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Baluch balisht, older Sistan type, nice and thin.
Fantastic rug woven by ethnic Arabs living in the South of Iran. All the dyes are natural, with a very nice turquoise ... read more
Very pretty antique Bakhtiar bagface 50x49cm. It is showing signs of wear but very age appropriate. a sweet little piece, which is ... read more
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Antique Signed Yazd rug 9'9''x11'5''. Missing both ends. Lovely all over design and wide border.
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This Ghashkuli bagfront (0.78x0.54m)have a few silk.This is in south Iran very rare.The front is in good condition and i thik it ... read more
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Beautiful Mahal with a great border. All original with some wear . One small hole , The back of one end glued ... read more
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Baluch rug 152x104 cm
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Antique Persian jaf Bagface Size.96x65 Cm
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Qashkai - Moj- blanket fine wool twill weave with wool tufts, saturated natural colors. In good condition with a tiny hole restored ... read more
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Qashkai tribal Salt bag - extra weft weave. saturated natural colors.Circa 1900 or earlier. 26" x 19.5" - 66 cm x 50
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Caucasian Sumak,230x300 cm
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Shahsavan Djidjim Size: 235 x 265 cm Region: Persia Material: Wool Condition: Very good Shahsavan Blanket for the floor or the bed Stitched together from eleven panels Each coloured stripe is about 7-8 ... read more
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Two Bhaktiari-Schushtar Kelims Size: 136 x 365 cm ( mijan farsch) 95 x 365 cm (kenareh) Region: SW-Persia Material: Wool, Cotton, Camel wool Condition: Very good Description: Early 20th century These kelims were lying ... read more
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Turkmen Ersari ceremonial camel trapping fragment. Size: Height 82.6" - 210 cm, width 23.2" - 59 cm and long two arms 83.4" ... read more
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Rare Antique Armenian apron fragment in wool.Cm.38x48.Partially worn ,a hole.
Shahsavan mafrash panel, late 19th/early 20th century. Hauntingly abstract with a wonderful balance of colors. The green here is rich ... read more
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Zhuang Wedding Blanket: Old three paneled wedding bed cover from the Zhuang ethnic group Southern China- silk floss weft embroidered pattern on ... read more
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Afshar kelim circa 1905, antique, collectors item, Size: 160 x 232cm, Carpet id: ROB-3 Vegetable dyes, based on wool threads, perfect condition, the ... read more
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Ersari Turkmen circa 1915, antique, collectors item, Size: 48 x 156cm, Carpet id: BDI-20 Vegetable dyes, the warp and the weft threads are ... read more
price:  CHF 1'200.-
Belutch Persian circa 1915 antique. Collector's item, Size: 322 x 84 (cm) 10' 7" x 2' 9" carpet id: K-5084 vegetable ... read more
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Persian Kurdish rug, 199 x 114 cm, possibly a Quchan?
Size : 170 x 305 (cm) Over 130 years old Great natural saturated colors, great condition Malatya
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Khashan Seramic size size 26cm
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Shirvan rug size 195x110cm
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#5988 Ladik Antique Turkish Prayer Rug This lovely Ladik measures 3’10” x 6’11”. It dates from the 18th century. It’s all there… ... read more
#5935 Antique Ningxia Chinese Rug This circa 1800 Ningxia antique Chinese Oriental Carpet measures 2’11” x 5’2”. It has a center medallion ... read more
#5952 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug This Vintage 1930’s Art Deco rug measures 9’ x 11’10”. It has more the feel of ... read more
Antique Cacucasian Shirvan Sahnazar Rug Circa(1890) Size.300x135 Cm
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Indian Agra, early 20th century, 8-1 x 10 (2.44 x 3.05), needs wash, 5 inch slit, worn areas, no holes, no rot, ... read more
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Beshir (1.53x0.54m)2.half 19.sent.
price:  € 2000.-
Persian Tabriz, early 20th century, 8-8 x 11-10 (2.64 x 3.61), rug is clean, even low, original ends and edges, soft palette, ... read more
price:  $2500.00
Antique Baluch Prayer Rug Size.140x83cm
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Central Anatolian yastic, circa 1900, battered by what was most likely genuine tribal wear, it has a less frequently encountered design, a ... read more
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Bijar kelim, 117 x 161 cm. Tight weave, superb colors, fabulous menagerie including a pair of rhinoceros-like critters. Very good condition with ... read more
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Luri (Lori) bag face, size 26" x 26" (66 x 66 cm), (+/-), in this weaving one sees an exceptional example of ... read more
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