• Turkmenisches Zeltband in Originallänge In very good condition!
    price:  POR

  • Persischer Mahal, antique, ca. 370 x 283 cm Schöner rosefarbener Kolorit! Ordentlicher Gesamtzustand mit Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren, teilweise niedriger Flor. ACHTUNG! Letztes Foto ist die ... read more
    price:  € 980

  • Outstanding and rare Schahsevan in top condition, 60 x 60 cm Incredible colour balance Top iconography Antique piece! Collector's Item!
    price:  Please ask!

  • prachtvoller, handgewebter kelim, kaukasus, ende 19. jhdt; ca. 297 x 184 cm
    price:  SOLD!

  • Rare Schahsavan flatweave, antique, ca. 70 x 50 cm Frontpanel of a Khorjin A very nice piece with old and beautiful colours in good ... read more
    price:  € 1280

  • Terrific antique Verneh saddlebag (opened) with extremly beautiful colours. Seldom! Approx. 230 x 56 cm Comes in perfect condition! (Very seldom for a bag!) Certificate!
    price:  € 1850

  • Antique and rare Kuba Kelim from the Kaukasus area in good condition. Ca. 305 x 175 cm. Marvelous and very rich iconography are ... read more
    price:  SOLD!

  • Kazak Karachoph – 19th century – antique piece – approx. 211 x 137 cm Extremely beautiful and antique Karachoph with nice colours and ... read more
    price:  € 6850

  • Very fine Coat, China, around 1915, silk with fine embroidery and applications, perfect condition
    price:  € 485

  • Rare Textile, Southeast Asia (Laos?), silver stitched, extremely fine flatweave, good condition, ca. 121 x 104 cm
    price:  € 685

  • Exceptional Jajim, Iran, antique, pure silk, fantastic coulors, best condition, collectors piece, ca. 145 x 110 cm
    price:  POR

  • Schahsevan Kordjin, antique, ca. 84 x 52 cm An extremly nice piece with old and beautiful colours in very good condition! Collectors ... read more
    price:  POR

  • baby carry, South-West China Old and very nice baby-carry which was in use in former times. This beautiful hand embroidered baby-carry was made of ... read more
    price:  $ 280

  • Exceptional Verneh flatweave, antique, ca. 160 x 140 cm A very nice piece with old and beautiful light colours in good condition with ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Schahsevan around 1910, Frontpiece of a fine saddle bag, ca. 50 x 48 cm An antique and very nice piece with good colours ... read more
    price:  € 880

  • Terrific Kelim, kaukasus, around 1900, ca. 328 x 198 cm Very wide and colourful Kelim in very good condition! The ends of this Kelim ... read more
    price:  Please ask!

  • Rare and phantastic Shahsavan Chordjin, Northwest Iran, antique, ca. 122 x 49 cm Absolutely perfect colours and iconography! Perfect condition! Collectors piece!
    price:  Please ask!

  • Terrific Kazak – 19th century – Extremely beautiful and early Kazak carpet with the best possible colours (aubergine, etc.) and a gorgeous iconography! ... read more
    price:  € 6800

  • Schahsevan Mafrash Flatweave, around 1910, ca. 55 x 46 cm. An antique and very fine and nice piece with perfect colours in very ... read more
    price:  $ 790

  • Mafrash Flatweave, Schahsavan-tribes, ca. 104 x 44 cm. An antique and very fine and nice piece with perfect colours in very good
    price:  POR

  • Wonderful antique Caucasian Kelim with gorgeous colours (aubergine!) and extremely nice and seldom iconography! Very good condition! ca. 342 x 166 cm. ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Kazak, antique, late 19th century, approx. 275 x 140. Very beautiful and large Kazak rug, antique! Shining wool! High pile! Lots of wonderful green!
    price:  SOLD!

  • Extremely seldom and huge Sarouk Palace - Carpet, ca.706 x 337 cm (!), approx. 278 x 133 inches. Saruk carpet all over with ... read more
    price:  € 8500

  • Exceptional Salt Bag, Beludj, around 1910, ca. 70 x 54 cm Nice piece with old and beautiful light colours in good condition! Collectors piece!
    price:  POR

  • Moghan carpet, 19th century, extremely beautiful and very antique item approx. 203 x 120 cm Very beautiful and antique Moghan with beautiful colours and ... read more
    price:  SOLD!

  • Schahsevan Kordjin, antique, ca. 71 x 26 cm An extremly nice piece with old and beautiful colours in very good condition! Collectors piece! Certificate! (Importjahr eu:
    price:  Please ask!

  • Kasim Ushak Kazak, wonderful antique carpet, approx. 251 x 134 cm Extremely beautiful Kazakh carpet with gorgeous colours and characteristic iconography! Collector’s item! Mint condition! Certificate!
    price:  sold