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Saddle Rug, Gyantse(?), Tibet, circa 1900 Immaculate condition Please ask.
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Colorful kilim striped runner/strip. Cm 67x256. 90 to 100 years of age. Most probably Anatolian. Very fine weave. Great colors. Red, orange, ... read more
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c.1900 lg. ersari bag FACE.....approx. 2.10 x 5.3.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred....please ask.... Thanks to rr for providing this site......Ed b.
price:  POR
Swedish flatweave "Vitsippor" by Sigvard Bernadotte (1907-2002). This piece is in good condition, got a few small stains. Size: 230 x 170 cm.
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Antique Iban Kumbu Ikat with Human Figures. Sarawak, Borneo. Est 1900s. Elegant motifs. Perfect as a Wall Hanging.
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Antique afshar rug interesting pieces 93 x 72 cm link
East anatolia , Hatay (reyhanli kilim ) !
price:  Ask
Old Kırgız Prayer Rug Fragment
price:  Por
Kurdısh (Koçan) Sumac kilim Rug Size: 178x95 cm/ 5’8”x3’1” ft
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century Central Anatolian Karaman Kilim fragment Size.148x138 Cm
price:  Por
Art Deco Chinese Rug 8’2” x 9’6” #7931 $5,500.00 Age: circa 1920 Size: 8’2” x 9’6”
Antique Manastir Rug 4’1” x 5’4” #7916 This antique Manastir rug measures 4’1” x 5’4”. This is one of the most archaic architecturally ... read more
Antique Indigo Coat - Bukhara origin Good condition Price includes shipping any country.
price:  300
Bukhara Ikat Chapan/Coat Silk and Cotton Adras Ikat Good condition Any questions please ask
price:  350
Bukhara or Shakhrisabz Suzani - early 1900s
price:  300
karaghasli, 94 x 143 Cm. 3 feet 2 inch / 4 feet 10 inch.
Turkoman Beshir Torba 140 x 90 cm
price:  P.o.r
An approximately 90 year old 2' 1" x 4' 3" Sarouk in excellent condition
price:  $300 Includes Ship/U.S.
An antique Kurdish Bidjar on wool runner with 510/110 cm in best condition. Very light and fine.
price:  por
Nice Afshar with beautiful colours. 173 x 131 cm.
price:  por
Antique yellow ground Caucasian rug, probably Avar, with a spacious lattice of large tulip palmettes. Overall even very low pile with scattered ... read more
price:  On request
Early Anatolian Demerci Khula rug with classic field and lovely yellow border. Overall good condition for an older example. Even low pile ... read more
price:  On request
Greek Island Embroidery, 19th century, Island of Lesbos (Mytilini). Size: 35 x 35 inches.
price:  inquire
Mid 2oth century Pictorial Lori rug from the village of Shushtar in Khuzestan province Size: 405x125cm Condotion: excellent
price:  On request
Caption not needed for those who know.
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Old Kuba cut pile embroidery raffia panel. a bold primitive example possibly from the Ndengese or Shoowa people. Early 20th century. ... read more
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19th century Bakshaish rug circa 1875 11.5 x 15,3 some old re piles 100% wool
price:  0000000000000000
Antique Baluch Bag Size:35x38 cm
price:  Por
Antique Anatolian Kırşehir Bag Face Size:45x45 cm
price:  Por
Karaca chuval face in good condition,120 x 45 cm link
Banging Lori Pambak! Look at those giant medallions, talk about art! Beautiful saturated and abrashed green, a real quirky example. 4'10" x
price:  GBP £680 (approx $880 USD) plus ship
Eastern European silk Embroidery with an Ottoman Embroidery Design 46 x 83 cm18.11 x 32.68 in./ 20.47 x 57.09 in.
price:  On Request
Fine antique Heriz runner, narrow, circa 1900. Lovely soft red ground with pretty accents of light blue, green and pink. Cherished size ... read more
price:  USD $1100 inc ship
Eastern European silk Embroidery with an Ottoman Embroidery Design 52 x 145 cm / 20.47 x 57.09 in.
price:  On Request