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Antique Shahsavan Sumak Panel
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Antique Caucasian Şirvan Kilim
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Antique East Anatolian Yoruk Yastık
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Early anatolian kurdish rug in perfect condition 265 x 115 cm . link
Cute Antique Schirvan 0,87*1,50
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Shahsavan. Khorjin bag face. Interested? More infos, photos, etc. on rq. Ask here pls:
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Ghiordes for anyone? Ask here pls:
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Antique Yamud Klim Torba Size.80x40 Cm
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Antique Persian Bahtiyari Bagface Size.65x55 Cm
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Antique Turkmen tribe knotted with a very fine knot. Good condition and washed for this main carpet . This carpet has the 2 kelims ... read more
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Serapi Heriz Persian, knotted circa in 1880, antique, collectors item, 262 x 242 cm, carpet id: P-4765 The black knots are oxidized, the ... read more
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Belutch Persian, knotted circa in 1918, antique, 105 x 183 cm, carpet id: LUB-14 The black knots are oxidized, allover design, thick pile, ... read more
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Afshar Persian, knotted circa in 1905, antique, 163 x 195 cm, carpet id: BRDI-39 The black knots are oxidized, geometric design, thick pile, ... read more
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Anatolian yastik - about 19" x 39" "as found".
extremely rare antique khatraaz strip shawl 1750 to 1800 era in good condition it measures 102 inches by 50 inches some ... read more
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Bakhtiyari camel bag panel, 4th Quarter of the 19th Century. Wonderful graphic and deep saturated indigo. The pile sections are in ... read more
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Shahsavan panel size 44x112cm
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Size : 140 x 255 (cm), East anatolia .
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Unusual and fun Baluch bagface. Complete with back. Good condition
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Antique Caucasian Prayer Rug Fragment
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Antique Turkmen Ersari Rug Bagface
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An Outclass Ferdous Baluch Rug Circa 1900, Wool on Cotton
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Antique Persian classic afshar rug, circa 1920, Excellent condition with rich pile. Size is 180 x 136 cm
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Fine Green Erzurum 'Prayer Kilim' (Silk & Metal-Highlights), Northeast Anatolia, 19thcentury, wool/silk & silver-gold-metal/white cotton parts/wool, unreadable date, cochineal Mihrabs, approx. 176 ... read more
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Mini khorjin Shahsavan. cm 20x70, each bag is cm 20x26. Multi purpose bag. Early 20th century. Wool embroidered. In good condition. Ask ... read more
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Kalamkari Block Print of Jainamaz style,Probably from khandesh(Burhanpur-central India)India,C.1900.Hand spurn khadi cotton,Natural Dyes.Its size is 75cmX108cm(20201023_142505).
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Tibet rug, nice green color with red selvage, good age and condition. Size 71*152cm(28*59”)
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Chinese Baotou rug, light camel backs with antique Bogu veins, vase, Peony, Ruyi, bonsai as well as the text are allegorical spring, ... read more
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Very old Kurdish Shahsavan bag size 33x30cm
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Nasca tie dye panels. a.d. 400 - 800. These discontinuous warp and weft tie dyed panels are in need of ... read more
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wonderful pait antique turkoman asmalyks, in great condition, 105x64cm 3.5x2.1ft without tassels and 105x60cm 3.5x2ft without tassels, no repairs, ... read more
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Bali | Tie-dye pelangi silk wrapper, early 20th century Indonesia, Bali, Singaraja, early 20th century Imported silk, aniline dyes, tie-dye (pelangi) and stitch-resist (tritik) A ... read more
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Antique Mahajaran Sarouk Persian Rug 9’2” x 12’2” #7992 This circa 1915 antique Mahajaran Sarouk Persian Oriental Rug measures 9’2” x 12’2”. ... read more
Laver Kerman Persian Oriental Rug 4’7” x 7’6” #7993 This circa 1930 Laver Kerman Persian Oriental rug measures 4’7” x 7’6”. This type ... read more
Turkmen Ersari saddlebag. Very fine pile skirt and corners. Great saturated colors. It has some stains in the back as can be ... read more
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