South Persian Tribal

Shiraz Persian knotted circa in 1920 antique, collector's item, 420 x 270 (cm) 13' 9" x 8' 10" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Amazing Sofreh Lori Class (b), ca. 1950 116 × 126 cm (3' 9" × 4' 1")
price:  €550.00
beautiful and rare colors Flatweave Qashqai bag,circa 1880 size 42x41cm
a beautiful Qashqai chanteh with Star design,with complete cotton back,highly unusual,size 1'4" × 1'5",great condition.
price:  Sold (thank you)
Antique Shiraz Size 83x115 cm
price:  please ask
Antique Qhasqai Rug in large size and good shape ! There is old repairs but done it nicely and doesnt need more repairs. ... read more
price:  Request
sw Persian fragment - about 56” x 71”
price:  $115 USD & ship/ BO
Qashqai bagface, mounted and conserved
price:  $650
This is Shekarlu rug from the Qashqai tribe in southwest Persia and was woven circa 1880. Shekarlu rugs are one of the ... read more
price:  POR
Khamseh, late 19th, 4' 4" x 6' 3"
price:  $450
Lovely bag, Khamseh or Qashqai, with birds, in nearly mint condition (some corrosion in the brown and small parts with lower pile), ... read more
price:  € 285
Lovely Antique Persian Kilim Kashkai (Qashqay), 1920-1950, 225 × 163 cm (7' 4" × 5' 4")
price:  POR
This is an Afshar Bag Face. It has a little wear but is quite nice otherwise. Please feel free to ask questions...
price:  POR
Qashkai ceremonial saddle cover. Woven with pile designs over warpfaced Jajim cotton background, small reapir on ivory background, overall great condition, saturated ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique little south Persian bagface, probably qashqai. Classic latch hooked diamond design with four little animals. Overall fair condition with a ... read more
price:  $150 or bo
antique quashkai rug -- Which has an immense depth of colours together with a silky lustrous sheen when wafted. The weaver has ... read more
price:  euros 425
Kashkai Torba with good pile , few of lower tassels has been restored. size : 12" x 11" -- 30 cm ... read more
price:  O.R
rare old luri tribal rug. Although the Lurs are among the most ancient inhabitants of what is now Iran there is little ... read more
price:  euros 1300.
Antique Qashqai chanteh ( shesheh dermeh) double face, size: 34*23cm
price:  480€ + shipping
Antique Shiraz rug. Lots of birds, beautiful colors. 3'4" x 5'0"
price:  Sold, thanks!
bag face, prob Qashqai, nice warm colours, natural i think, with the orange slightly tipfaded. Some old restaurations at the two corners ... read more
price:  € 85
Classic antique Khamseh bag, 19th century and natural colours, the kilim back is not original, 53 x 71 cm.
price:  sold
Qashqai Gabbeh bag double face, lion design, size: 27*25 cm
price:  610€
Antique Persian Signed Khamse Rug, ca. 1900 200 × 145 cm (6' 6" × 4' 9")
price:  €1,990.00
Very nice Qhasgai gabbeh size 240x148cm
price:  Por
The face of a Qashqa’i bag, formerly part of a khorjin. At the centre of a midnight-blue field with a very dense ... read more
Qashqa'i/SW Persian Rug, Late 19th/early 20th century. Tree motifs in diamond lattice pattern. The wool is silky. Some goat hair in ... read more
price:  POR
Qashqai collectors item. This is imho a very rare and beautiful Qashqai Gabbeh pattern type khorjin/saddle bag. Cm 50x125 ca. Datable back ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Quashqai tribal fun, 1900-1910, great colors and weave, some wear, attractive boteh/owl pattern. 166x 238 cm (65” 93”).
price:  SOLD
Wonderful Qashqai kilim. Cm 160x304. Second half 19th century. Natural, deep saturated, great, unusual green color. Condition issues apply as you can ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Good antique Khamseh rug from Southwest Persia, circa 1880 and needs a little work but rugs if this vintage are getting more ... read more
price:  POA
Mint condition , top colours Qashgai ... Size 114x126
price:  SOLD
Qashkai pile bag face size=112x60 cm
price:  ask
South persian Chanteh - small bag. Size: 27 x 32 cm. Perfect condition.
price:  please ask
This is a great Qashqai kilim. Because of the pattern i call it "Diamond Qashqai" or, due to its background story "Kabul ... read more
price:  ask
Khamseh Runner Size : 85x385 cm
price:  Ask Please
Antique Khamseh Decorative Animal Trapping, Circa 1880 Size67x14cm
Luri Arab Qashkai pile bag face. saturated colors with hair like strong shiny wool, minor lower corner repairs. size : 14" x ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Khamseh rug 136x250cm
price:  por
Qashqai camelbag, just perfect with two animals. mint condition. good quality wool, flexibel, good colours! 54 x 60 cm
price:  sold
Small Khamseh rug, 160 x 126 cm , gently washed is looking for a new home.
price:  € 250.-
Khamseh main carpet. Size 7’3”x 13’4 very good condition, even wear, one small repair on corner. Supple handle.
price:  POR
Qashqai saddle bag in good condition 113 x 60 cm
Superb pair of Qashqai bagfaces
price:  Sold, thank you
Qhasgia Chuval all colors natural dyes. Size 130x88cm
price:  Por
Late 19th Qashqai bag. Nice condition. Each face 62 x 55 cm
price:  P.o.r
Qashqai rug, ca. 1880-1890, 6’4” x 5’4”/ 193 x 163 cm. Very nice condition-see photos, flower-inhabited botehs on indigo field, with diagonal grid ... read more
price:  2000.00
Late 19th century Khamseh rug. Triple boteh border with 4 large peacocks. Great colors. 4'9" x 6'4"
price:  Please ask
Qashqai poshti bagface 1880 67x70
price:  Please ask
Lori Qashqai Gabbeh chanteh circa 1900.size 28x26cm
beautiful Qashqai Gabbeh chanteh circa 1900 all colors are natural and perfect condition size 24x26cm
Khamseh Carpet Size : 130x225 cm
price:  Sold Thanks
a Qashqai Mafrash of superb quality. Silk wefted. Great age. Inscription says " Ya Ali ". Condition issues as visible. 3'10" x ... read more
price:  por
Turn of the century antique Khamseh bird rug. Full pile condition. Quit a wonderful piece. 5'2" x 6'6".
price:  SOLD, thanks!
Enchanting qashqai smallbag (chanteh), mint condition Size 24*23 cm
price:  €250
Qashkai Gabbeh small torba with very good pile and condition. Circa 1900 or earlier - size : 13" x 13" -- 33 ... read more
price:  O.R
Beautiful antique Khamseh bag face ca 1900 in excellent condition all organic dyes natural brown undyed wool warps red wool ... read more
price:  Sold
Qashkai small Poshti with natural colors, in good condition. Size : 23" x 16" -- 59 cm x 41 cm
price:  O.R
Persian Qashqai/Lori bag face, late 19th century, 1-9 x 1-11 (53 x 58), good condition, full pile, rug was hand washed, ... read more
price:  $250
Qhasgia gabbeh Size 140x110cm
price:  Por
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