Nómada is located in San Sebastián in the North of Spain and specialises in nomadic carpets, kilims and textiles. We travel to and import directly from Iran, Turkey, India, and Nepal. We can also source Afghan and Central Asian pieces. Find out more at www.nomada.biz

  • An unusual wide yellow border antique malayer rug from around 1870. One small low pile area where the warp and weft are ... read more
    price:  5500 Euros

  • Unusual Qashqai sofreh. All good dyes. 143x143 cms. You can buy this sofreh directly from our web: https://nomada.biz/en/producto/semi-antique-qashqai-kilim-from-iran-143x...
    price:  425 Euros

  • An Afshar flower garden! Tightly woven Afhsar sofreh with a field of lots of tiny flower motifs, very tightly woven, all natural ... read more
    price:  450 EUROS

  • a squarish Qashqai kilim with square motifs! All natural dyes, including a nice emerald green and deep blue. You can buy this ... read more
    price:  575 euros

  • Spectacular antique textile embroidered by women of the Serkhart Baluch tribe (literally Baluch from the Border). The stitch in the embroidery is ... read more

  • One of a kind Paul Klee looking Qashqai sofreh. You can buy this very unusual sofreh directly from our web: https://nomada.biz/en/producto/semi-antique-qashqai-sofreh-kilim-from-ir...
    price:  450 EUROS

  • a Sirvan kilim from the end of 19th century woven with dyed and undyed wool and cotton for the white areas. Finelly ... read more
    price:  900 Euros

  • a pretty Afshar? namakdan from Kerman area. 54x46 cms (at1705170). You can buy this namakdan directly from our web: https://nomada.biz/en/producto/antique-afshar-namakdan-or-salt-bag-from-...
    price:  150

  • An unusual and graphic design for this Baluch namakdan or salt bag. 69x51 cms (at1812026). You can buy this item directly from ... read more
    price:  195

  • a very finelly woven saddlebag with natural dyes. You can buy this saddlebag directly from our web: https://nomada.biz/en/producto/antique-qashqai-saddlebag-from-iran-105x5...

  • Baluch prayer rug from South West Afghanistan, with an unusually wide border. It is finished off with two large kilim skirt ends. ... read more

  • An unusual Persian Baluch prayer rug. Within the hand, a gül with an eight pointed star and a goat have been woven. ... read more

  • The wool used for this saddlebag has been very finelly woven. In mint condition, inclluding the side cords. AT2836A Material: 100% hand-spun sheep´s ... read more

  • Woven by a woman from the Laberduni Arab tribe of southern Iran. All the dyes are natural, with a spectacular blue and ... read more

  • a very unusual and archaic looking Luri rug. Nice abrash and colour changes. Soft and shinny wool, all natural dyes, in mint ... read more
    price:  SOLD!

  • This Persian gabbeh has the most peculiar design that we have probably seen since we began our journey in the world of ... read more
    price:  695 Euros

  • a lovely Qashqai kilim with a great range of natural dyed colours and unusual design and border. (k1910379), 194x152 cms. You can ... read more
    price:  895 Euros

  • a torba or bag woven by women from the Yomut tribe of Turkmenistan used to store household items and hung on the ... read more
    price:  275 Euros, the kitten is priceless!

  • This antique saddlebag was very tightly woven by a Qashqai master weaver with natural dyes. In mint condition. Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool Size: ... read more

  • a large cushion woven with y finelly spun wool. All dyes are natural. In perfect state of conservation. Material: 100% hand-spun sheep ... read more
    price:  325 Euros

  • Qashqai saddlebag, very finelly woven in the warp float weave technique. All natural dyes. You can buy this saddlebag directly from our ... read more
    price:  475 Euros

  • This Luri saddlebag has been woven with the knotted technique at the front and with kilim for the back. All dyes are ... read more
    price:  250 Euros

  • The weaver of this saddlebag from the Qashqai, was very creative when designing the saddlebag, particularly the backside of it. Woven with ... read more
    price:  275 EUROS

