Persian Esfahani embroidered cover, probably Armenian work from late 19th century. The net layer protects the embroidery. Size is 61x85cm. In very good condition.
Antique Avar Treelife Rug
price:  por
End of the 19th century Caucasian rug from the village of Gymyl in Kuba district Dimensions: approx.2.71 x 1.44 meters- foot approx.8.11 ... read more
price:  inquire
Caucasian Kilim 19th Century Size:427x156cm / 14”x5’1”
price:  On Request
Size: 5ft 11in x 5ft 2in (180 x 158cm). link Antique Caucasian soumak carpet of three medallion design of scarce small size ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Wonderfull Caucasian Perepedil Sirvan Rug
price:  por
Antique Caucasian Genje Bagface Size.50x42Cm
price:  Por
Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Lesghi Azeri Rug Antique Caucasian Azeri rug, hand-woven, all wool with Lesghi-styled pointed star medallions in navy blue and red ... read more
price:  1500.00
Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Talish Azeri Runner Rug Antique Caucasian Talish Azeri runner carpet. The Talish carpet received its name from large region stretched ... read more
price:  4500.00
Antique Seychour Caucasian Rug Caucasus ca.1875-1890 10'8" x 2'11" (326 x 89 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #11226
price:  Price upon request
Shield Kazakh. Circa 1870. Size 3'x4'. $3200.00
price:  $3200.00
Mid 19th century Akstafa weave long rug, with Chajli design. Every colour in it sings, a top notch example of fine Caucasian ... read more
price:  GBP £850 + shipping
Antique Caucasian Karabakh Rug Circa 1880.90 Size.230x148 Cm
price:  Por
Caucassian kuba aria rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original size 1,44x1,04 cm Circa 1900
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century Caucasian Shirvan Kuba Rug Size.260x92 Cm
price:  Por
Dragon Sumagh East Caucasus Around 1900 Wool on Wool Age and Wear Size: 300 x 225 cm
price:  SOLD THX
Antique Chila Shirvan with a sky blue field. Sides and ends need some attention. 3'5''x4'2''
price:  $850
"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." Joseph Campbell. Avar piled rug, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century. As small, as powerful it ... read more
price:  on request
Runner south east Caucasus, 270 x 100 missing the borders and fringe, god pile have some repiling, early 19e century. Price upon request
Mid 19th Century Caucasian Small Rug size 75x110 cm
price:  On Request
Antique Kuba Gymyl village rug with two concentric medallions, c 1910, 170x407cm (Sold)
price:  Sold
Antique Caucasian Fachralo with ancient restorations, 137 x 217cm or usa 4'4 x 7'11. $ 1115 + $45 ship
price:  $ 1115 + $45 ship
Antique Kazak Lori Pambak Pile is low with ancient repiling areas. Size is : 237 x 163 cm
price:  Please ask
Horse cover Vernneh Caucasian, woven circa in 1915 antique, collector's item, 160 x 129 (cm) 5' 3" x 4' 3" ... read more
price:  On request
Fachralo Kazak Caucasian, knotted circa in 1915 antique, collector's item, 220 x 118 (cm) 7' 3" x 3' 10" carpet id: ... read more
price:  CHF 6'800.-
Antique Caucasian Zeyhur Sirvan Rug
price:  por
Horse cover Vernneh Caucasian, woven circa in 1915 antique, collector's item, 152 x 120 (cm) 5' x 3' 11" ... read more
price:  On request
Rare Armenian Karabagh Kazak rug. Circa 1850-70.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Kazak - Caucasus Age: More than 110 years old ... read more
price:  ask
a lovely antique Caucasian rug from the 19th century, size: ca. 180x120cm / 6ft x 4ft
price:  on request
Antique Caucasian long rug with superb colour, 260 x 97cm.
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Caucasian Zejwa rug, 178 x 150cm.
price:  Please contact for further details
Late 19th century kazak longrug, worn but fun 2.60m by 1.35m
price:  Please ask
exquisite Fachralo Kazak.Seems to be clearly older than these late workshop copies. Complete, untouched, some damages. Restauration can be discussed. Great colors
Horse cover Soumak Caucasian, woven circa in 1905 antique, collector's item, 128 x 98 (cm) 4' 2" x 3' 3" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Lori-pambak Caucasian, dated 1348 = 1929, semi antique, collector's item, 262 x 162 (cm) 8' 7" x 5' 4" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Bidjov Rug 3'8'' x 2'5'' ft
price:  POA
Old Azeri Gheoravan size m.3.66 x 2.57. In very good condition, washed and ready for use. Very fastened colors and with full pile. Original size, ... read more
price:  reasonable
antique caucasian cuba cm 1.37x1.17 19th century very good condition natural colors & fine quality
Outstanding antique chajli rug pre 1880 wonderful natural colours and wool Size 292 x 112 very fine weave like a shirvan. ... read more
price:  Ask
Beautiful antique kazak possibly a Talish ca 1880 excellent condition great wool and natural dyes Size 232 x 147 ask for more
price:  Ask
Antique Caucasian Gendge Rug - with rare barber pole lattice borders. Note the checkerboard inside the Stars ... Superbly detailed ..made with ... read more
price:  por
387 x 125 cm Antique Karabagh Caucasus runner. In very-very good condition, full pile and not problems for this carpet. More pictures on ... read more
price:  on request !
575 x 110 cm Original ancien karabagh Caucasus in perfect condition. All wool. Fastened colors and shiny wool for this antique runner. Original ... read more
price:  ask please !
Small Antique White Field East Caucasus Rug, probably Shirvan/Kuba or Dagestan. Contains a good combination of saturated colors. Unusual design. Low ... read more
price:  $425.00
Rare antique green ground Gendje rug very good condition size 200 x 126 cm ca 1880
price:  Ask
Caucasian, most probably Kazak flat weave mafrash long panel. Cm 58x98. 100 years + old. All kind of natural saturated colors. In ... read more
price:  please inquire
Caucasian Sumak size.285x195cm
price:  por
Early 19th Century Caucasian Sumak size 200x290 cm
price:  On Request
Large Karachopf Kazak circa 1850, with Lori Pambak medallions. Needs repair to the sides but worth doing. 5'9" x 7'10"
price:  Please enquire
Caucasian bagface Size:48x44cm / 19x17 inc
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century Akstafa Bird Rug As founded. It has nice details selling as it is but ıf would you like to ... read more
price:  On Request
Ancien persian carpet Helardash in very good condition. Fastened colors and shiny wool for this piece. Size cm. 188 x 108. More pictures ... read more
price:  550 euro+shipp
Beautiful Caucasian rug. Natural colours and in good condition, very decorative piece!
price:  £ 450
Beautiful Caucasian bag face, would make a great cushion or wall hanging!
price:  £ 300
Antique Kuba Caucasian Rug Caucasus ca.1890 9'7" x 3'9" (292 x 114 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #11218
price:  Price upon request
Antique Kuba Caucasian Rug Caucasus ca.1875 9'0" x 3'8" (275 x 112 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #11223
price:  Price upon request
One of a kind Caucasian Square size Kuba 4'10'' x 4'10''
price:  1800
rare & Early 19th century Shuvaler Kazak size 166 cm x 220 cm
price:  Ask
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