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Gallery Kojima
Gallery Kojima is located at Tokyo, Japan. Our collection of Japanese traditional textile is enormous and would love to share them with the world! We just started international export so the collection ...
Active Since January, 15, 2015.
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Gallery Of The Arts Of Man
a gallery dedicated to the finest in art and design from around the world.
Active Since May, 27, 2013.
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Gallery Tulip
Gallery Tulip is located in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in antique textiles mostly from South to West Asia.
Active Since June, 13, 2007.
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Gene Dunford
Gene Dunford is a part-time dealer and full-time rug enthusiast, based in Bristol, England. Visit his website at
Active Since May, 21, 2007.
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George Haroonian/ The Rug Warehouse
Has been active in the rug trade since 1976. He is a third generation trader with a love for fine antique pieces from workshop as well as nomadic origins. At this ...
Active Since November, 29, 2010.
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George Postrozny
since 1985, dealing in historic and vintage navajo textiles and rugs, phasing out antique asian rugs and textiles . design and production of vegetal dyed tibetan pile rugs based on antique navajo ...
Active Since May, 1, 2009.
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George Ray

Active Since May, 19, 2010.
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Active Since May, 23, 2009.
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Gianmaria Zanderighi
i have been an avid traveller to and collector of Central Asian and Turkmen weavings for more than twenty years. i am now in the process of selling many pieces from ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Gitizad Kg Germany
since 1962 located in Bonn Specialized in old and antique carpets.
Active Since September, 10, 2014.
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Giuseppina Danelon
Arredatrice titolare di naos mobili ed oggetti dal mondo da molti anni appassionata di arte in tutte le sue forme. Ho collezionato tutto ciò che rimandava ad uno spirito autentico dei popoli. ...
Active Since October, 26, 2012.
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Glenn Weiss
Glenn Weiss is representing Ramses Wissa Wassef tapestries from Cairo, Egypt. Since the 1950s, weavers have been creating free form flatweaves. The tapestries are in many museum collections and several ...
Active Since September, 13, 2011.
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Gnc Rug

Active Since December, 13, 2009.
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Göteborgs Auktionsverk ab is a private Swedish company which holds up to 50 public auctions every year. Goods handed in to Göteborgs Auktionsverk ab are sold on commision in our own ...
Active Since April, 1, 2010.
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Gregory Skaff
Greetings, My grandfather David Skaff came to the United States from Lebanon at the turn of the century at a very young age. In the early 1920s he became an ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Grogan & Company
Grogan & Company was founded in 1987 by Oriental Rug Expert Michael b. Grogan. Located in historic Dedham, Massachusetts, Grogan & Company conducts four general estate auctions, including Oriental Rugs, as ...
Active Since December, 3, 2007.
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Gunduz Hali
i am Gunduz. Gunduz Oosterse Tapijten in amsterdam. Address: Groen van Prinstererstraat 76, 1051 ep Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Active Since February, 7, 2009.
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H. A. Collection
i have been collecting fine antique rugs, mainly rare Turkoman dowry pieces, for over twenty years. Glad to share the inspiring beauty and cultural as well historical significance, of such wonderful weavings ...
Active Since February, 12, 2013.
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Active Since November, 30, 2013.
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Hakan Aydin
Kücükayasofya cad no 5/B Sultanahmet Fatih İstanbul 34400
Active Since August, 14, 2013.
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Hakan Guzelgoz -
Started in 1973, provides best quality handmade rugs and kilims. We have a wide selection of top exquisite hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs such as Turkish rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, ...
Active Since April, 20, 2010.
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you are welcome to our Showroom in Park Royal carpets center Unit 5b,,adres:1 chandos Road ,Park Royal Unit 5b ,London nw10 6nf
Active Since January, 17, 2009.
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Haliden, Craig Bale And Andy Lloyd
Trading in Bath since 1988, Craig Bale and Andy Lloyd of Haliden have earned an international reputation for offering rare and exciting pieces. They are veterans of many of the worlds textile-art ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Halil Can

