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Rare antique Qashqai mini khorjin in compound weave (double cloth). 18" x 9". Wool. Saturated natural dyes. Excellent condition.
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Fine antique Qashqai kilim. 9'5" x 4'6". Late 19th c. Wool and cotton (white). Ivory wool warps. Saturated bright natural dyes. Ends ... read more
price:  $1500 OBO
Khamseh Runner - 116" x 40" Excellent condition. Very good pile. No stains or repairs. Solid, natural color.
price:  POR
Qashqai Kilim - 113" x 56" Great condition. Solid natural colors. No fading. All original.
price:  POR
Turkmen Ersari ikat design large chuval. Circa late 19th century. Saturated natural colors. Some low pile areas. Size: 42" x 63" - ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Anatolian kilim with damage,210 118 cm link
Persian Garden Bakhtiari rug. Great condition and colors. Size: 4'10" x 6'9" - 147 cm x 206 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
a rare antique Uzbek Lakai Tribe silk embroidered Ilgich / Ayna Khalta / mirror bag hanging dating to the last quarter of ... read more
price:  $525
Baluch Sofra Kilim size.170x70cm
price:  por
Anatolian Kilim Fragment size.230x150cm
price:  por
Gujarat: Three panel cloth. Found in Sulawesi. Age: 16th/17th c. Size:428x76cm. see link
#7397 Hereke This Hereke measures 6’1” x 9’11” (185 x 303cm). This is the finest woven wool rug i have ever seen. It ... read more
19th Century Really Colorful Schirvan Kuba Rug.It's in Good Condition And Has Good qualty.Size 93 x 137 Cm
price:  On Request
#7516 European Hand Hooked Rug This first-quarter 20th century or earlier European hand hooked rug measures 11’1” x 20’ ( 338 x 609 ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Anatolian Striped Kilim One Part Size.370x90cm
price:  Por
18th Century Colorful Central Anatolian Sivrihisar Kilim.It Has Unusual Small Size 105 x 160 Cm
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Caucasian Rug c1870's size 111x267 cm as found
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Lovely bergama heybe very good condition Very lovely colours age is very good.
price:  Please ask
Baluch Bag size 74x77 cm
price:  Fair Price
East Anatolian Carpet Fragment size.100x110cm
price:  por
Tapestry Textile 10'4"x8'1"(315x248cm) See more details here: https:// link
price:  £4986
Kirhiz tribal yurt hanging. Silk eambroidery with tarditional designs. Fine saturated natural colors with a Russian printed cotton backing with one side ... read more
price:  O.R.
#1c543 Handmade vintage silk Chinese mat rug 1' x 2' ( 31cm x 63cm ) C.1980s
price:  $400
Beautiful Cretan skirt fragment ca 1700 silk on linen with unfaded natural colours. Framed and glazed size 42 x 25 cm
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Antique Northeast Persian Quchan Kurd 19 th. century 141 x 178 cm. with superb ... read more
price:  450,00 € + ship
Fine antique Afshar 19 th. century 117 x 140 cm. ... read more
price:  250,00 € + chip
rare antique Baluch runner, size: ca 370x93cm / 12'2'' x 3ft
1930's-40's Navajo rug measuring 5'x 9'5" in remarkable condition. Rug has 6 warps and 12 wefts per square inch. Rug has ... read more
price:  2,650.00
Yahyali kilim - Central Anatolia, Turkey - Prayer design with lamp - cm 134x208 or ft 4.3x6.8 - Early 20th century or ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique Türkmen Yamud Torba Size.112x37cm
price:  Por
a fantastic and unique paire of small antique completeYAZED rug in perfect condition full pile ends and sides are originals. 47x38 cm. Amazing ... read more
price:  $ 1300
Ikat shoulder cloth, ulos, cotton, Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia Rectangular handwoven cloth, cotton , center field: ikat patterning with arrow head design ... read more
price:  200 USD
Ikat shoulder cloth, ulos, Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia, ca. 1950 Rectangular handwoven cloth, center field, ikat patterning with arrow head design in white, red ... read more
price:  175 USD
Tubular women's skirt, sarong, Alor, Indonesia, second half 20th century Handwoven ikat cloth, handspun cotton, natural dyes, three panels, traditional geommetric motifs in ... read more
price:  350 USD
19th Century Caucasian Gendje Rug It's ın Really Good Condition And Untouched One.Size 91 x 197 Cm
price:  On Request