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pashmina mirhab panel n. india late 18th c
price:  SOLD
southwest persian tent bend
price:  $ 275
Unusual Graphic Coptic Fragment - Mounted
price:  SOLD
Konya Talish model 18 c. Fragment wonderful colours
price:  SOLD
17th c. ottoman embroidery Bokcha
konya ayranci rug 18th century
price:  SOLD
Single wefted mina khani design rug (hamarouk?), 39" x 51", loss at one end, dunno about all these colors, "vines" are painted, ... read more
price:  SOLD
qajar pottery piece, made to hold place in an open book?
price:  SOLD
qajar ? rectangle tile 7" x 8"
price:  SOLD
qajar hexagon tile, 7.5" x 8.5"
price:  SOLD
nw Persian Bagface
price:  SOLD
One of a Pair of Soumac Bags
price:  SOLD
One of a Pair Of Soumac Bags (detail)
price:  POR
turkoman ersari chuval 113x183 cm
price:  POR
Yamud tent band detaİl
price:  POR
17th.Century Ningxia fragment with wonderful dragon from an important Kangxi carpet.
price:  SOLD
Vase Carpet Fragment, 17th c, mounted
price:  SOLD
Small resist dyed Mongolian felt
price:  sold
Moshkova, v.g. edited by George w. O'Bannon: Carpets of the People of Central Asia
price:  $250
Sommer, John l.: The Kyrgyz and Their Reed Screens
price:  $40
Kirchheim, e. h.: Orient Stars
price:  $360
Eiland, Murray l. and r. Pinner and w. Denny: Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies Volume iv
price:  $35
Opie, James: Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia
price:  $110
O'Bannon, George ed.: The Kyrgyz Carpet 2 Volumes
price:  $210
Pittenger, Robert, compiler: Reports on the Tribes
price:  $30
Munkacsi, Kurt, David d'Heurle and Peter Saunders: Bigger is Better, Main Carpets of the Turkmen
price:  $30
unusual turkman juval, 19th century,good colours, 4ft5ins. x 2ft9ins
price:  SOLD
Baluch Sofra, Late 19th, c. ne Persia
price:  POR
Shahsavan stripe Jajim, late 19th,C
price:  POR
S.persian lori carpet 142x104 cm
price:  $ 1000
cenral asian uzbek ikat hat
price:  $ 250
caucasian kuba şirvan 94x77 cm
price:  $ 350
Jaf kürt 52x62 cm
price:  $225
Turkmen style Baluch Bag front, in general with good pile, some faded soft pink details.
price:  SOLD