    price:  $750 + shipping

  • Antique Khorassan Baluch saddlebag with original back size 70 x 69 cm All wool and natural dyes thick pile
    price:  $400 + shipping

  • Nice fine antique Baluch bag from last qtr 19c size 66 c 57 cm . All wool natural dyes unusual border, ... read more
    price:  $400

  • super antique Yomud carpet with boat border and lovely elim size is 307 x 179 cm. All wool and natural dyes. Looking ... read more
    price:  to sell ask

  • super antique Persian Qajar tile with mounted falconer prince mid 19c size 22 x 14 cm + frame. In antique wooden frame ... read more
    price:  £500 + ship

  • lovely antique Afshar bag with saturated natural dyes and unusual back size 48 x 30 cm dating from the late 19C. Original abrashed ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Super semi antique Isfahan carpet with silk foundations size 326 x 205 ca 1950 s Very good condition washed and floor ready
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Kashkuli mat of unusual small size 59 x 56 cm Classic kashkuli design and weave natural dyes wool pile cotton foundation one ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Domain name for sale
    price:  Best offer

  • Old Moroccan Touareg leather bag
    price:  £100 + shipping

  • Happy hunting ! Persian Qajar tile finest quality 19 c
    price:  Ask

  • great antique Katawaz Pashtun work from Southern Afghanistan purse (opened out) size 27 x 48 cm very fine embroidery on purple silk very ... read more
    price:  £150 + post

  • lovely fine Purse with beaded fringe early 20 c ? size 17 x 19 cm Katawaz Pashtun work from Southern Afghanistan much finer than ... read more
    price:  £100 + post

  • antique Berber shawl from the Siwa oasis in Egypt early 20c size 156 x 58 cm. Rare piece silk embroidery with fishes on ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Imps with clogs ! antique Chinese embroidery silk and metal thread on blue silk ground 19 c size 76 x 28 cm ... read more
    price:  £350

  • lovely complete antique ceremonial skirt from Gujarat early 20c size 200 x 70 cm. Silk parrots on yellow silk ground good condition ... read more
    price:  ask

  • unusual Balkan Ottoman embroidery late 19c approx. 58 x 32 cm silk embroidery on cotton. Could be a sleeve or apron ??
    price:  $250

  • Antique sofreh Modern art !
    price:  sold

  • super antique Karachop rug late 19c all wool and natural dyes size 235 x 176 cm. Lovely colours including aubergine on ... read more
    price:  Sold thanks

  • Peter Hoffmeister Turkoman carpets in Franconia. Published Crosby press 1980 hard bound original dust jacket(slight fading to jacket) Just noticed i have two of ... read more
    price:  $150 inc shipping O.B.O

  • antique 19c round chintz backed 108 x 102 cm Persian or Indian for the Persian market. Lovely piece clear high quality ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Moroccan woven silk wedding sash

  • animal head !
    price:  $1500

  • cool early Qashqai wagireh with faces graphically the best one i have had. size 60 x 43 cm
    price:  $1500

  • antique Ersari carpet with lovely colour late 19c size 302 x 208 cm. All wool and natural dyes including a true yellow. ... read more
    price:  ask

  • rare and interesting antique north west Persian (shasavan ?) bagface fragment ca 1880 size 64 x 68 cm. All natural dyes and ... read more
    price:  ask

  • nice Ersari trapping fragment ca 1880 size 126 x 57 cm. All natural dyes full pile good wool cotton pile in the ... read more
    price:  £200 + post

  • complete antique shawl from Kirman Persia much finer than average mid 19c size is 95 x 90 cm great colour. Selvedges ... read more
    price:  $500

  • very decorative signed antique Tabriz carpet with soft colours and no blue late 19c size 383 x 280 cm. Even wear bit ... read more
    price:  ask

  • a super piled bag made by Kurds of Shasavan first half 19c