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Central Asian hat. 20th century. Uzbek?
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Beautiful, small Pre-Columbian tie-dyed textile. This is a very colorful and enduring object of ancient textile art dating ... read more
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Nice antique caucasian runner ca 1900's. Size is 390x92 cm/13'x3'1". In good shape with some minor wear on the edges. Please send an ... read more
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Interesting Daghestan prayer rug. Great colours especially in the border. Lots of intriguing animals and icons. Love the change of pattern in ... read more
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Baluch Balisht Face, Late 19th Century. Wonderful full pile in soft wool. Repeat boteh design. 47 x 78 cm
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Shahsavan nomad ceremonial tent band. complete, reverse sumak weave with saturated natural colors, great condition. Circa 19th cent. size 62" ... read more
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Turkmen Chuval Face, asymmetrical knots, good pile and condition, saturated all good colors. Circa 1900 or earlier. size: 49" x 29" - ... read more
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Ashavali Real Zari Silk Brocade Saree (Sadlo). From Gujarat. India. c.1900. This Special motifs (Design) known as Jangla motif (All-Over-Patterning) Its size is 117cmX420cm
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Caucasian soumakh bagface. Unusual design. Excellent condition. 36 x 37 cm.
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Pile bagface, probably Kurdish. Great colors Size: 47 x 47 cm Knots: Symmetrical Condition: Excellent, long silky pile
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Coral and silver filigree and granulated lazim necklace from Khawlan Saana , Yemen. Late 19th, early 20th c
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Silver bead necklace , all with minute granulated surface, Jewish work from Sanaa Yemen. 19th c
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silver gilt earrings from Daghestan with open work, niello , filigree and granulation. lt 18th or early 19th c
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Another ewer with melon shaped body, Uzbekistan 19th c
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Very well executed brass ewer from Uzbekistan 19th c
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Fabulous 10'-6" x 15'-8" 16th -17th-century French Tapestry. The entire main border is our silk and the field is a combination of ... read more
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Size 10'-2" x 14'-5", condition very good for its age, of course some small minor wear could be seen but no repair ... read more
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123 x 66 cm General Ma Bufang antique piece Khotan with 4 ideograms inscriptions history of the Governor of Gansu-Xinjiang. Very good ... read more
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Small old pretty somewhat worn Doroksh with mughalesque drawing.. More pics on request.
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Beautiful Blue Ground Afshar with two figures and soft wool.
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Balkan Kilim Oltenia 360x285 cm
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3' 8" x 4' 10" Tafresh in excellent condition
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Tribal,Kordi Kelim,Khorassan wedding ceremony kelim ca 1930. Quaramanlu,Brimanlu,Pahlevanlu tribes, Ca; > 25 kg. No bad colors. Good overall condition. Wool on wool ... read more
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Rare Qhasgai baby crib cover. Size 96x70cm
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a Very Large Dupatta handwoven fuchsia silk with zari (Real Silver with Gold Polish) from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh , India. c.1900. Good ... read more
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Naga Man’s Shawl from Manipur region India. Manipur for use by Eastern Angami Nagas,C.1930.Cotton embroidered with floss silk. Its size is 117cm ... read more
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Antique Caucasian rug from an old German collection, good age, very nice colors and beautiful tree border. Age: 19th century. Size: ca. ... read more
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a highly decorative antique Persian Bakhtiary carpet, beautiful colors. Oversize: 510x390cm / 16'8ft by 12'8ft Joshaghan inspired design
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Sold! Khamseh rug or Bagface of unusual proportion and quality. The quatrefoil motif in the 4 corners is repeated in the ... read more
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About 13" x 23" side panel? With great color and several scattered moth bites.
price:  $145/bo + ship
2 wonderful antique 1850 ottoman sash fragments silk embroided, no stains, no damages
price:  135 EURO
wonderful drawing, karachopf? prayerrug? caucasian it is, great natural colors, vo stains, headends secured wonderful at the backside with stitches belt, some ... read more
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Antique Senna Saddle 3’6” x 3’5” #7857 This circa 1880 Senna Saddle is very finely woven. It measures 3’6” x 3’5”. The ... read more
Antique Akstava Caucasian Rug Runner #7955 This circa 1890 Akstava measures 3’6” x 8’4” (109 x 256 cm). It has five Memling guls ... read more
Sold! Antique Baluchi bag face in full pile. Iridescent indigo and deep madder. 32” x 28” $200
price:  $200
Ikat Chapan, Uzbekistan Early 20th c.
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