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Terms of Service: Rugrabbit.com is a free post site and in no way guarantees any vendor or items posted. All transactions are purely between the seller and buyer and not rugrabbit.com or anyone affiliated with this website. Neither rugrabbit nor anyone affiliated with rugrabbit.com may be held liable or responsible for any transaction or communication on or as a result of this website. All images and text uploaded to rugrabbit.com may be used and/or edited by rugrabbit.com for promotion or for any other purpose. By registering for rugrabbit.com you agree to these terms and to the 'Selling and Posting Guidelines'  and to the 'Registration Guidelines' listed below. These terms of service may be amended and it is each user's responsibility to familiarize him/herself with them and all local and international laws regulating commerce. By using, posting, inquiring, and/or contributing to this website the user agrees to these terms of service.

In regаrds to the US sаnctions regime аgainst Irаn: It is currently аgаinst US lааnd UK bаnking regulаtions to sell any goods of Irаniаn origin from аbroаd to US citizens or residents аnd to import аny goods of Irаniаn origin into the US or to export such good to the US. It is аlso illegаl under the sаme lаws and regulаtions to monitize аny goods or items of Irаniаn origin in US dollаrs, even if they аre being sold outside of the US. Antique items of Irаniаn origin thаt hаve previously been imported to the US when such аctivity wааllowed mаy be sold within the US only. All users must аgree to these terms. Any violаtions will result in the perminаnt terminаtion of the аccounts of the violаtors.



You may register for a rugrabbit account by emailing mail@rugrabbit.com .

Please be sure to use your actual name or legal business name when registering for an account. Unverifiable names, emails, or pseudonyms may not be authorized. This is for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. Do not register for multiple accounts. This will prevent your listed items from being linked.


To request a new password or to reset your password click this link http://rugrabbit.com/user/password

You will need to create an account to post your items. Once this has been done you will receive an email with your Rugrabbit login password. Use your unique email address and password to login to the site. You can manage and edit your items only when you log in. You can also Feature already posted items. If you like, you can add an image and text about yourself to create your Public Profile and edit this profile whenever you like by logging in.

If you need to change your email address or other account specifications you may edit your account information by selecting 'Your Account' under the home menu and then selecting 'edit your account'.

To edit your items you first must login to your account. To access and edit your postings go to the HOME drop menu on the upper left-hand side of the front page. Select the option EDIT/FEATURE YOUR ITEMS. A table with your inventory of postings will open. Select the pice you would like to edit by clicking EDIT. You may then edit your text or upload additional images. (Please note: a main image can not be substituted.) To remove an item select HIDE. The piece will remain hidden in your inventory and will no longer be accessible by general viewers. 

To edit your profile you must also login to your account. Go to the HOME drop menu on the upper left-hand side of the front page. Select the option YOUR ACCOUNT. A new screen will load. Select the tab EDIT. This will allow you to change your password, change your email address associated with your account and upload or change your profile image. To edit or add text to your profile select the tab PUBLIC PROFILE. You may also upload a url to your website  in this way. (In some cases you may need to enter the full url beginning with http:// ).

REPORTED EDITING PROBLEM: Please note: several people posting have reported that when they try to edit their profile they get another vendor's inventory. This is a caching error that we are working on! While it may be confusing and is certainly undesirable noone can actualy edit someone else's info. Your account is secure and we are working on the error. Sorry for the confusion. Please refresh your browser and login again to edit your items.


Anyone can start to post their collectible antique rugs, carpets and textiles or ethnographic art on rugrabbit.com. To start posting hit the tab “Post Item” and follow the prompts.

Please do not post more than 3 items per day or on the same page. (Maximum 30 pieces per 30 days for non-subscribers with a maximum of three pieces on the front page.) Subscribers may post up to 6 items per day. (Maximum 100 pieces per 30 days.)

All items posted on Rugrabbit should be antique ( in most cases over 100 years old, preferably at least 19th century, or highly collectible). Unsuitable items will be removed.

