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Shahsavan jajim from first half 20th century (1900-1920). size:75*175cm wool on wool in perfect condition.
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double face Luri Qashqai chanteh 1880 circa with symmetric knots in perfect condition•••size44x27cm
270x185 cm Azarbaijan kilim in good condition,(dated 1359)
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Baluch Band used for decorating Camels in weddings,Size:75x25 cm,great condition
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Azarbaijan kilim,with writting(katibeh) and a date that showes it was weaved in a bahaei familly 90 years ago,the date is written by ... read more
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Ottoman copper coffee tray 19th century diameter 32 cm
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Antique Afshar Rug. Late 19th Century. Stylized multi-colored vases rest on top and bottom with central striking medallion. Truly a tribal piece. ... read more
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Antique Afshar Rug. Circa 1900. The design exhibits dual ‘ashik tipped’ medallions on a saturated madder red field. Mint condition. 9 colors. ... read more
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إِنَّ هَٰذَا لَهُوَ الْبَلَاءُ الْمُبِينُ / "This was certainly an evident test." (37:106) Antique Bidjar rug displaying a Quranic scene: Abraham ... read more
Turkish handwoven carpets catalog no: 4 isbn 10: 9751701090 / isbn 13: 9789751701091 Published by Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture, Istanbul, 1990
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Oriental Carpets: a Complete Guide - The Classic Reference Hardcover – 1998 by Jr. Eiland, Murray l.
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Tappeti Turchi Di Villaggio 1994 Hardcover Giancarlo Lanari
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South Persian Brocaded Mini Khorjin. Cm 35x85 ca. Late 19th or early 20th century. Great indigo. Complete and in good condition. ... read more
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Mid.19th century Ersari Ensi rug, with interesting rare drawing and natural dyes. Size: 62" x 49".
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very beautifull Luri Bakhtiyai Saltbag sumak technique 1880 circa•••60x48cm
Rare Ceremonial Banjara Gala From Karnataka,South India. India.Embroidered on cotton. Gala is traditionally used by women to carry pots on their heads.C.1900.Its ... read more
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Fine antique Torbat e Heydarieh Baluch rug with lovely small animals and a cool "Ufo" border, size: 205x115cm / 6'7''ft x 3'8''ft.
Beautiful Sarouk in excellent condition. Measures 3'4" x 4'9". Selvages original and in very good condition. a couple of ... read more
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Eagle group.... https:// link
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Bakhtiyari spoon bag 1880 circa•••size50x25cm
Bakhtiyai Wagireh 1900 circa all good colors•••size80x18cm
Size : 95 x 165 (cm), Middle anatolia, chuval !
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antique anatolian demirci kula 19th century more info please
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19th Century Two Kurdish Kelim Fragment Size: 26x95cm and 68x140cm Natural colors
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Antıque Turkmen Baluch Bagface size: 77x60 cm.
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Antıque Anatolian Usak Fragment Carpet size: 50x135 cm.
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Antıque Anatolıan Fragment Carpet Sıze: 135x90 cm.
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Ceremonial blanket's "Arkilla jeengo " fragment cod. 0346. One of the items posted on my new website link Wool cotton and natural ... read more
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Kilim fragment cod. 0665. One of the items posted on my new website link Wool. Anatolia. Early 19th. century. Cm. ... read more
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Bed tent fragment “Sparveri” cod. 0517.Silk embroidery on natural linen. Rhodes Island. Greece. Circa 1650. Very good condition apart from some surface ... read more
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Outstanding Antique Turkmen Ersari Engsi Rug, 19th Century. Good and complete condition with all natural colors including generous use of green and ... read more
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Antique Ersari Main carpet, third quarter 19c., approx. 6 x 11 feet, very good thick pile with some local wear and ... read more
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Antique Bessarabian Rug USSR ca. 1890 8'8" x 5'8" (264 x 173 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #02262
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Antique English Needlepoint Rug England ca. 1890 6'3" x 4'6" (191 x 137 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #02319
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Japanese Antique Bamboo Flower Basket Japanese antique bamboo flower basket, cylindrical shaped with open weave with a criss cross design. Body open to ... read more
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Japanese Antique Bamboo Basket Japanese antique bamboo basket, tall narrow shape with circular handle. Design on body of zigzag alternating dark woven bamboo ... read more
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