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Antique Baluch inspired Luri (?) rug from Southwest Persia. Glossy, shiny wool and beautiful vivid indigo blue color. Very nice "Mina Khani" ... read more
Tekke Turkmen Trapping with 12 Guls - super tight weave, great colors and velvety wool pile - 44" x 18" - 112 ... read more
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Shahsevan Chanteh Set. wool on a cotton white ground. Of particular merit is the difference in the scale of drawing between the ... read more
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An antique Haji Jalili Tabriz 9'1 x 13'1", very good condition wit respect to its age, medium to low wool pile,
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Old Anatolian Kilim size.250x155cm
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#7143 Melas This 18th century Melas measures 4’0” x 5’0”. a very similar example of this rug is in the Turk Ve Islam ... read more
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Old Anatolian Kilim size.280x130cm
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Old Kotan Yastık size.100x57cm
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Old Lenkoran Kazak Rug size.225x110cm
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Anatolian Kelim :Size 5'-4'' x 10'-1''
Fabulous Antique Northwest Persian Heriz Area Long Rug 19th century size 317 x 100 cm Soft wool all natural collors. Cleaned and washed ... read more
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Konya Karapınar Tülü Size 170x110cm
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Antique Persian Qashqai Tribal Horse Cover 47880, Size: 4'9" x 5'5" Persia, Turn of the Twentieth Century - Here is a fascinating ... read more
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Antique Kurdish 3'1" x 8'5", 100% wool pile& foundation, wonderful condition,circa 1880's
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Shahsavan sumac bag face,sumac tech.late 19th century Size: 50 x 52 cm…
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Shahsavan sumac bag face,sumac tech.late 19th century size:58 x 59 cm
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16th Century Unusual Ushak Fragment Would Be Part Of The This Piece May Other Similar One.Source TIEM.Size 56 x 100 Cm
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Mid 19th Century Shirvan Bag Face It has in good condition and happy colors.Size 45 x 50 Cm
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Bandhani Odhani Gajji Silk Tie and Dye From Kutch Gujarat India Called As Kumbhi. One of the rare Design Tie and Dye ... read more
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Tajik Ura Tube Suzani Fragment ( on a wooden stretcher ) 21 x 74 cm / 0'8'' x 2'5''
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Russian Brocade ( on a wooden stretcher ) 52 x 140 cm / 1'8'' x 4'7''
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Uzbek Silk Ikat Panel, ( on a wooden stretcher ) 45 x 98 cm / 1'5'' x 3'2''
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Yomud "Dyrnak" main rug, 2nd half of 19th cent., 315X215cm, wool on wool, 9x3 dyrnak guls in beautiful variations of greens, blues, ... read more
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Beluch bag face .80 x 60 cm
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Antique Shirvan Marashali size 145x110
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Very fine Baluch bag face, ne Persia, later 19th cent., with organic dyes of electric blue and orange, ... read more
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Antique Baluch rug, circa 1880, likely Torbat-e-Haldari, from the Mahvalet region of ne Persia, with a fine rendering ... read more
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Small Daghestan Rug, 28x45 inches (71x115 cm), late 19th Century. no: a158
Caucasian Mafrash (Cradle) Panel, 46x110 cm, late 19th Cen. no: a212
price:  $450 including delivery
Antique Turkmen cheerful chuval 3ft x 5ft (Kyzil Ayak I'm told). Good condition with even low pile and minor imperfections. Sides are ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Kuba Karagashli rug, North East Azerbaijan, 34x48 inches (86x123 cm), late 19th Century, no: a12
Kazak Prayer Rug, 97x150 cm, 19th Century. Good condition, all original as found.
19th century Yomud Turkoman Rug. size 5'3''x9'3''. condition low even pile ,some old re pile. ends and sides intact. no stain and wholes.wool ... read more
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Decorative 9'x10' Antique Persian Serapi Oriental Rug. size Ex 10'4''x8'10''. condition low even pile ,no repair. good quality knots. nice brown color ... read more
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Stunning Antique Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz Rug. size 6'x4'6''. condition very good low even pile .ends and sides intact.
price:  POD
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug in a large size. 4'9''x7' Excellent condition.
price:  $1000