Red Felts

Monguor Red Felts.

Chinese, Mongolian, Uyghur

Manichaean resistdyed felts

The drawing of these resist-dyed felts represents the persistence of Yuan Manichaean taste from the fourteenth century,

based largely on Chinese, Mongolian artistic concepts but imbued with a dynamism, particularly in the drawing of animals,

that is more in keeping with the aesthetics of the Turkic peoples of Inner Asia . Possibly made by Monguors

(Mongolian Uyghur descent) in Gansu or Ordos.


(Above) Two dragons depicted in a highly accomplished graphic Ming style.

(17th to 18th Century.) This felt is of a large format 256cms x 175cms.

Coad collection.

(Below) Uighur princes, Northern Silk Road, Bezeklik, 8th/9th c.

Underfoot is an interesting depiction of a rug possibly felt stitched

or dyed red on white ground.

(Following) Five felts from the Coad collection dating from the 16th Century.