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The best Bijar in all the land. Fine " halvai " weave, hot red ( who cares ) . Inscription dating it ... read more
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wonderful 160 y old chinese beijing carpet, it has low pile in places, and some old mothbite, no holes, no stains 130x220cm 4.3x7.3ft
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Early melas prayer rug.....approx. 3.5 x 4.8......has old repairs and newer edges.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred.....please ask.... Thanks to rr for providing ... read more
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Indo-Isfahan Carpet, second half of the 17th century. Worn and with several generations of scattered repairs but complete. Apx. 8'x18'
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a good beadwork Serbian coat of arms bag. Very good condition. Both sides same. Cm 16 x 18. No repairs.
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Antique Baluch Prayer Rug Size.138x78 Cm
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Shahsewan bant 85x28cm / 33x11 inc
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Early 19th c West Anatolian Kilim Bag face Size.43x40 Cm
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Ceremonial Tie and Dye Odhani known as Kumbhi,Tie and Dye Work on the Gajji-Silk From Kutch Region of Gujarat, India. c.1900. Its ... read more
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Early 19th Century East Anatolian Malatya Kilim Size.160x110 Cm
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Prayer rug turkey mint condition size:230x170-cm please ask
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3 Nepali phurba (ritual objects) with bird head. Carved wood and metal. Length 33,36 and 47cm. Age c. 100 years old.
price:  US $ 750
3 Nepali wooden phurba (ritual object) with metal, length 33, 31 and 29cm. Age c. 100 years.
price:  US $ 450
Central Anatolian Hotamıs Kilim Fragment
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Old Avsar Rug Bagface
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East Anatolian Rug Fragment
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Antique Bidari huqqah base from bidar, karnataka. 19c
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Happy 2020, 319cm x 229cm / 10'4 x 7'5, Fresh Arrival: Fine Antique Heriz, $ 1925 + Shipping $ 99
price:  $ 1925 + $ 99 ship
Happy 2020,10'4 x 7'0 or 319 x 215 cm, Fresh Arrival: Yellow Cornered Distressed Antique Heriz, used pile, moth, shown hole, lovely ... read more
price:  $ 1125 + $ 99 ship
Happy 2020, 9'7 x 6'9 or in cm 297 x 212cm, Fresh Arrival: Fine Antique Heriz, great overall pile, lovely rare ... read more
price:  $ 1925 + $ 99 ship
Afshar chanteh in really nice condition. Beautiful dual botehs and simple red back. All wool construction. Part of my personal collection. Condition ... read more
price:  $695.00
Fragment of a Chirpi, silk on cotton, 18th c
moroccan berber rug which is an old peice from the Ourika Valley in the foothills of the southern High Atlas Mountains. The ... read more
price:  euros 875
3’7”x 2’8” old Chuval in fair condition.
price:  $450.00 OBO
Bold Northwest Persian bag with striped back. (20"x 20"). Good age (1870), good pile, good colors.
price:  Quite reasonable.
Northwest Persian Azerbaijan Caucasian Long Rug - Karadagh or Shahsavan area weaving -tight weave , red wefts -good condition - ... read more
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Bahtiyar Carpet size 193x143cm
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West Anatolian yuncü band
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Anatolian Karapınar konya rug frakment size=180x36 cm
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Unusual pre-Columbian Ichma culture tapestry menagerie. Deer, Pelicans and felines all in one panel. a.d. 1100 - 1400. i ... read more
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Excellent, genuine old Tibetan rug with simple and archaic multicolor shou in a large yellow frame, mat size (circa 73 by 59 ... read more
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fubulous! the most beautiful natural colors, the finest, silkiest wool, great tribal pattern, some local low pile and some minor foundation visible, ... read more
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wonderful fine antique complete Qhashqay bag, with fine red woollen weft and complete closing sysytem, original kelim back, great even pile, great ... read more
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Antique Shahsavan Horse Cover Circa 18870-80 Size.168x165 Cm
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Anatolian (Döşemealtı) Rug 19th Century Size:160x110 cm / 5’4”x3’7” / 64x43 inc
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