Please remember that this is primarily a site for collectible and ethnographic material. As such, in most cases rugs and textiles with aniline and other synthetic dyes will most probably NOT be considered appropriate and will more than likely be removed. Likewise, overly refurbished pieces may be removed. Any synthetic colors and significant alterations or repairs to a piece should be disclosed before any sale.

Rugs and textiles from all regions of the world and weaving cultures are welcome.

For your own benefit as well as the site’s try to select the best images of your items as possible.

Similarly, please try to describe your object as accurately as possible.

Unreadable or side-ways pictures and overly controversial descriptions and dates may be removed or edited.

If a piece you have posted is removed and you do not know why, please feel free to write and inquire, however, DO NOT re-list the piece.

Sellers are encouraged to post frequently and often. This said, once you have listed a piece, for the respect of others posting, please DO NOT post it again without waiting an appropriate amount of time, generally at least two months, and using a new image.

Viewers respond negatively to seeing the same pieces posted over and over.

If you would like your pieces to have maximum exposure at the front of the page, we ask that you please consider Featuring them.

We ask that all  items that are not for sale on rugrabbit be featured. These include all items available through another auction venue such as eBay items or other items not directly available to rugrabbit users through their inquiries. Some events advertised with banner ads may have additional privileges.

If you are promoting an item available at a sales event (auction, fare, exhibition, etc.) you may Feature your posting with an image of the piece PROVIDED THAT YOUR EVENT HAS PURCHASED A BANNER AD. Likewise, logos, text images, and links to events should not be featured. Instead, please inquire about our Banner Ads at mail@rugrabbit.com.

Please do NOT list items as 'best offer' or 'best offer over'... If you would like to auction your item please consider listing it on another venue.

Please do NOT post logos or poster art.  Please contact us for information on our banner ads and rates instead.

Please do not list multiple items on a single posting.

Please do NOT list your email address or phone number within your descriptions or on your profile. This attracts unwanted spammers to our site. (Subscribers may list phone numbers if desired with minor formating changes.) If you'd like to post a link to a web page with this information that is fine.

Non-subscribers are limited to posting no more than 3 items per day with a maximum of 30 items within a 30 day period. If you would like to post additional pieces please consider subscribing as a seller.

Rugrabbit reserves the right to remove or edit any posting or profile for any reason and to block or delete any account.


We encourage those sellers who have the means to consider Subscribing to rugrabbit!

The subscription rate for sellers is $29 per month. Sellers who subscribe will have their Subscription status noted in the form of the little blue rugrabbit badge with each of their posted items reflecting that they "support rugrabbit." Additionally, these sellers will be placed on the Priority lists of sellers on the "Contributor by Name" drop menu and "Profiles" section.  Subscribers may post up to 6 items per day. (Maximum 100 pieces per 30 days.) Non-subscribers are limeted to 3 pieces per day with a monthly 30 post limit.

To Subscribe to rugrabbit as a dealer take this link http://rugrabbit.com/lm_paypal/subscribe/1

As a subscriber...

You support Rugrabbit and garner our unwavering gratitude and appreciation.

You can download original images in original file size from the site.

Your name appears for easy access to your profile and items in our Subscriber Drop Menu


Monthly Subscriptions for rugrabbit.com Viewers and Buyers

Regular rugrabbit users who may not be frequent sellers on the site but would like to suport rugrabbit.com may make a monthly donation. The regular subscription of $10 for viewers and buyers does not provide for any of the seller subscriber advantages.

(If you are a seller and want to subscribe please login and select the Sellers' Subscription option at the bottom of the page. Please refer to the section Sellers' SUBSCRIPTIONS for benefits and details.) Otherwise, the regular link may be found below.

Monthly Donation

One Off Donation to Rugrabbit.com


VERIFIED by rugrabbit.com

This simply means that the verified user has an active subscription with rugrabbit and hence we are able to verify that the user is a paying participant of rugrabbit. We can not and do not, however, accept any responsibility for any user's actions.


Featuring Items is an important way to help us to defer the costs of rugrabbit’s maintenance and up-keep. Featuring your item gives you maximum visibility and allows your item to be seen at the beginning of the listings on the first page. Featured Items appear for a week or until you remove them. We kindly ask you to Feature your announcements and all items listed offered in other venues.

