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Shahsevan kilim khorjin wool on wool all good colors,1880 circa.size~138x52cm
Kayseri silk carpet size 180x118cm
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Chinese carpet size 167x90cm
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Antique Lavar Kerman 1'10''x3' Saddle Bag? Fragmented..
Handmade antique Afghan Baluch rug 3.3' x 5.6' ( 100cm x 170cm ) 1900s - 1c357
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Beautiful end of 19th century or turn 1900 small Heriz area rug finely knoted and all natural colors wahsed and cleaned ready ... read more
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Gudjarat Shawl 83 x 210 cm / 2'8'' x 6'10''
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Suzani, central asia , natural silk on hand spun and woven cotton. Fabulous colors last quarter 19th century Size: 150cm x 242 Excellent condition
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Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Prayer Rug Size.160x98 Cm
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Early 19th c. Ottoman Sash Ends 44 x 58 cm /1'5'' x 1'10''
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Heriz Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item, Size: 361 x 102 (cm) 11' 10" x 3' 4" carpet id: K-626 The ... read more
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Belutch Persian circa 1915 antique. Collector's item, Size: 130 x 73 (cm) 4' 3" x 2' 5" carpet id: T-604 The background ... read more
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"a bit of advice, don't copy nature too closely. Art is an abstraction; as you dream amid nature, extrapolate art from it ... read more
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Antique Qashqai Bagface Size.61x53Cm
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Bakhtiyari salt bag, all natural color and very good condition~size66x55cm
Mashru costume From Deccan, India. This Mashru weaving done in Deccan,Probably Hyderabad South India, Its Silk And Cotton with gold Stripes And ... read more
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Very lovely anatolia heybes
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Assortment of Peruvian Pre-Colombian Nazca tunic fragments from around the 15th Century or earlier. Contain imperfections associated with age.
price:  $2,500-
Two Antique Uzbeki tentbands woven with silk on cotton, and all natural dyes. Size of bands without tassles: 10'8" by 3" wide, ... read more
price:  $1,500
Handmade antique collectible Persian Tabriz double mat rug 1.7' x 4.7' ( 52cm x 143cm ) 1910s - 1c356
price:  $525
Marsh Arab/ Arab al- Ahwar/ Ma’dan kilim fragment from Southern Iraq. Measures 170x70cm.
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Beluch Main carpet c.1900 +-10 years. 288 x 164 cm Realatively good cond. Small damage only and even half pile.Remnants of ... read more
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Central Asian Uzbek Nim Suzani , not without condition problems but an elegant one. 110 x 152 cm /3'7'' x 4'11''
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Varamin, mid 20th century, fine rug in high quality. 150 x 222 Cm. 5 feet x 7.4 feet. Iconic rug from Varamin, ... read more
Antique Ersari Beshir large torba from mid Amu Darya region. All natural colors with very nice abrash. Handwashed. The piece is very old, ... read more
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Rare Yomut Yomud torba or mafrash. Pieces showing this design are usually attributed to the Yomut Igdyr subtribe. Very old, 1875 or ... read more
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Antique Yomut Kepse gul torba from 2nd half 19th century. All natural colors, symmetrical knotting and in very good condition. One good ... read more
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Antique Persian Avshar Bagface Size.70x45 Cm
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Belutch Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item, Size: 161 x 94 (cm) 5' 3" x 3' 1" carpet id: T-621 The ... read more
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Belutch Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item, Size: 145 x 80 (cm) 4' 9" x 2' 7" carpet id: E-435 Fine knotted, ... read more
price:  CHF 1'850.-
Handmade antique Persian Kurdish runner 3.6' x 17.8' ( 109cm x 542cm ) 1880s - 1b445
price:  $4600
Size : 35 x 40 (cm), Fragment, West anatolia , Over 150 years old , Natural dyes . dirty, washable
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Antique Ziegler & co carpet of the first water. 700 x 400cm. Available as is or with repair, at significantly different prices.....
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Antique Fereghan-Mahal carpet 7'2" x 10'3" Please have a look at my other listings, thank you.
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Please buy antique rugs, not modern ones. Happy to help!
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