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Antique Oushak, light wear, one small hole. Offered briefly 'as is' at trade rate. 264 x 316cm / 8'8" x 10'4" no ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Complete Baluch khorjin set, snowflake / blossom design. One of the oldest complete Baluch saddle bags I've ever seen, if not the ... read more
price:  Appropriately expensive
Size ; 153 x 220 cm, Old Kazakh (sevan) Armenian carpet .
price:  Ask
Central anatolia, Sivas (gürün) Antique textile .
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Antique Collectible Kurdish Juval(Chuval),Size 81×110 Cm,Good Age,Low pile in some areas and small old repair on the corner which had done.Contact for ... read more
price:  Enquire Please
Baluch star bag with polychromatic blue, a blue-green, and copper / cinnamon ground. Older than most but worn.1 knot of cotton in ... read more
price:  $225
Antique Dagıstan hemp and wool kilim ,305 x 135 cm
Antique Anatolian Konya Rug size:137x100 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Antiuqe Anatolian Konya Karapinar Prayer Carpet size: 110x101 cm.
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Antique Ersari Beshir Torba from central asia (Turkistan) High pile good condition 150x50cm 150x100cm with Tassels ~ 1900/1920 Shipping worldwide from Germany possible Mail directly: ... read more
price:  190 Euro
Uzbek bokhara velvet recycled Wall hanging with Russian printed fabric backing. Size : 17" x 10.5" - 43 cm x 27 cm ... read more
price:  O.R
Eagle Kazak Rug Circa 1880 Size : 160x230 cm Please contact directly.
Antique Turkmen Silk Embroidered Hanging Decoraive with Beads. Size - # 1 - 21 cm x 5.5 cm - Beads : 3.5 ... read more
Old Peacock Phulkari. Beautifully done Bird Phulkari embroidery Note the presence of a larger and a smaller bird - either mother and child ... read more
price:  POR
Enigmatic double niched Baluch rug. This is the only example of the format that i have seen that is asymmetrically knotted. There ... read more
price:  POR
Sarkoy or Romania kilim, wool on cotton, size: 99*28 cm
price:  €580 + shipping
Shshsavan khamamlu panel
price:  Por
7 x 14 ft 19th Century Antique Ghashghaei / Qashqai Rug It was a challenge to photograph this carpet because of its ... read more
price:  2499
Qashqai Gabbeh chanteh circa 1880 all good natural dyes and perfect condition size 25x22cm
Shirvan Akstafha Rug circa 1870 size: 115 x 280 cm
Antique Uzbekistan Silk Embroidered Lakai Hanging Decorative Size - ''95 cm x 20 cm''
Antique Kordi kilim sumakh chuval / bag from NE-Persia (Khorasan area) from kurdish nomadic people 98x77cm Sumakh embroidery and naturel dyes ~ 1920 Shipping from Germany ... read more
price:  160 Euro
19th Century Turkmen Yomud Chuval Size : 75 x 94 cm Please send me directly mail.
Antique Uzbekistan Tribal Silk Embroidered Wall Hanging Decorative with Silver & Glasses. Size - ''85 cm x 24 cm''
Beautiful antique Shiraz rug. 6'10" x 5'1" or 208 x 155 cm. Available. Contact me at: or
price:  Please ask
early kilim frag, mounted
price:  ask
No, not a hat. But rather a very rare antique central Asian Ersari Turkoman / Turkmen silk embroidered and gilded studs ... read more
price:  $399
Rare Baluch pushti including back, 19th c. ex-Nicky Eltz, 28" x 16" Good pile, color, and very interesting design features. Animal ... read more
price:  On request
Early 19th century Baluch fragment with Fantastic rare border,size 85x80cm.
Large, very rustic / tribal Baluch prayer rug. Amazingly soft wool, all good colors.verx unusual back. Lots of Aubergine! Western Afghanistan, perhaps ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Balısh
price:  por
a superb and very fine antique silk embroidered Turkoman Turkmen bag attribute to Yomud / Yomut tribes. Dating to the 19th century, ... read more
price:  $225
Antique Tımurı Baluch Rug
price:  por
Kurdish - Hakkari baby carrier. Goat hair and wool.
Anatolian grainbag. As it is found. Size; 68cm x 106cm
SUMAK size:93*80 material:wool age: in 19th
price:  190 euro