• Tekke main carpet c.1900 3m x 230cm -like a velvet,sloppy handle. Good cond expect some wear in other sidecord.
    price:  reasonable

  • Tekke dowry rug.c. 1900 200x120cm -like a velvet, sloppy handle.Both elems different and short border as well Has been on the wall. ... read more
    price:  very reasonble

  • Turkish theme. Swedish painter large: c 80 cm x 50 cm. ' Good cond.
    price:  reasonable

  • European textilework ;oriental theme. Silk on silk 50 x 50 cm 19th. c.
    price:  Por

  • Anglo-Indian table c.70cm wide and 70cm hight Bone(ivory and ebony wood)derorations and Rose wood foundation.
    price:  POR

  • Indian Moghul probaply late Moghul art from early to midd 19th c. 23cm x32cm Cold deroation and old silk in ... read more
    price:  ask please

  • Karabagh/ armenian rug (c.1900?) Very decorative armenian rug ,small repairs and short ends shortened, low pile. 120cm x200cm The strong red possible ... read more
    price:  lowprice

  • Tekke large chuval 1890-1910 Very nice and decorative, wear in places and small damages. Othervise good condition
    price:  ask please

  • Gashgai or lori kelim. Important piece of art.. sizes: 260 x 150cm 100-130 years old? -some repairs and easily repairable places.Last photos ... read more
    price:  560 euros

  • Luri rug 1910? Nice tribal rug with clowing colors.Some repairs and long sides damaged.
    price:  ask please

  • Shirvan panel, antique Some wear and repairs
    price:  ask please

  • Ersari / Kizil Ayak bag face From 19th century Size: 140 cm * 80 cm Low pile and some repaired spots Good blue colors
    price:  offer 190 eur + shipping

  • Bidjar rug From 1900 - 1920 Beautiful colors and good condition except some minor fragments in the short end. Size 200 cm * ... read more
    price:  offer 400 eur + shipping

  • Keshan silk carpet From 1900-1920 Size: 220 cm * 320 cm 92% very good condition but some worn appears. Generally good looking and ... read more
    price:  POR