  • This saddlebag was woven by a Qashqai weaver. All the dyes are natural and is in very good condition. Material: 100% hand-spun sheep ... read more
    price:  250 Euros

  • During our regular trips to Iran, occasionally we find kilims from this Luri subtribe, which we haven´t identified. They tend to have ... read more
    price:  1350 Euros

  • kilim from the Lori or Luri tribe of Iran. This kilim stands out for the three large medallions that occupy the entire ... read more
    price:  950 Euros

  • This kilim from the Beluch tribe of Afghanistan is woven from finely spun wool with natural dyes. The color palette is restricted ... read more
    price:  1500 Euros

  • a Qashqai kilim with a very free design. All good dyes. Sheep´s wool with goat warps. Bought during our last trip to ... read more

  • Carpet woven by Arab tribes from Southern Irán. All the dyes are natural, and the design stands out for the multitude of ... read more

  • Fantastic Julkhyr rug with a primitive look from the first half of the 20th century. It is woven with few knots, long ... read more
    price:  950 Euros

  • This kilim from the Aimaq Beluch tribe of Afghanistan is woven from finely spun wool with natural dyes. The color palette is ... read more
    price:  1250 Euros

  • a finelly woven Qashqai kilim, all natural dyes. 254x150 cms. (k331). If you like this kilim, you can purchase it directly from ... read more
    price:  950 Euros

  • This antique kilim from the Qashqai tribe is woven from very finely spun and carded wool, thus creating a kilim of great ... read more

  • Woven by Qashqai tribeswomen from Southern Iran. Very finelly hand-spun wool has been used, and as a result the warp and weft ... read more
    price:  1900 Euros

  • a large sack woven by Aimaq Beluch women from Afghanistan, very finely woven. The dyes are natural and include a nice turquoise ... read more
    price:  225 Euros

  • This chantah or bag is finely woven with the kilim technique and profusely decorated with a multitude of pompoms, and blue and ... read more
    price:  225 Euros

  • This large rug woven by Arab women from southern Iran is made up of three central medallions, surrounded by multiple animal and ... read more
    price:  3000 Euros

  • This rug from the Daulatabad region was woven by Ersari weavers from Afghanistan. It is woven with a high knot density and ... read more
    price:  5850 Euros

  • a very similar rug can be found in Cyrus Parham "Masterpieces of Fars rugs", plate 72. The limited, village-type carpet industry of ... read more
    price:  4500 Euros

  • Fantastic Aqcha Suleiman rug from Northern Afghanistan woven by Turkoman ethnic weavers. The size is unusual as it is very square, the ... read more
    price:  6500 Euros

  • Fantastic Millefleurs rug from the Qashqai Kashkuli tribe of Iran. This rug is woven from soft, shiny wool with a high density ... read more
    price:  4500 Euros

  • The tightest woven Baluch Balisht we have had. Finished with two kilim ends, one of which was cut and then woven back ... read more
    price:  295 EUROS

  • a very finely woven beluch balisht from Iran with silk highlights and finished off with a kilim skirt. Full pile, mint condition, ... read more
    price:  350 Euros

  • The Yomut kilims are traditionally handwoven by the Yomut or Yomud, one of the major tribes of Turkmenistan and to a lesser ... read more
    price:  3500 Euros

  • Manastir pelt like prayer rug probably from Macedonia, not from Turkey, 19th or early 20th century. All good colours, woven with the ... read more
    price:  1350 Euros including postage.

  • Originally this kilim was a large Qashqai camel bag that has been opened out to make a kilim. It is woven with ... read more
    price:  450 Euros

  • a great Qashqai kilim woven with very finelly spun wool, creating thus a kilim of great appeal. The design is very well ... read more
    price:  2500 Euros

  • a type of kilim called “Shiraki” in Iran and woven by different ethnic arab groups from Southern Iran. Normally the shirakis are ... read more
    price:  1500 Euros