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carpets and textiles Based in the UK i travel and exhibit internationally. You can always call me on UK 07836283388

  • superb antique Kuba cloth from Zaire early 20c size 68 x 36 cm extremely fine with a great design a genuine antique cloth ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Antique Shirvan prayer rug with very unusual border design ca 1870 size 142 x 109. Evenly low with few tiny expert repairs ... read more
    price:  ask

  • silk ikat coat ca 1880 super colour and design . No lining and several rips but a great example
    price:  ask

  • very rare 100% silk verneh saddlebag ca 1880. Brown silk base with various coloured silk embroidery including cochineal. All the silk looks ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Fine antique Bijar rug in excellent condition ca 1910 size 216 x 150. All natural dyes cotton foundation. a heavy bullet proof ... read more
    price:  £2500 +

  • complete Moghul summer carpet ca 1750 with serpents (corner detail)
    price:  ask

  • antique Shasavan spoon bag ca 1900 with original striped back size 42 x 18 cm. All good dyes whites are cotton. Nibble ... read more
    price:  ask

  • 3 early copies hali good condition volume 3 numbers 2,3(4 now sold)
    price:  $50 each inc postage

  • Old Baluch balisht first Qtr 20c size 35" x 22" nice wool, colours seem good with a plentiful aubergine. Selvedges replaced bit ... read more
    price:  $125 + ship

  • Nice antique cotton wefted ikat fragment with great colour pre 1880 has selvedges both sides 50 x 27 cm great study ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Birdies
    price:  sold

  • detail of Spanish colonial Tapestry fragment Peru 17/18c. Amazinglyly fine work using camelid fibres
    price:  sold

  • detail of Spanish colonial Tapestry fragment Peru 17/18c. Amazinglyly fine work using camelid fibres
    price:  sold

  • autumn is here and the birds are migrating to San Francisco ! This coptic bird has taken 1500 years to get there ... read more
    price:  sold at ARTS

  • nice antique Luri saddlebag ca 1900 size 60 x 50 cm. open gabbeh like design stuffed and made into a cushion with ... read more
    price:  $400 inc shipping

  • detail from a large important Coptic alter cloth 5th Century a.d length 150 cm in remarkably good condition
    price:  sold

  • very nice and complete antique Baluch balisht ca 1900 size 72 x 49 cm. Full pile with super glossy wool and original plain ... read more
    price:  £295

  •!115&authkey=!uSdyGQgpOxU%24 I have just updated my skydrive Kuba cloth album have a look on the above link. 8 fresh pieces on there also
    price:  ask

  • antique mid 19c Ottoman Balkan ladies hat size 40 x 32 cm (opened up) very fine silk embroidery on linen gauze . Great ... read more
    price:  ask

  • Fresh from a Parisian collection i have 8 pieces i will post over the next few days 2/ antique embroidered ant ... read more
    price:  Reasonable

  • Fresh from a Parisian collection i have 8 pieces i will post over the next few days. 1/ Antique early 20c embroidered ... read more
    price:  not expensive

  • complete 18c Turkish Ottoman towel size 110 x 42 cm. Finely embroidered silk on cotton gauze in the naturalistic style. Slit and ... read more
    price:  $400 inc shipping

  • very unusual Kuba ceremonial rug form Congo with chequerboard design size 245 x 54 cm mid 20c. Each square is individually ... read more
    price:  $500 inc shipping

  • Nice Anatolian kelim saddlebag made into a cushion size 50 x 46 cm late 19C. All natural dyes with cochineal and cotton whites. ... read more
    price:  £350

  • unusual antique Afshar complete bag all wool and natural dyes size 54 x 46 cm, ca 1880. Good condition just deep cleaned. ... read more
    price:  £750

  • tasty Yomud Ok bash full pile ca 1880 missing triangles but great wool and colour size 50 x 50 cm just
    price:  ask

  • a nice Kuba cloth
    price:  ask

  • fine antique Afshar chanteh ca 1900 with original back size 29 x 21 cm. Good condition all wool, colours seem natural
    price:  ask

  • ceremonial sash end probably made by Armenian hands in the then Ottoman controlled Balkan region first half 19c.
    price:  £250

  • superb Antique Balinese scrole hand painted on cotton size 1.76 m x .36 m. The oldest i have seen and 19c for sure. ... read more
    price:  £750

  • Nice Coptic roundel, complete piece selvedges all around with great original colours ca 6-7c ad size 9x7 cm .Framed
    price:  £150

  • Super complete Tekke collar ca 1900, very finely embroidered with all natural silks
    price:  £250

  • Nice antique mina Khani baluch bag last qtr 19c size 29" x 28". All wool and natural dyes with silk highlights. Original kelim ... read more
    price:  $850 inc shipping

  • Antique Isfahan rug in Excellent condition last qtr 19c size 7 ft x 4 ft 9". Fine rug with all natural dyes including ... read more
    price:  £1850

  • a weaving from the "Rio Grande" tradition, i.e., from central and northern New Mexico that has a lot of mexician Saltillo serape ... read more
    price:  £750

  • Orphrey panel from a 15c Flemish Chasuble. Very well preseved figure and fantastic gold thread work.
    price:  £500

  • Antique Khamseh "chicken" or "murgh" carpet late 19c size 10 ft 1 " by 7 ft 3". Unusual to find a main carpet ... read more
    price:  £3000

  • Nice complete antique Qashqai bag late 19c size 21" by 21". Has an unusually open gabbeh like blue green field and an interesting ... read more
    price:  £650

  • unusual Kurdish small carpet last Qtr 19c probably Kolyai size 8 ft 9" by 4 ft 3". All wool and natural ... read more
    price:  £875

  • Large Sivas multiple niche prayer kelim fragment early 18C.Great colours including aubergine. size 123 x 61 cm Mounted on heavy wooden stretcher hand ... read more
    price:  ask for more info

  • antique Qashqai chanteh bag complete with back late 19c size 28x28 cm(front). Thick fine bijar like weave all wool and natural dyes .Selvedges ... read more
    price:  £250

  • i have just added 9 more interesting old cloths to my Kuba gallery. Please have a look on ; link will have to ... read more
    price:  ask

  • superbly knitted silk antique (?)hat . All naturally dyed silks with a great cochineal. Amazingly floppy handle . Middle eastern ?? Great object
    price:  $250 inc postage

  • 18c Ottoman Turkish textile size 255 cm by 52 cm Seems to be complete . Fine gauze field shredded in many places ... read more
    price:  $380

  • Kuba ceremonial dancing costume , bark fibre and organic pigments 2nd Qtr 20c
    price:  on application

  • Complete Luri double Korjin late 19c size 26" by 13 "
    price:  £750

  • Superior Baluch rug ca 1880 size 65" by 38". All wool and natural dyes . Fine and thin with original selvedges and kelim ... read more
    price:  £1250

  • Super late 19c Heriz rug size 80 " by 54 ". All wool pile with natural dyes on cotton foundation. Heriz rugs of this ... read more
    price:  £4000