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a great and unique Bakhtiary example size 5 x 10.
Shahsavan Soumak bagface in very good condition, wool on wool, size 0,61 x 0,57 m
price:  450 €
Exceedingly rare Northwest Persian Kurdish rug. Only a handful known and this is the only one with a medallion. Super, untouched condition.
Exquisitely drawn Qashqa'i sampler c1875. Rare format and sophisticated iconography. Truly a collector's piece. No restoration.
Finely drawn Kurdish bag with the "flag" style medallion in excellent condition with saturated color
moroccan berber inscribed prayer rug which is an extremely rare example from the Ait bou Ichaouen Berbers in the eastern High Atlas. ... read more
price:  euros 2650
Colorful Kurdish bag from the Varamin area in excellent pile with saturated colors. Late 19th c. Great wool and graphics.
antique large kazak rug with some interesting design features. Appears to have fachralo elements, karachopf elements and a lori pombak motif. The ... read more
price:  on request
antique caucasian moghan kazak fragment. Just picked older example. As found, very very very dirty with a few spots of spilled who ... read more
price:  on request
Kurt Erdmann - Seven Hundred Years Of Oriental Carpets Very Good to Fine book. Dw is price-clipped and slightly wrapped at front bottom ... read more
price:  Reasonable!
Philip Denwood - The Tibetan Carpet First edition Fine unblemished book in great condition. Dw slightly wrapped at top and price-clipped. Some small ... read more
price:  Cheap!
Turkish Rugs in Transylvania: a New Edition by Marino and Clara Dall'oglio VG/F in likewise Fine unclipped dw. The Crosby Press, Fishguard, Wales ... read more
price:  50.00
#7551 Hadjilili Tabriz This 19th century Hadjilili Tabriz measures 9’6” x 13’2” (293 x 402 cm). It has a cream colored ground ... read more
price:  on request
Wangden Drumze, Wangden Valley, Tsang Region, Central Tibet, 19th century, 167 x 87 cm
price:  por
Uzbek Silk embroidery Suzani with little damage.130 x 115 cm
19th Century Anatolian Konya Kilim Fragment Size 403 x 144 Cm. 13'3"x4'9"
price:  on request
Antique Kyrgyz Triba Lakai Mirror Cover,Silk embroidery wall hanging.68 x 60 cm
Antique Central Anatolian Aksaray Kilim Size.380x155cm
price:  Por
Bidjar rug.Persien.perfect161x114cm 5,2x3,7feet
17th Century Ushak Fragment Size 115 x 125 Cm
price:  Fair Price
Antique Baluch Rug size.165x90cm
price:  por
Antiqeu Turkmen Ersari Ensi Rug size.180x125cm
price:  por
West Anatolian Heybe size.125x47cm
price:  por
19th Century Belüch Prayer Rug Size 75 x 94 Cm.As Found It.Completely Original Untouched One.
price:  Fair Price
Old Qashqaii Bagface Rug size.50x58cm
price:  por
Quilt(Ralli)of Snake Charmer's of the Sami Faqir From Sindh Region of Pakistan. India .Perfect example of the quilting.condition is Perfect.Its size is ... read more
price:  On Request
Very Fine Shirvan Prayer Rug circa 1880 size 112×145 cm really fine quality and colorful one also in good condition
price:  On Request
18th Century Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size 105 x 165 Cm
price:  Por
Colors, colors, colors ... Shirwan kilim, 167x150 cm more pieces: link
price:  % SALE %
Probably the most ancient layer of Turkmen's art. Yomud Namad, 2 sided main felt carpet. Found some weeks ago in a Turkmen ... read more
price:  REASONABLE, please ask
19th Century Very Fine Baluch Size: 110x200cm Natural colors
price:  €475
Turkish/ Konya Frangment kilim, Early 19th century . Size 2'9x9 ( 83x275 cm)
Tibetan saddle rug, Central Tibet, about 1900, 109 x 58 cm
price:  por
Long Kurdish Gallery rug, Early 20th Century, 5'5" x 10'1", wool on cotton.
price:  Please ask
Wool on wool Bakhtiari 4'3" x 6'7" beautiful pattern and colors.
price:  Please ask
Kurdish Rug, wool on wool, early 20th Century, 3'11" x 6'1", beautful paisley pattern and colors.
price:  Please ask