Reza Fassihi


  • Sensational rare black background antique Persian Bidjar. Measures 4'-3" x 6'-4"
    price:  POR

  • Antique Heriz, Rare Size 3'-11" x 5'-7". Is in good condition, ends & Edges need some attention.
    price:  POR

  • Antique Heriz from 1900/ Measures 10'-6" x 13'-6", shows wear. Please, refer to the close-ups. I'm selling at $3,500.00 .
    price:  3500.00

  • Antique 11' x 15' Persian Heriz, is in good condition. shows minor wear. both ends are intact.I'm selling it at the veru ... read more
    price:  4250.00

  • Antique Swan Kzak, is in good condition. Measures 4'-11" x 7'-5".
    price:  por

  • Here i am offering a very old Termeh Textile either from Yazd or Kerman. This came out from a local Persian family, ... read more
    price:  999

  • a genuine antique Caucasian kuba Soumak/Sumac. Is in excellent condition, measures 5'-6" x 8'.
    price:  3499

  • Ver nice vintage sw Persian Qashqai. It is in mint condition and measures 5'-6" x 9'.
    price:  1699

  • Folks who are looking for a palatial antique decorative Persian Heriz, this could be a good call. It is absolutely in fantastic ... read more
    price:  7500.00

  • a Magnificent antique Persian Heriz from 1910.It is in phenomenal condition with an absolute nice size 10'-8" x 13'-4",which fits in 11' ... read more
    price:  4250.00

  • Very nice antique Heriz with Karaje weave. Is in awesome condition, measures 9'-10" x 11'-10" that fits in 10' x 12' size
    price:  3300.00

  • Very attractive decorative Antique Turkish area rug. Is in good condition for its age, measures 4'-5" x 6'-6". Folks who are looking ... read more
    price:  749

  • a fabulous decorative Persian Serapi from 1910. It is in very good condition for its age. low even pile from top to ... read more
    price:  7000

  • East Turkestan Rugs – Some of the most beautiful and remarkable Antique rugs and carpets are those that weaved in East Turkestan. ... read more
    price:  749

  • Persian Serapis are among the most expensive Persian rugs, and when it comes to oversizes it will even become more pricey. The ... read more
    price:  4999

  • Bidjar rugs and carpets have long had a mystique that makes them a "man's rug". Called the Iron rug of Persia they ... read more
    price:  1699

  • There are a variety of Persian runners both in antique and new in different sizes & pattern from a different part of ... read more
    price:  2499

  • Very attractive 100 years old plus Caucasian Kazak. This is a beautiful prayer kazak, which was made in 1014 according to the ... read more
    price:  2199

  • here I'm offering a unique lambalo Kazak for the Caucasian lovers and collectors. i spotted this Lambalo at the estate sale in ... read more
    price:  3499

  • caucasus is a melting pot of different tribal and ethnic groups. prominent amongst the rug weavers are the azeri turks, the armenians, ... read more
    price:  999

  • Very attractive antique Kasin Oushak from Karabagh area. This rug is in good condition for its age, both ends are intact, low ... read more
    price:  2399

  • An unusual size. measure 5' x 6', is in very good condition without any flaws. Circa 1920.
    price:  1149.00

  • Yuruk rugs, more than any other type, exemplify the great nomadic tradition of Turkish carpet weaving (Yuruk means nomad in Turkish). Yuruks ... read more
    price:  1250.00

  • The fine wool-on-wool Turkish Rugs woven in Bergama used only the finest quality fleece. Kazak-influenced Bergama carpet is often identified by their ... read more
    price:  1250.00

  • Very attractive antique Heriz circa 1900. Is in good overall condition, low even pile, no stain, foundation threads, repair, and odor. Professionally
    price:  $3850.00