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Shiraz Fragmant Tent door cover 1820 circa size 120x85cm 100x85cm
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senneh kilim very fine quality 1870 circa size 190x130cm
antique little pictorial kerman mat with bird and floral decoration. As found, very very dirty but overall good pile and tight weave. ... read more
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antique east anatolian kurdish rug fragment with archaic drawing and beautiful fleecy wool. All good old natural colors. Lovely soft purples and ... read more
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antique diminutive baluch prayer rug with an unusually simple but effective design. All natural colors. Very oxidized browns. Thin with soft blanket ... read more
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a quite early big knot seating or meditation mat -not a fragment from a bench cover-, before 1700, with stylized lotus center ... read more
Old Kuba Rug size.240x150cm
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Beautiful Chinese 36" * 72"
Antique Nort West Persian Bagface in Some Places little old Repairs Size.64x54cm
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Antique Shahsavan Sumak Bagface Size.42x40cm
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Old Konya Hotamış Kilim size.380x150cm
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32" x 49" - As found. Complete bag. 3 gouges; mostly in skirt. Scatter moth in skirt. Old tear top ... read more
Very Unusual Antique Baluch with ZigZag Pattern. 33 x 66 inches overall. 33 x 53 inches knotted pile. Persian knotted. Upper ... read more
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Hi do somebody knows what this writings means THANKS
Antique Baluch rug. Possibly third quarter 19th.c. Some light wear to the field. a nice mina khani variant. 240 x 106cm. ... read more
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Old Anatolian Helvacı Kilim size.222x100cm
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Old West Anatolian Kilim size.260x85cm
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North Persian Kilim 166 x 288 cm / 5'5'' x 9'5''
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North Persian Mazandaran Area Kilim 144 x 433 cm /4'8'' x 14'2''
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Kyrgyz or Uzbek Central Asian Band circa 1900s. Size 234x034 wool on wool.
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Antique Caucasian Cuval Size.113x75cm
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19th Century Unusual Persian Rug ın good condition and completely original untouched one.Size 110 x 160 cm
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Timuri Baluch Long Rug. West Afghanistan. 4th Quarter 19th Century. Outstanding condition for age. Full pile. Soft ... read more
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Beautiful 19th century Turkoman Tekke wedding rug with primary torba guls. Overall good condition with few old repairs. Size is 145x123 cm ... read more
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Awesome Antique Persian Seneh Rug. great full pile original condition. .size 6'4''x4'5''.decorative and collective rug .beautiful colors .very fine quality knots.
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Horse cover woven by Qashqai tribes of Southwest Persia, age: circa 1910.
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uzbek 38 Central Asian Lakai Embroidery 19th Century Silk/Wool 24 x 16 inches not including tassels Some minor runs Very nice example!
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Antique Kurdi rug, beautiful indigo ground color, "Mina Khani" inspired drawing, size: 160x110cm / 5'3''ft x 3'6''ft
Antique Shirvan Lesghi Star rug, circa 1880 or earlier. All natural dyes including saturated blues and greens. Very good original condition with ... read more
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Afshar rug with a solitary white element. size= 3'11"x 5'6", Inv# 17376 Published: Hali #99, July 1998, pg. 86. Collection of Mr. and ... read more
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Turkmen Tekke Ak cuval. In great condition, with original back. Wool + wool. More infos & pics on rq.
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Antique Jaff. Love these.. This one is 1'9''x2'1''. a bit rough around the edges..
price:  $385
Antique Caucasian Mogan Carpet Size180x106cm
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Not sure what this is! Soumac bagfront maybe? Measures 9''x1'
price:  SOLD
Lakai silk embroidery from uzbikistan best condition . First 19 cn
price:  1200$
Bagface,South Persian,tribal, wool on wool, ca 55 x 65 cm. Old. Cleaned,washed, and thick piled. Listening ; " The revolution was posponed ... read more