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Caucasian Kazak Rug > circa 1870-80
19th cent Uzbek Bucharan region Suzani. It has spectacular Chain stitches and excellent natural colours. Beautiful design with flower motif. It is ... read more
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Esat Anatolian Kilim Fragment size.150x110cm
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Garden Bahktiari. 4 ft 6 x 6 ft 10 inches. Double weft weave with depressed warp. Gorgeous soft colors. Low but Even ... read more
price:  $425
Fereghan Pushti. 2 ft 5 x 2 ft 1 inches. Sarouk weave albeit knot count is exactly 100 kpsi. Thick, plush, tightly ... read more
price:  $285
Shahsevan Mafrash Panel.1880,size 55x41cm
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Eastern Anatolian heybe (double bag)from the Malatya region with beautiful colours,white is all cotton and very fine weave,all good colours,good age,very good ... read more
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Qashqai Rug circa 1880 size 166x166cm
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Türkish silk Rug Size 103 cm x 62 cm silk on silk
Ikat Panels - Bukhara. Very Old 148 x 78
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Bukhara Adras (Ikat) - Silk and Cotton Size: 200 x 140
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agra xix th,century good conditions,cm 700x370
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Uzbek (Lakai?) Headband. Uzbekistan, early 20th century. Fine silk cross stitch embroidery; backed with early 20th century Russian printed cotton. 21" x ... read more
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Uzbek (Lakai?) Headband. Uzbekistan. Early 20th century. Fine silk cross stitch; early 20th century Russian printed-backing. 22" x 3". Fair to poor ... read more
price:  $50
Uzbek (Lakai?) Headband. Uzbekistan, early 20th century. 16" x 3" (embroidery only). Very fine silk cross stitch; Early 20th century Russian printed-cotton ... read more
price:  $75
Bakhtiari Salt bag - 20" x 24" - 51 x 63 cm.
price:  $250
Small Caucasian rug - 2'9 x 4'8 ft. - 84 x 142 cm.
price:  $750
Afshar Rug, s. Persia, 19th c., 3' 2" x 5' 1" An atypical design which appears to be related to the ‘boat’ design ... read more
Chinese Mat - 31" x 28" - 79 c 71 cm.
price:  $650
"Baluch Tribal Weavings: The Wisdom Collection" a 'like new' numbered copy of this limited edition, signed by the author. Includes 72 excellent color ... read more
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Hausa Man's Robe From Nigeria The cloth is handwoven with cotton and silk thread. lenght or height 52 inches while width is 84 inches. for ... read more
price:  $250
Syrian Purse 17 x 13 cm
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belouch -excellent condition ... read more
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tekke like new, mint condition ... read more
price:  350$
17 th century Anatolian fragment size 34x73 cm
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Early & Rare Shahsavan sumak mafrash panel
Antique Chinese 19th Century Ningshia (Ningxia) mat, roughly 23" by 23", one end expertly rewoven (approximately 1/2"), one small rewoven area on ... read more
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Centrial Asia Bukhara Uzbek silver crown, Turquoise and coral stone. Circa 1900 Weight : 474 gram Size : 13x10 cm 11x5
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East Anatolian Erzurum Divan Kilim Fragment size. 210x130cm
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West Anatolian Kilim size.310x150cm
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5.5 x 8.11 - Lots of purple. Nice weave. Overall wear, flat stitch side repair, hole.
Embroidery Odhani(Cotton) From Tharpar Region of Pakistan.Its size is 140cmX210cm(DSC01381 New).
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Turkmen Saryk Ensi 145 x 115 cm
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Fine silk ikat, woven in strips with additional weft decoration, 140 x 160 cm,
price:  120 £