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a very beautiful Mazandaran cover made from three stripes. Great colors and overall good condition. More pics on request Ca. 310x125 cm.
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Very fine Shahsevan sumak mafrash panel 1880 circa, All colors are saturated and perfect condition 104x48cm
Antique Oushak carpet 10'4" x 11'4" clean and ready to use.
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Red Border Manzandaran quilt 208 x 251
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Manzandaran Quilt with original wool filled lining. 177 x 210
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7347 Kuba/Shirvan This 19th-century Kuba/ Shirvan measures 4’0” x 6’4” (121 x 195 cm). ( has an ivory field divided into segmented ... read more
Antique Art Deco Chinese rug measuring 9’ x 11’ 4” great colors big animal peacock motif solid rug no pets and no ... read more
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This late 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 5’3” x 7’11”. It has a sand colored background containing 2 facing dragons. ... read more
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Baluch flatwoven sofreh, camel-ground with a field of repeat abstracted trees. a couple of silk highlights. Nice ends with some weft float. ... read more
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Antique Bahtiar rug very nice colors and nice condition all original size 2,03x1,30 cm 6'6''x4'3'' feet Circa 1900
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Jewish Art https:// link
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Qashgai Khamseh rug amazing colors super fine and nice condition all original size 8'2''x4'8'' feet ( 2,50x1,46 cm ) Circa 1870-1880
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c.1880's KAZAK......approx. 3.6 x 5.4.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred.... Thanks to rr for providing this site.....please ask about this..... Thanks very much.....Ed Briggs ... read more
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Qashqa'i kilim, 19th century. Wonderful colors and in overall fantastic condition with the excpetion of a tiny moth nibble or two. ... read more
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Antique Shahsavan Rug Size.235x125cm
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Very rare Indian scarf, hand embroidered 200/90 cms Small mouth holes
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Rare 19th century Indian embroidery in beautiful condition, very fine embroidery doubled with silk 70/65 cms
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Early 19th century South Central Anatolian Kilim Sofreh. Glorious colors and Funky design. Antique modernity! Size: 160x240cm
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• brocade • Wall hanging made of beautiful brocade from Gujarat, woven on gajji silk with paisley motif. Indigo Blue, Pinkish red and Gold ... read more
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yellow chakla • Featuring Karchob embroidery from Gujarat. This Chakla has silver sequence, with zardozi and aari work, fully hand embroidered with neatness ... read more
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chakla • Beautiful karchob embroidery. These heart melting colours and intricate embroidery belongs to Gujarat. This Chakla has silver sequence, with zardosi and aari ... read more
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Antique Ersari Carpet 410x280cm, There are areas of wear and one end is slightly reduced, as shown in the images More info:
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Luri Qashkai bag face. Small lower pile corner repairs. It has lustrous wool with saturated colors. Size: 37 x 36 cm (14 ... read more
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Shahsavan Soumakh Bag Ronnie Newman piece, Nice striped back 73x43 cm Very good condition
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Jain Temple Hanging is from Gujarat in Northwest India. It has been made using a form of embroidery called zardosi (Real Silver and ... read more
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Small Central Asian Bagface 28 x 32 cm, 11 in x 1ft 1 in Excellent condition, all natural dyes, asymmetrical knot open to ... read more
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Central Asian Bagface Ikat - Lattice Design. 94 x 43 cm Good saturated colors.
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Dayak people of Borneo. Klapong Sirat, decorative ends of a sirat, long wrap around loin cloth. Rare Sungkit technique. Two different design ... read more
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Tampan ceremonial textile from Lampung region, Southern Sumatra. 76 x 77 cm. Backed with a cloth. Condition: Three small holes, backed with ... read more
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a large so-called "Beshir" main carpet. An unusual and rare piece. Dated to ca. 1860 by someone much more knowledgeabe than me. ... read more
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So-called Dragon & Phoenix Afshar: complete, beautiful & untouched. Some low pile/wear towards the center, minor damage towards lower end (see pics). ... read more
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Antique French Rug. 12'x9'. Beautiful. Make an offer. Ships from Seattle.
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#7481 Antique Tekke Turkomen Rug 6’2″ x 9’6″ Size: 6’2″ x 9’6″ (189 x 290 cm) Age: Circa 1800
#7418 Akstava This 19th century Akstava measures 3’1” x 7’2” (94 x 219 cm). It has a natural brown field containing four ... read more
Antique Turkmen Yomud Silky Wool Asmalyk and Wall Hanging Decorative All Natural Colors. Size - ''120 cm x 58 cm'' Thank you ... read more
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Shirvan Prayer Rug, 4th quarter of 19th Century. Deep indigo blue ground and wonderful botehs in alternating directions. The serrations ... read more
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