• a very nice Afshar-Sirjan pile Bag face with a back side Kelim about 100-120 years old,size:75x52 cm,with Red Warp weave,very nice design,white ... read more
    price:  960€

  • a collectable nice reverse weave Shahsavan Bag face about 100 years in a good condition,about 56x57 cm,very good colors.
    price:  1200€

  • a very nice collectable Qashghayi bag face about 190 with naturall dyes,size:79x66 cm,some damages.
    price:  360€

  • one of the smallest and best antique Bijar reverse bagface in the world;48.5x20,5 cm(both),each one23x20,5 cm,.its more than 120 years old.very rare ... read more
    price:  POR

  • a small Farahan about 110 years, dated 1328=1910,in a mint condition,Cartouche:Sefareshe Salar Khani 1328=Ordered by Salar Khani 1328,size:51x45 cm,*some red color run ... read more
    price:  750€

  • a very old and nice Qashghyi bag face with Birds.size:32x32 cm,its over 100 years.over all good condition except one small repair on ... read more
    price:  POR

  • one the best Qashghayi bag face about 1880( belonged to Mr . Siawosh Azadi Collection),size:28x30 cm,in a mint condition,very lovely small bag,with ... read more

  • An exceptional Qashghayi bag face about 100 years,very unusuall design,in a mint condition,one moth spot,51x50 cm,pls not to hesitate to ask me ... read more
    price:  POR

  • a beautifull Lilian-Persian(around Hamedan),about 80 years old,good comdition,95,5x70 cm,an old persian story:Khosrow and Shirin.see the details.very shiny colors.
    price:  580

  • a very nice collectable Tekke Jowal about 100 years old,in a mint condition,133x75 cm,pls see the details,very good weave,very soft wool.
    price:  POR

  • one of the smallest bag face(Tashe)Farahan(Persian),19x19 cm,full pile;about 80-90 years old,it shows a Darwish,back is with a velvet
    price:  780€

  • a very nice Qashghayi bag face with birds about 100 years old,50x58 cm,in a good condition,a collectable piece.pls not to hesitate to ... read more
    price:  580€

  • a nice Bijar bag face, about 100 years old with naturall dyed colors,51x47 cm,pls not to hesitate to ask any question.
    price:  380€

  • An antique Pictorial Kerman about 100 years,in a mint condition,size:79,5x57,5 cm,this rug shows Naser ad-din Shah,who was shah between 1848-1896,we see in ... read more
    price:  POR

  • An Azarbayjan Mafrash panel,ca.100 years,sumakh technik weave,58x58 cm,very nice natural colors,in a good condition,pls not to hesitate to ask any question.
    price:  260€

  • a very nice Qashghayi(persian)Sampler(Vagireh or Ornak),about 100 years old,72x50 cm,over all good condition,very nice colors,a rare design(Moharamat),a very small moth damage(see the ... read more
    price:  480€