Frank Ames

Since 1970 I have been dealing in antique textiles and oriental carpets, exhibiting at antique fairs, curating exhibitions, writing articles and books, and advising collectors and Museums. Although my home base is the Upper West Side of Manhattan, almost every Winter I am in India for business and pleasure.

  • Kashmir Shawl from India. Vibrantly rich colors and super draftsmanship. Huge octopus-like flowers seem to slither about as their 'tenticle' appear to ... read more
    price:  2650

  • Kashmir Shawl . Very intrically drawn pattern with dragon vines and branches as seen under the three mihrab arches The central field is ... read more
    price:  $2450

  • Rare Shiva mantra silk shoulder mantle, probably late 19th century, in fragile but intact condition measuring approximate 5 by 10 feet. According ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Woven Masterpieces of Sikh Heritage (The stylistic development of the Kashmir under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 1780-1839) This ground-breaking work reveals ... read more
    price:  30