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Fine and Beautiful Mid-19th cent. Melas Prayer 3' 4" x 4' 5", Glorious old colors, lots of aubergene, green, yellow and light ... read more
price:  $225.00
Antique Luri bagface with animals in each corner and a rainbow kilim, size: 55x50cm / 1'8'' x 1'6''ft nice collector´s item.
Large jaf bagface 1880 circa SIZE,80x100cm
Fine antique Persian Sarough rug, rare white ground color. Size: ca 145x100cm / 4'8'' x 3'3''ft
Antique Shekarlu Qashqai tribal rug from Southwest-Persia with lots of birds and animals, age: circa 1900. size: ca. 235x135cm / 7'7''ft x
Antique Jaff Kurdısh Rug
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Sweet little chanteh for your growing collection. 12" x 13, " no repairs.
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An Excellent Antique 19th c. Uzbek Adras Ikat Panel from Bokhara / Bukhara region. It is silk warp/cotton weft piece. The fabulous ... read more
price:  $650
Minakhani fragment, late 18th century / circa 1800. Khorasan jufti knotted type a rare yellow ground. Worn but majestic. Size is 33'x75'
price:  POR
Afshar bag face size 45x55 cm
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#7555 Facralo Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug 3’8″ x 4’4″ This mid 19th century antique Facralo Kazak Caucasian Oriental rug measures 3’8” x 4’4” ... read more
Antique Norwest Persian Rug
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This dated 1852 Marasali Shirvan antique Oriental Rug #7559 measures 3’7” x 4’4” (112 x 134 cm). It has a lattice design ... read more
Afsahar Bag Face size 42x50 cm
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Antique Tibetan Repousse Plaque with Apsara Antique Tibetan repousse plaque depicting a flying Apsara, celestial beings similar to the Western concepts of angels. ... read more
price:  2500.00
Antique Shasavan Sumak Saddle Bag
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Shahsevan Bag size 25x24cm
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Khajijaligh waghire size 20x14cm
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Antique Lavar Kerman. Has some low areas more towards center. Measures 3'3''x4'8''
price:  $450
An old Turkmen carpet with 257/187 cm in good shape with signs of use.
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Kurdish herki rug pure wool natural color,270 x 120 cm link
Bakhtiari Gol Farang "Foreign Flower" decorative rug. 7'x 4'-5". Very good condition with good pile. All the colors of the rainbow with ... read more
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Ottoman silk purse with silver tassel,30 x 26 cm . link
Mid 19th Century Turkmen Ersari Cuval size 96x135 cm
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Early 19th Century Caucasian Moghan Rug size 96x154 cm reduced, cut and shut few repiling on the middle area
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Iranian carpet, 1940s, Size: 255 x75cm Material: wool. It is rare to see tufted and flat weave on the same carpet, this double ... read more
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Baluch prayer rug, 138 x 92 cm., good pile, all natural dyes, no repairs.
price:  € 250,-
Small Persian ? Size:80x58-cm please ask
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Ersari Torba, 54 x 160 cm., ca. 1900.
price:  € 250,-
Early 900s Turkmen Beshir 145 x 175 cm
price:  ask to seller
Early 900s Bakthiyari 141 cm x 198 cm
price:  POR
Kerman embroidery, 19th Century. Apricot wool ground cloth. Intricate workmanship. 90 x 90 cm.
price:  POR
Good circa late 19th/early 20th ce, Ningxia Tibetan Buddhist temple runner with two playful female “foo dogs” and pup, medallions, representing the ... read more
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Northwest Persian shah sevan bag
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Central Anatolian Gelveri Yastik , all good colors and in good shape. The dark blue looking colors in the saz leafs is ... read more
price:  on request
Super funky Caucasian long rug with very good age, at least mid 19th. Very soft handle and lose weave. 9'6" x 4'6. ... read more
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