Active Since October, 3, 2007.
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Hans-Joachim Homm, Germany
Hans-Joachim Homm, Fuchstanzstrasse 14, 61440 Oberursel, germany. Working as a rug dealer since 1995. Regular exhibitor at acor, icoc, hali fair, Arts San Francisco, (and member of the hali fair vetting ...
Active Since July, 29, 2009.
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Harry Moody

Active Since January, 21, 2009.
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Hayko Fine Rugs And Tapestries
Recently, we have had two significant developments. To expand our business, we have moved from Lexington Avenue to Long Island City. In addition to our over half-a-century of combined expertise in repairing ...
Active Since December, 14, 2006.
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Hot Moon Collection
Hot Moon Collection explores the world with reference to a diverse ethnic art collection, timeless antiques, exotic vintage textiles, small unique treasures from the owner’s many travels. for location ...
Active Since June, 5, 2012.
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Hratch Kozibeyokian
Owner and operator of ko ‘z’ Craft—The Oriental rug workshop. Winner of “Best of Los Angeles” award.
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Hüseyin Solak
This account has been suspended due to goods paid for not being received. Seller, please contact buyer to resolve this issue. THANKS!

Antique Orinetal-art&textiles ----------------------------- Luxemburg

Active Since July, 8, 2013.
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Huseyin Zar
i live in Izmir i am mainly interested in old Anatolian pieces. Please contact me by e-mail. Best Wishes.
Active Since April, 22, 2013.
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I & B Perryman Oriental Carpets
Dealer in antique rugs and textiles for 25 years. Originally from the uk, now based in Sydney, Australia.
Active Since March, 3, 2009.
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Ibrahim Ceken

Active Since September, 11, 2013.
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Ibrahim Tekin
Collecting, Buying, Selling, Appraising, Conserving and Restoring Rare and Unusual Antique Rugs, especially 18th-19th Century Caucasian and Anatolian nomadic, tribal and village pieces have been a great passion of mine for twenty ...
Active Since April, 30, 2007.
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Icanadolu Hali Konya
iÇANADOLU hali Mevlana cd. Bostançelebi sk. No: 10 Konya
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Igor Ilkka Honkanen
Finnish textile conservator-dealer.Works and lives in Italy and in Finland.
Active Since December, 19, 2010.
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Imani Antiques
Located in Kirkland, Washington. Near Seattle.
Active Since September, 7, 2008.
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Indian Heritage
Indian Heritage is a gallery specializing in Indian and Himalayan Art. Located in the heart of Paris, facing the church on the Ile Saint Louis, it offers a wide range of primitive ...
Active Since March, 10, 2010.
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Indian Textiles
collectors and dealers of fine indian textiles. stocks fine and rare pieces of art in traditional and super quality textiles of india like kashmiri shawls , kanthas from west bengal , baghs ...
Active Since December, 16, 2009.
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just a collector who plays with dyes and occasionally needs to recycle
Active Since March, 25, 2014.
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Ineke Hemminga
i travel in the desert, Sahara, part of the year and collect special vintage and antique Tuareg Jewelry. Info on travelling with the Tuaregs: Allso on demand, let me know what ...
Active Since January, 30, 2012.
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Ipek Yolu-Silk Road Konya-Turkey
New and Antique carpets kilims using hand spun wool and naturel dyes. We are located in Konya-Turkey
Active Since March, 6, 2008.
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Iraj Baghestani
Old Persian Carpets
Active Since May, 15, 2012.
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Irshad Ahmad
It measures 7x4.6
Active Since April, 3, 2009.
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Istalifi Collection
Specializing in Central Asian rugs, textiles and arts. (Also always interested in buying nice pieces)
Active Since June, 29, 2010.
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Istanbul Memoris Rug Store
Find the perfect Oriental Turkish carpet wich suits your budget and Home,Oriental Rug Turkish Rugs,old antique carpets and Kilims based online shopping site
Active Since September, 13, 2010.
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