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Karakalpak main rug. Very small area repairs with old wool. Size: 51" x 110" -(130cm x 280cm).
price:  O.R.
Tajikistan - Lakai small beaded bag. Size: 9.5" x 10" - (24cm x 25cm).
price:  O.R.
Ghashgai Kashkoli Bagface, 1900 jh. grootte; 53x60 cm
Turkmen Beshir Chuval
price:  On Request
Turkmen Yomud Torba
price:  On Request
Turkmen Sarik Chuval
price:  On Request
Anatolian Obruk Prayer Kilim with nice natural colors and fine weave,All original without any repair or work done.E.mail for more info and
price:  US$ 250.
Fine Soumakh Size: 97x71cm (3.2x2.4ft) Natural colors, super wool quality, made in circa 1910, one old repair (see pic. 12)
price:  €275
East Anatolian kilim fragment. Good colors + fuchsine. 5'6"x5'2" or 167x157cm.
price:  $175 + postage
Anatolian kilim fragment. Nice colors and age. 2'8"x4'4" or 81x131cm. Faded repair in last photo.
price:  on hold
Anatolian kilim. Karapinar area? Complete, but with a few splits and holes. Great colors and wool. Would benefit from a wash. 4'8"x14'4" ... read more
price:  on hold
Shahsavan sumak khorjin face, 60 x 60 cms, excellent natural colours and wool, no repairs, the white areas are cotton.
price:  On request
Shahsavan sumak khorjin face, 34 x 31 cms, great natural colours and wool quality, finely woven, minor high quality restoration on corners ... read more
price:  On request
Super large antique Central Asian banded Uzbek Ghudgeri kilim or jajim 240cm x 150cm. The Ghudjeri design incorporates thirteen different band motifs using ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Saltbag, Shasavan?, 19th c
price:  $ 700
Bag/Torba, Iran. Complete. About 110 years old. Size: 31x33cm
price:  on request/offer
Manissa kilim, 18th c.
price:  $ 3500
Turkmen Yomud Tent Band aprx. 11m x 35 cm
price:  On Request
Antique kuba carpet, 258x155cm, shabby chic fresh country house find, knotted fringes.
price:  £395
Antique Serapi runner, 319x86cm, overall good condition, last quarter of 19 century.
price:  POR
Shahsavan sumakh mafrash long panel. Great piece of tribal art. Great dyes. Great age. Great size. Good condition. More pics, price, infos ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Woman's Alacha Robe. Uzbekistan, 3rd quarter 19th century. 46" length x 65" cuff to cuff. Good condition - trim worn; block-print lining ... read more
price:  $350
Yomud Ok-bash fragment ca.1860. Fantastic natural colors. Size: 20" x 22"
price:  sale
West Anatolian ( Helvaci ? ) Kilim Fragment.....mid 19th C.....all vegetal dyes....33" x 36" (84cm x 92cm ) found ( cut and ... read more
price:  SOLD...Thanks !
Vintage Karapinar Tulu.....circa 1950....wool and shiny , silky Angora goat hair....cut-pile technique .....3'4" x 5'( 100cm x 152cm )....excellent condition except for ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Shahsevan mini bag 1870,with metal wire in the center of the stars,The white cotton background is a plain weave warp-faced while designing ... read more
price:  ON HOLD
Shahsevan mini khorjin-1870 size59x23
price:  Please inquire
Veramin Region Saddle Bag ("khorjin"), 19th C. Complete and in pristine condtiion. All the colors are deived from natural dyes.
a nice Precolombian Textile , Circa : 8th or 9th ! Size : 38x27cm Condition : Good.
price:  850 euro.
Indian Hanging, 29x140 cm, 27x112 cm
price:  por
Ersari main carpet, 270x220 cm
price:  por
Old Chinese carpet, 12x8ft, (366x244cm)
price:  POR
Jozan Aprox.1930 77x60cm.
Old handpainted mirrow - Afghanistan. Size: 16,5 x 31 cm. Repaired on top.
price:  please ask
Very old Uzbek or Kirgiz rug. Size: 115 x 184 cm. Used. Low pile. Interesting piece.
price:  please ask
Late 19th century Yomud engsi, in great condition, full pile, good colours. 70" by 56"
price:  Please ask