I am an antique carpet and flat-weave restorer and deal with both antique decorative and collectible pieces. I opened a workshop in central Turkey in 1998. We have a large facility and use the best restorers and materials. Now with over a decade of experience we have been working with top dealers in Europe, the UK, the US and Australia. We have also restored rugs, carpets, kilims and tapestries for institutions such as the University of Cambridge, and collectors from all over the world.

Restoration is an artistic as well as a methodical process. A skilled craftsmen must be matched by exactly the right materials. Even if knotting and texture are matched accurately, the results will be poor if colors and wool are not in agreement with the piece. Likewise, while some restoration can appear to be good in the short term, it may ultimately fail in the long run if shoddy wool or dyes were used. Our goal is to make our restoration as invisible as possible and as durable as possible.
This is why we personally source our wool from different parts of Turkey and do so during different seasons. We also have contacts in Iran and procure Kerman and Kurdish wool through close sources there. Our dyes come mostly from India and we are proud of the results we have achieved with them. We also use an assortment of kelim fragments from several regions (not all of which are antique but with natural colors) that we use to recycle wool from for the restoration of collectible pieces. We find this is the best way to match textures.

Some of our projects were published in Hali Magazine. Please check or to familiarize yourself with the quality of our restoration.

Northwest Persian rugs such as Heriz, Bakshaish, and Serab are our specialty. We are also known for our work on Khotans and Chinese pieces. In particular, we have special techniques for matching Chinese wool and colors, which can be a nightmare for most of restorers. We also repair many Turkoman and Beluch pieces. The attention to small details are crucial in the restoration of any piece but in particular collectible ones and we do our utmost to make sure that the job is done right.

We never use child labor and this has always been a firm policy for us for obvious reasons.

We started with three restorers and now employ 26 talented craftsmen.
We have recently opened an office in New York City and are looking for prospective customers all over the world.
If you have any interest or want to get more information about our business please do not hesitate to contact me.

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