Please do not feature logos or multiple items under the same listing. Instead, please inquire about or banner ad rates. Thanks!

Featuring an item costs $37.



We offer banner ads to promote your business and events. In addition to the top of the page their may be spaces available on other sections of the website. The new Top banner add size is 275 X 71 px. Side banner small 164px. X 161px., meduim 164px. X 320px. and extra large 164px. X 500px.

Please contact us for details.



Items are listed one after another chronologically as they are posted 48 to a page with Featured Items appearing before the general listings at the top of the first page.

Items are searchable by selecting either a Category [ such as 'Kilims & Flatweaves', 'Books', 'Textiles', etc.] or a Region of Origin from the drop menus located on the upper left hand side of the screen. For an even more specific search, try typing a KEYWORD such as 'Coptic' or 'minakhani' into the search engine located on the right hand side of your screen. Regions of origin are categorized in the following manner.

Anatolian / Turkish : Includes classical Ottoman carpets, Ottoman textiles, tribal and village Turkish rugs from Anatolia and the Balkans, Armenian and Kurdish rugs from East Anatolia as well as Anatolian kilims.

Caucasian : Includes all pile pieces and flatweaves from the Caucasus. Shirvan, Kuba and Kazak rugs. Avar to Zakatala including classical blossom and dragon carpets.

Shahsevan : A sub-category of Persian and Caucasian. Anything described as Shasevan including both sumak bags, jajims and pile rugs.

Persian : Includes pile weavings, kilims and textiles from Iran. Everything from classical Safavid carpets and textiles, urban Tabriz, Heriz and Kerman carpets to Vermin bags.

South Persian Tribal : A sub-category for weavings from Fars, such as Khamseh, Qashqai and Luri rugs and bags as well as Afshar rugs and bags.

Kurdish : Includes both Northwest Persian Kurdish rugs and Jaf bags as well as East Anatolian rugs.

Baluch : Includes all suspected Baluchi weaving groups from NE Persia, Afghanistan, and Sistan including Timuri rugs, Aimaq pieces and a host of others.

Turkmen : Includes carpets, bags & trappings of the Tekke, Yomut, Chodor, Ersari, Saryk, Salor, Arabatchi and other Turkmen groups from Turkmenistan and across Central Asia.

Central Asian Non-Turkmen : Includes Kyrgyz and Uzbek rugs, Central Asian ikats and suzanis, Lakai and Kungrat embroideries, East Turkestan rugs from Khotan, Kashgar and Yarkand, as well as some Amu Darya weavings often referred to as "Ersari" or "Bashir".

Tibetan : Tibetan rugs, textiles and costume.

Indian : Includes the entire Indian sub-continent. A variety of pieces from Banjara textiles to Mughal carpets.

Chinese : Includes both rugs and textiles such as Ningshia carpets, Ming brocades and ancient Chinese silk textiles from the Ming to the Han dynasty.

Japanese : Includes an assortment of Japanese textiles such as banners and kimonos as well as Japanese cotton pile rugs.

Indonesia / SE Asia : Includes batiks from Java and Sumatra as well as objects from the Indonesian archipelago and other textiles from Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Americas : Includes pre-Columbian textiles, weavings from Native American groups such as Navajo rugs and blankets, and American and African American quilts and folk crafts.

Africa : Includes all African textiles and objects.

Moroccan / N. African : A subcategory for Moroccan rugs and North African rugs and textiles.

Europe : Includes the entire continent from Spanish rugs to French and Flemish tapestries to Greek embroideries.

Items from specific sellers are likewise searchable through the drop menu titled "Profiles" as well as“Contributer by Name”. Subscribers make up the first list on these pages. For additional seller profiles hit the tab, "More Profiles" located at the end of the drop menu. You can also access a specific dealer's Pages by clicking the link underneath each of his/her postings.


Thank you for your interest in Rugrabbit. We value your participation and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at the following email address, mail@rugrabbit.com

Sam Coad & Ben Banayan

Mailing address:


21 Gloucester St,

Clifton, Bristol.

BS8 4JF.





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