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Early Anatolian kilim fragment with good, large scale motifs and camel hair band. Mounted size: 31 x 36 inches.
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Very unusual Medjedieh style antique Anatolian yastik, 20.5 x 33 inches. Good pile. --See Brian Morehouse yastiks no.c 97 and 98
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Pictorial Marasali of superb quality. Ask for more details.
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George Washington may have stood on this noble 18th century West Anatolian Ghiordes or Kula carpet, 5'7 x 8'1". From a Virginia ... read more
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Hope to see some of you at Larta next week in London 21-26 January If you can’t make it Larta goes ... read more
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a random selection of interesting, authentic, native artifacts from the Americas - North and South. Bead and quill work, wind and ... read more
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Tibet ceremonial textile 240x130 cm
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Caucasian, kasak 175 x 65 cm
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soumack sumak carpet with all natural dyes - no chemical dyes - size of 92 x 116 inches complete knotted ends as ... read more
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Colorful antique South Persian Afshar rug, wool on wool foundation. Size: ca. 180x130cm / 6ft x 4'3''ft
complete Qashqai khorjin 1880 circa perfect condition and all good colors•••size105x50cm
a great Anatolian fragment with great colors and age. About 90 x 40cm.
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Taimani Aimak niche rug, very Turkmen-like.
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North West Persia/ Karabagh ca 1900 kelleh size carpet in good condition. Some wear on a few spots. Ca 524 x 222 ... read more
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simply fantastic! most wonderful natural colors, and wool quality! 85x69cm 2.8x2.3ft
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Very pretty antique Turkman rug 131x96cm. This piece has very soft, shiny wool There are signs of wear, as shown in the ... read more
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Isfahan tableau rug. silk and cork on silk. rug size: 130*100 cm tableau size:140*110 cm translation of the Persian (farsi) poem: what a good condition is ... read more
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Yomud Turkoman, early 20th century, 8 x 19-8 (244 x 599), good condition, floppy handle, rug is clean, original ends and edges, ... read more
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Chinese-silk-embroidered-wedding-skirt 19th Century Size:105x85cm / 3’6”x2’10”
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Antique Baluch Rug
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Early 19th c Anatolian Konya fragment Kilim Size.94x70 Cm
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Mid 18th c Central Anatolian Aksaray Kililm fragment Size.265x60 Cm
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Kalamkari Palampore From South India Made for Export Market , Late 19th Early 20th Century. Hand spurn cotton,Natural Dyes. Its size is
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Antique Caucasian Sirvan Kilim
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Beautiful antique khamseh bird bag with original back. All natural dyes fine weave last qtr 19 c
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Very fine old wool pangden cloth- all hand spun wool and natural dyes. This piece is an exceptionally large piece consisting of ... read more
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Chinese New Year’s Special: 5 antique Chinese carpets 3 Baotou and 2 Ningxia. Please click the provided links below for complete condition ... read more
price:  $1250.USD the lot
Lori-pambak Caucasian knotted circa in 1910 antique, collector's item. 295 x 156 (cm) 9' 8" x 5' 1" carpet id: V-62 In ... read more
price:  On request
Origin: Tabriz-Hajileli ; Circa: 1900 ; Size: 11'0" x 15'10" All pictures are un-edited to try and show the rugs true colors as best ... read more
price:  18000
Flemish Tapestry , 18 century, antique. 261 x 223 (cm) 8' 7" x 7' 4" Carpet id: A-800 Woven with hand spun ... read more
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Antique Persian all wool Bijar halvai, the size is (7'2" x 12'5"ft.) good condition, has been hand washed and cleaned professionally, ... read more
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Two mangan glazed Dutch tiles, 18th.century. Depicting the Flood and the exile from Eden. Diameter ca. 16 cm. Listening ; Marcus Miller ... read more
price:  350,oo usd.
Qashqai chanteh1880 Botteh disign size 32x30cm
Shirwan kilim fragment. Cm 64x76. Last q 19th c. Wonderful colors, great star pattern, really very thin. Blues, reds, is oxidized. ... read more
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Khalkhal-IRAN jajim from 1900-1910 From a private collection,in very good condition. Size:140*215 Really unique collectors item.
price:  300$ include shipping